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Browsing the web using a mobile phone used to be a painful experience. Low-fi ‘WAP’ sites were a pathetic shadow of the real internet and the cost could be astronomical. It's good to see that things are changing!
Now all the networks – Orange, O2, 3, T-mobile, Vodafone and Virgin - offer high-speed ‘3G’ internet access, allowing you to get online at decent speeds so you can browse the web and access email on the move. Even better, you can skip the phone entirely and pick up an affordable mobile broadband deal. What a mobile broadband package does is allow you to connect to the internet using a mobile phone network, but without having to use a phone.
We live in a mobile world thanks to the advancements made possible by a range of technical innovations. Where ever we are there is an almost compulsive desire to remain close contact with all the trappings of this digital environment.
LinkSys, a division of the networking giant Cisco, have taken a bet on the success of 3G 'mobile' technology with the release of this hybrid gateway/router product.
There are many devices around now that allow you to share a broadband Internet connection with computers and other devices in your home or small business. The LinkSys WRT54G3G adds to the standard broadband connection the ability to slot in a wireless 3G data card. The device can effectively connect your local home/business network to both a wire broadband connection via Ethernet and/or to a 3G mobile network using 3G/UMTS data card (standard PC-card format).
The title says dual radio in this case it’s FM and Internet but it is also an MP3 player a Media Server and an Alarm Clock. The Internet part can be either Ethernet or Wireless connectivity.
All the time the Sagem MyDual Radio700 is powered up even without a station selected the front screen will display a small top line of year, date and day with a large (four time the size) bottom line showing the time in 24 hour format. It is 20x10x14cm maximum, the right side is the larger being circular and the single speaker with a fine silver/grey mesh the rest of the unit is grey. The display is 7.3x3.
Let your computer take the strain as it monitors Internet radio stations for your favourite music tracks.
Many more years ago than I care to admit, I would often record music direct from a radio using a reel-to-reel tape recorder for my own listening pleasure.  Today you can be more selective as you automate the process using software and your hard disk storage capacity. Up until very recently I thought that a 43-character serial number was one of the longest I had encountered and rather excessive.
Making use of a lift that travels at 22mph, a visit to the top of BT Tower was rewarded with ice cream and news of an addition to BT Broadband portfolio.
As one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services, BT has recently expanded its range of broadband services with the launch of its BT Total Broadband Anywhere product.  Not surprisingly, due to the way service providers attempt to ring-fence their customer base; this product is securely tied to the various BT Broadband service options currently available.
Ever met a true cybersecurity expert? Meet Koushik Pal
Hey Guys! Today we have with us, an awesome cybersecurity expert, ethical hacker and tech guru from India. He is also the Founder and CEO of a well known website regarding cybersecurity. First of all, a huge thank you to to give us time, we are honored to welcome him in our interview.He has been nominated in the following categories please do check out these award pages Mr. Pal believes that the most exciting thing about technology is Ethical Hacking because of growing cybercrimes.
Like many things, as soon as you get away from home the things you take for granted either disappear, or become really expensive. Internet access is just one of those impossibly expensive things that would be incredibly useful on the move.
La Fontera and Hawkings Antenna Email is one of those services that we take for granted - almost everyone uses it. On the road though if you want to access email you either have to find an Internet Cafe or pay an exorbitant fee for the privilege, either using a WiFi hot spot or (slowly) via your mobile phone.
Phones, a baby monitor, wireless router, credit card, streaming movies, and a virtual environment all come together with this latest news report.
When you have influence it is always best to go straight to the top.  This was the approach adopted by BT when presenting new products to the press recently.  Where better to site this occasion but at the top of the BT Tower with its fast lifts taking you to the top and down again. Naturally, being BT, new phones were high on the agenda of new products.

Virgin Two for £20

Since the days of Nynex and Cable and Wireless and then NTL I have had analogue cable television, for a while now I have been nagged to upgrade to digitalTV, but until very recently one of the channels I view a lot was an extra on digital whereas on analogue it was a standard channel.
I used to pay £24.50 a month for a phone line and cable TV, for the last year or so this has been discounted to £16.50. The phone line I used little as originally it was for fax and now I tend to scan and send by email. So when after the NTL takeover by Virgin and prices were commoditized and finally the TV 'medium' pack was changed to the 'large' pack I took the plunge and upgraded.
This is a two in one phone meaning that you can make and receive calls like any landline offering but it can also make and receive Skype calls, it even includes three months of free Skype in calls.
This cordless phone from US Robotics (USR) is stated to have ten hours of talktime and one hundred hours in standby. Do not be put off by the array of cables when you open the box. The five pages in English at the start of the Quick Installation Guide make most things clear and the only problem I had was physically switching the phone off - I do not mean ending a call - as this was not described correctly.
If you use Skype or some other VOIP communication then you have probably tried a microphone/speakers setup and other combinations however only a phone gives that real phone experience.
I can only talk about the experience from a Skype users point of view as I do not use any of the other VOIP products but reading the instructions I am lead to believe it will be much the same. This solution needs either a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system. If you already have Skype installed just plug the phone into a USB port - either USB 1.1 or USB 2 - and after a few seconds it will probably say installed but you need a reboot.

Wireless & Talk

Wanadoo my ISP introduced this service about a year ago, I have recently managed to try it.
As Internet traffic increases, so speed of operation tends to suffer. We take a look at a possible solution.
Let's face it, we all want more. It doesn't matter whether we talking about speed, quantity, capacity or whatever type of measurement you care to think of, the very fact of human nature means the desire is there except perhaps when it comes to waist size and those final demands that mistakenly get pushed through out letter boxes.
This HP inkjet printer is quite wide but the depth makes you think surely this cannot print A4 it does and for good measure it’s borderless, however this is also a rapid unit.
The is 45.5x32x17cm and this includes the power and USB leads inserted. Perhaps it's the lack of height that makes it appear small, certainly it would fit on most shelves  without any problem. You only ever need access to the front. The paper sits in a drop down tray - face down - and is delivered face up on a shelf just above.