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In the space of a few short years mobile phones have evolved from luggable brick to slick, slim multi-function gadget. Nokia led the field for many years - but more recently have faced fierce competition from those that want their phone to be a fashion statement as well as make phone calls. Sony Ericsson are now very popular along with phones like the LG chocolate.

With Apple now jumping on the bandwagon with their own iPhone we can expect another leap in style (over substance?) We'll see!

When is an Android smartphone not an Android smartphone? Could it ne when it has been deGooglised?
Usually when a smartphone arrives for review purposes, it is accompanied with details regarding the physical components making up the device.  However in this case the relevant information was not included.  The reason for this was that this review was to focus on the software installed on the smartphone.  However I do feel that the hardware does deserve a brief mention before concentrating on the software element. The smartphone in question is the Murena One.  Featuring a 6.
This can be a near standard Android phone or by clicking on Emporia during the initial setup one that offers more assistance and help without looking like a phone designed for the older user. While it does have an emergency button the back below the camera it does not look like one it just looks like a second camera so no one need know.
The Emporia SuperEasy Mobile measures 13.5x6.5x.7cm and weighs 147 grams. Going around the outside has the volume rocker and on/off button on the right side. The base has the microphone. The left side is clear. The top has USB ‘C’ port for charging and 3.5mm socket for personal listening.
888263 emporiaTOUCHsmart smart phon

Emporia Touch Smart

This phone looks like a normal Android Smart Phone but also offers help like extra volume, brighter contrast and larger text all things that help when our bodies start to say that is too hard and best of all a easy to use User Manual that explains everything, perhaps better still all of it is in a single language.
There is a second twelve page guide to WhatsApp something all the kids know about, those in their early working life use all the time, and most retirees shy away from, this can get you into the 2020’s. The phone is 11x5.5x1.8cm when closed, when open it is 21cm, it weighs 111grams. The viewable screen is 7x4cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial screen measurement of 3.2inches.
Most people who are getting older know of Doro phones and they are very good when mobility starts to fail. However there is a company who have been around for four years longer and for me anyway remained a total secret before a recent meeting with someone who has worked for several companies who specialize in helping in that sector.
Here I am looking at the FLIP Basic and the Select these are the two smallest phones of the new range I was shown. The Flip Basic is the smallest of the phones and while it does have an ‘assistance’ button the back it is really just a phone and text item. 9.5x5x1.3cm when closed 16x5x.8cm when opened. The screen is 4.5x3.5cm which is 2.2inches. It is . This is the Emporia Select still a Flip open phone it is 10x5x2cm when closed, 19.
The Doro 6620 is an easy-to-use clamshell phone which has been designed to meet the needs of the elderly
Having a closed size of 106 x 55 x20mm, and weighing just 110 g it slips conveniently into a pocket or handbag and has large and easy-to-use keys together with a 70mm easily read display.   On the right hand side of the phone are the volume up/down controls while, on the opposite side is the standard 3.5mm headphone socket together with the microUSB charging port.
One way to stop or reduce customer churn is to offer a reward that will help ensure their loyalty.
Recently, on a visit to Vodafone’s Newbury base I was introduced to a new initiative from the company.
Featured as part of its 2018 Future Ready Event at its Newbury HQ, Vodafone announced a new approach to the way the company planned to sell a range of smartphones.  With its distinctive capitalised four letter title of VOXI, this Vodafone inspired service has been designed to be a youth’s mobile brand that is initially being targeted at the under 30 years age group who have specific needs for their mobile world experience.
879965 Maxcom Comfort MM831 Big Button SIM Free Mobile Phon

Maxcom Comfort 831

Maxcom are quite a new phone company to arrive in the UK, they have been in Europe for some years. While this is not exclusively an older persons phone it would certainly be useful to allow someone to keep their independence and as it has an emergency call button on the back providing the phone is within reach, then help should come when needed.
This is a Flip Phone and it has its own charge dock so close it up – unflip – and when at home it can remain docked beside you so it’s never going to run out of battery. When docked there are three indicators on the area near the top battery, phone and message. Just above this is the camera and LED flash. The other side has the emergency button and beside that the more than adequate speaker.
As I mentioned in an earlier review, Maxcom initial attack on the UK mobile phone market is made up of models from the Polish company's Classic and Comfort ranges of handsets. This review is based on the MM831 model from the company's Comfort range that is being aimed at the elderly or infirmed user.
The MM831 is a three-band GSM+ UMTS phone offering 2G GSM 900/1800 MHz and 3G WCDMA 900/2100 MHz support.  The phone itself is of the clamshell variety decked out in a combination of matte silver and black with dimensions of 99 x 55 x 17 mm (H x W x D) when in its closed state. Including the supplied removable Li-ion 1000 mAh battery, this feature phone has a weight of 99g so should slip into a pocket or bag without causing too much inconvenience or a bulge.
There is a new kid in town. Well perhaps “kid” is not the appropriate expression as the new arrival is Maxcom, a company with over 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of telecommunication products and is one of the leading mobile handset brands in Poland.
Headed by Chris Millington, previously Group Director and UK Mannering Director at Doro, Maxcom’s initial sortie into the UK market will consists of six devices belonging to the  company’s Classic and Comfort ranges.  Taking centre spot in this review is the 3G MM330 model.  This is a candy bar style of feature handset.  My review sample is predominately black in colour with occasional silver highlights.
Maxcom Comfort MM831 is a simple to use 3G flip-phone aimed at meeting the needs of the elderly and vulnerable as it incorporates an easy way to call a relative when required.
879608 Maxcom Classic MM330 SIM Free Mobile Phon

