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Lindy Home Plugs

If you live somewhere where extending Ethernet is not feasible or should there be a pressing reason not to use Wireless then the Lindy HomePlug Ethernet Starter Kit could solve your dilemma.
Each of the two plugs is 10x7x4cm when inserted into a 13amp plug socket. The actual power socket is at the bottom of the unit so you could have problems if there is limited clearance above the plug. In fact you need to add 3cm to the 10cm height for the supplied 1.8metre Ethernet cable. So you actually need 9cm of clearance above the socket.
Its small size and low price make Lindy's USB DVB-T tv receiver worth looking at -- especially for the notebook user.
Having cut through the plastic of its display package I found that, in addition to the DVB-T Stick together with its USB extension cable and remote control, which weigh less than 100g altogether, there is a stick aerial attached to a 1metre cable, an aerial connector adapter and the driver CD. Where I expected to find the quick-start guide there was, in fact, a fold-out leaflet advertising a whole range of Lindy products. All documentation, drivers and installation software were on a mini CD.
There are lots of VOIP and Skype phones out there and without the supplied software this is just another (albeit stylish) phone. However add the software and the phone is no longer a ‘dummy’.
This Lindy USB Skype handset is a two piece offering black predominately with a red stripe down each side of the top part and a red underneath for the base part. It can be wall mounted or sit on your desk. The base is a maximum of 18x5.5x3.5cm (there is a 1cm difference between the front and the back. The top part is 18x4x1cm and slightly curved so it feels good when up to the ear.
Simple ideas don’t fade away; they just re-invent themselves to take advantage of modern technology.
A good number of years ago, a device, which I used on a regular basis, was a print switch box.  This allowed two computers to share printers by simply moving a switch to the appropriate position.  It should be pointed out that this was when DOS ruled the desktop and Windows was struggling to make an initial impression with users.  Printers then tended to be parallel devices and home users only dreamed about networking their computers.
It is small, combines male and female connections and could open up access to a blocked USB port.
Like ideas, some gadgets are simple in concept while others have varying degrees of complexity as they perform their designated tasks.  The subject of this review definitely falls into the first category as it makes life easier for those of us who are addicted to using numerous USB devices especially when one of the devices in question has a connection plug that has over-dosed on steroids.
When you realise that Lindy Electronics started life making petrol lamps in the 1930s, it is not surprising the company’s latest offering has a glow.