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One of the innovators in the digital watch and electronic calculator markets, and probably still best known for both. Recently Casio has branched out into digital cameras and also have a very good range of electronic keyboards (the musical variety!).

609424 casio exilim EX Z550 Digital Camer

Casio Exlim EX-Z550

As a mere man this camera has a distinct disadvantage, so much so that the PR lady who sent it to me apologised you see its p i n k, quite a nice subtle shade but its still pink. However if you are a man I am assured they do other colours.
The Casio Exilim EX-Z550 compact digital camera measures 10.5x5.5x2cm, with the lens fully zoomed it adds another 2cm to the 2cm width. The unit weights 130grams. The camera is fitted with a 14.1mega pixel sensor, with 4x optical zoom and 26mm wide angle lens that takes rather nice images. The face has the lens with the flash above and to its right at least 2cm away.
A rather nice small digital camera that I have had a chance to review for slightly longer than the normal two weeks which means I can delve more fully into the various styles available with it while taking out and about with me.
It is 10x6x3cm; with the lens fully extended the 3cm width becomes 7.5cm. The camera is quite weighty for a pocket portable at a tad over 200grams. This weight gives it a very solid feel and also helps with the overall balance. The solid battery is stated to last 1000 shots between charges and while I never managed that many images I never charged it after the initial charge. 10x optical zoom is a decent figure that can still be held still without a tripod. 12.
Cameras, watches and a look back at a product that first appeared 25 years ago were the subject matter on view at a lofty location.
The Millbank Tower, on the south bank of the Thames, provides a panoramic view of the London landscape. It is also a popular location for companies wishing to show off their new wares. A recent example of this was Casio using this location to present its new EXILIM compact digital camera models along with several watches that included a couple of models belonging to the EDIFACE and PRO TREK families. The occasion was also used to make the 25 anniversary of the original Casio G-SHOCK timepiece.
casio exilim ex z77 zoo

Casio Exilim EX-Z77

This is a very thin and very capable digital camera. I am however not sure why the name makes it sound like a secret project, maybe if the name was something more friendly.
At 132grams it is light and at 9x6x1.5cm easily small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. When it's 3x optical zoom lens is fully extended it adds another 2cm to the width. This is a 7.2mega pixel offering and according to some camera manufacturers this would almost be sub entry level, however I can assure you size is not everything.
This is a standard mouse connected via USB that has a thermal printer inside. It can print on a range of sized roll media. Certainly something that you do not come across everyday.
The mouse itself is a standard three button mouse plug it in and it works. However to use the printer inside you first need to install the software. For me this took four minutes and after a reboot you plug in the mouse. Total hard disc space taken was 53MB. I found two problems it wants to install a system file but the installer can't find it, it's there but you need to navigate to it. You now have a line of six icons just above the tray.
Apart from Cameras and Keyboards Casio also make watches and here I am looking at two from different ranges both of which are new to the market.
G-Shock (G-011D-4AVER) Certainly a 'man's' watch and as supplied it is for a man with a large wrist. I worked out that I would need to remove four links to get it to fit my not that delicate wrist. It is also quite weighty at around 150grams. The model I have is chrome with a nearly square orange dial. It has hands but in truth is still a digital watch.
I love music but I am no musician, however this Casio keyboard with all itÂ’s learning modes would certainly give me the best chance to at least grasp the rudiments of music.
Around twenty years ago I got an old Casio keyboard and that is exactly what it was a keyboard and little else. This top of the range offering is a world away from that. It is a five octave keyboard but what lies behind the keyboard is the guts of the unit. It is 95cm long, 34cm deep and 3cm tall at the front increasing to 13cm at the back.
A name that has been in consumer electronics such an keyboards, watches and even handheld computers for many years but they are also a name in digital cameras.
While 7.2mega pixel may be considered by some manufacturers to be 'entry level' the extras within the unit make this far from the case here. Casio EX-Z75 It is 10x6x1.7cm when closed add another 2cm for the lens extension when ready to shoot. It is silver grey and weights less than 150grams.
Sports watch providing stopwatch, distance measure, countdown timer... you get the idea? Just about everything you could as of something you put on your wrist while out running.
Ease of use? 6 out of 10 About a year ago my I started 'getting fit' - one of those things I've observed that people seem to do as the big 4-0 approaches.