Maxcom Classic 330

Those of us of a more mature persuasion remember the first mobile phones, they did one job making and receiving calls, they were huge and you probably got various strains from carrying them around. Now for those who want a simple phone that does far more and weights very little the phone I am looking at here could be the answer.
The Maxcom Classic 330 measures 12.6x5.6x1cm and weighs 111grams. The viewable screen is 6.5x4.8cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial screen measurement of 3.2inches. While it can make and receive calls it also has a torch, 5MP camera, FM radio and can take a micro SD card up to 32GB to store multimedia. Going around the outside of the phone has only two connections both on the top the Micro USB connection to charge the unit and a 3.5mm headphone socket.
869499 doro 6520 easy to use mobile phon

Doro 6520 Easy phone

The Doro 6520 is the latest clamshell “easy” phone with added features aimed at the needs of the elderly and frail. It offers greater security to them and peace of mind to their relatives.
The latest handset to come my way from Doro belongs to the feature phone category
While smartphones are a popular choice with users, especially with the younger and fashion conscious market sectors, there is an alternative type of communication device.  I am referring to a feature phone such as the Doro 6520 which is the subject of this review. The Doro 6520 is a clamshell handset that is available in a choice of magenta and white or, as in the case of my review sample, graphite and white.
Larger Sainsbury’s stores have their mobile phone shops and this more basic level product is one offering available from them. However when you look at it you see something chunky that would be ideal from the older person to have.
The F24 Power from Archos measures 12.5x5x2cm and it weighs 156grams. The viewable screen is 3.5x5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 2.5 inches. However despite its small screen size it is far more than a phone and text system.
867762 anywhere si

Anywhere SIM

I am sure we all know either first or second hand ‘hello, hello, hello then a range of expletives’ whichever phone company you use they all have ‘not spots’ so the Anywhere SIM allows you to make you call across three different major providers.
The SIM as I received is a full size or micro SIM but it did require careful extraction as the plastic surround was more solid and less well perforated than previous SIMs I have used. As most users will know some SIMs work better in certain areas than others and most will have a SIM to suit their locale.
No doubt you have probably heard on good authority that there is no such thing as a free lunch. This is because there will be a time when a payment of sorts will be required. However not everybody would agree with the no free-lunch sentiment. Definitely failing into the category of believing that a free lunch is possible is the team at FreedomPop.
Launched publicly in 2012 FreedomPop describes itself as being a new wave telecom company with a fresh look at how to provide its customers with the type of service they required.  The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and includes Niklas Zennstom, the Skype founder, amongst its backers.  The support of Zennstom might go some way towards explaining why FreedomPop has adopted its approach to its mobile phone service.
The Moochies Phone Watch has been designed to provide children with certain mobile phone features while, at the same time, giving parents a degree of control over the telephonic activity of their children.
Available in a choice of Black, Orange, Blue and Pink colours, the Moochies Phone Watch combines mobile phone, watch and GPS tracking elements within a single unit.  Bright, some might go as far as saying gaudily, coloured with a child friendly image alongside the watch face, compressed non-toxic silicone rubberised casing, and capable of encircling a wrist with a circumference of between 12.5 and 16cm, this device could not be mistaken for anything else other than a child centric product.
839512 Doro Phone Easy 632 SIM Free Mobile Telephon

Doro PhoneEasy 632

While Doro phones are extremely easy to use and have lots of features to suit those with sight and or hearing problems why should those people have to accept a phone that does not have basic features that other able bodied have, none whatsoever hence the PhoneEasy 632.
It is 10x5x1.5cm when closed, the first figure increases to 19cm when flipped open for use. Unlike most Doro phones when in use the emergency button – although still there on the back – is not that obvious, it sits beside the speaker at top of the base half of the phone. Somewhat more unusually the camera is at the base of the top part of the phones back. The volume up and down buttons are on the right with the micro USB charge point on the left with the headphone socket beside it.
Not everybody wants or needs a smartphone with all its “bells and whistles”. There are many users, especially those often referred to as “silver surfers”, who are more than happy to find their mobile communication needs adequately covered by a feature phone such as the latest addition to Doro’s growing 3G feature handset portfolio. This new addition to the Doro catalogue is the PhoneEasy 624 model.
With dimensions of 102 x 52 x 19mm and weighing 104g (800 mAh Li-ion battery included), the PhoneEasy 624 is a clamshell unit with a metallic red outer casing featuring white trimmings.  A charging stand, micro-to-standard USB lead, three-pin power plug, earphones with mute control, lanyard and User Manual are included in the box.