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The Microsoft Lumia 640 from Vodafone is a slim 4G 5 inch versatile smartphone which, being Windows Phone based, will also provide the compatibility with Microsoft Office applications that will be a boon to many serious users.
This 5 inch smartphone currently runs on Windows Phone 8.1 so that those using Office 365 Home or Personal will be able to edit Office documents on the phone and work seamlessly between phone and desktop.  Now that Microsoft has released Windows 10, before too long there will be the Windows 10 upgrade for the phone which should bring enhanced compatibility.   It is roughly 140 x 72mm in size and weighs 147g.
The Nokia Lumia 925 is a 4G premium phone which Vodafone is offering in both 16GB and 32GB versions. It runs Windows Phone 8.0 so that, as well as being a good all-round phone, it is ideal for those for whom compatibility with their desktop applications such as Microsoft Office is important.
The phone is well-built, is black in colour and being 129 x 71 x 8.5mm thick fits comfortably into one’s hand. Also, weighing 139 g it isn’t a heavy burden in the pocket or handbag. The AMOLED 1280 x 768 (WXGA) display is very easy to read both indoors and in ordinary daylight and, being gorilla glass, the screen is robust and scratch-resistant. The micro-USB connector, the 3.5mm jack and the micro-SIM slot are all on the top edge while all the buttons are on the right hand edge.
As one of the original market leaders in the mobile phone sector, Nokia is now facing a massive battle from the forces of iOS and Android. As part of the Nokia offensive is a new Lumia model.
Like other models in the Nokia Lumia series, the Lumia 620 smartphone offering is a Windows Phone 8 device.  This latest model is being targeted at the more youthful, fun-loving market sector.  To this end, the Lumia 620 will be available in a range of colours that could include, depending upon your location, lime green, orange, magenta, yellow, cyan, white and black.  My review unit was the white model.
While touch screen smartphones take all the headlines, there is still a market for handsets with more basic feature sets.
If you are looking for a budget priced handset then Nokia would like you to consider its Asha 201 model. Rather than its new best, platform-providing, buddy, namely Microsoft with its Windows Mobile offering, Nokia has opted to go with its own Symbian series 40 operating system for the Asha 201 to help reduce costs. Available in a choice of black, white or green, the Asha 201 adopts a rather stubby candy bar style of design.
655050 Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Smartphon

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia have recently jumped off the Simbian bandwagon and joined forces with Microsoft. Here is their first offering together Nokia’s phone expertise and Microsoft’s mobile operating system when Windows 8 arrives on the PC it is rumoured to lot a lot like this.
My first surprise is that it uses a Micro SIM and so many phone providers think it is only Blackberry and Apple that use this smaller SIM. My own opinion is that it is fiddly to fit, but another journalist friend of mind thinks it is the way all phones will go. Still once in, it need not move. Technically I am told it is possible to cut a full size SIM.
If you are just looking for a mobile phone then you are unlikely to be interested in the Nokia N97. Let me explain.
An unexpected offer of a short-term loan gave me the opportunity to try out a Nokia handset that combined 3G functionality and Carl Zeiss optics within a slider format.
The Nokia 6700 Slide is, as its title indicates, a Nokia handset (what else) and of the slider variety.  This 3G handset is available in a variety of colours that should appeal to different types of users.  Those looking to make a fashion statement can choose from Pink, Petrol-blue, Red, Lime or Purple while, I feel, the greater majority will opt for the aluminium model such as the review unit I have been trying out recently. In its closed state the handset’s dimensions are 95.
579868 nokia 5800 xpressmusic smart touch phon

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Recently I have had the opportunity to try out Nokia’s answer to the Apple iPhone
Whatever your view of Apple and the company’s close control over its various products, you would be hard pressed not to agree that its design innovations have certainly stirred up sections of the IT industry.  Take, for instance, the appearance of the iPhone and its subsequent effect it has had on the competition.  Mobile phone manufacturers have been falling over themselves to produce an offering of similar style and functionality.
Joining Nokia’s extensive portfolio of mobile devices is a model with a strong emphasis on music and games.
The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic is a candy-bar style of handset.  Measuring 108 x 46 x 15mm and weighing 90g, the review sample of the Nokia 5320 is predominately black with a red trim around the handset’s body and the unit’s navigation pad.  A further touch of colour is present with the green and red phone keys for accepting and rejecting calls respectively. Taking over the top half of the unit is a 2-inch QVGA screen capable of displaying 16 million colours.
What’s in a number? It all depends on what the number is related to in the current circumstances.
According to popular legend, when the number belongs to a bus, you will have just missed it with several more only due to appear after a lengthy interval.  If the number concerns your salary then it is never large enough to satisfy your hoped for standard of living.  With phone models it can indicate a multitude of features such as those found on the Nokia N78. This particular handset is a 3G Smartphone that adopts the candy bar style.
With the tag line of “Entertainment on the go”, the Nokia N81 attempts to broaden the game-playing scope of the mobile phone.
Click image to enlarge! The Nokia N81 mobile phone has a rather chunky appearance and adopts the slider style of unit.  Measuring 102 x 50 x 17.9mm (L x W x D) and weighing 140g, this phone is predominately black with a matt silver band running round the sides.  Supplied with 8GB of internal flash memory, the phone features an active matrix 2.4-inch QVGA 320 x 240 colour display capable of showing up to 16.
It sometimes surprises me how quickly mobile phones have come to be regarded as a fashion accessory rather than a useful tool.
According to my Concise Oxford Dictionary, one of the definitions of "prism" relates to "triangular, with refracting surfaces at acute angles with each other".  The reason for this excursion into the realms of lexicography is a new mobile phone from Nokia's fashion brand.  This is the Nokia 7500 Prism which, if nothing else, is certainly a distinctive and eye-catching model.
Instead of phoning for directions you could use your phone to display the directions via SatNav.
Although it is not the first Nokia phone to be released with GPS facilities, the 6110 model is the first unit to have bestowed the category of "Navigator" as part of its title.   The Nokia 6110 comes with Route 66 software in conjunction with Assisted GPS (A-GPS) for determining location faster.  I will return to the GPS feature a little later. This black and silver slider phone measures 102 x 49 x 21mm (H x W x D) when in a closed state.
nokia n76 mobile phon

Nokia N76 mobile phone

The Apple iPhone has it's official UK launch tomorrow by none other than Steve Jobs. Rather than review an iPhone though, we thought we'd take a look at the latest addition to the Nokia N series, the N76 - an attractive mid-range flip-open device with all the usual features. Available in a either black or red the phone has a good solid quality feel to it.
As with all phones now - this is much more than just a device for ordering a pizza. All the usual culprits are here : MP3 player, camera, FM radio, voice recorder and PIM (Personal Information Manager) functions. Even as a messaging device it isn't limited to voice. You also have video calls across 3G (dedicated camera for this), SMS and MMS. You're almost spoilt for choice when it comes to connecting with other devices.
I remember an extremely wet day last year, a very long walk from Clapham Junction to Battersea Bridge (faulty sat nav) and then a presentation offering almost everything that a mobile phone could possibly offer.
It was a huge event held at Three's UK headquarters with almost all the partners there for the multitude of things that can work with a phone. All the journalists there were offered a three month loan of a phone and when mine arrived this year I put it through it's paces. It's strange how any Nokia phone I get to review comes courtesy of a mobile phone company and not Nokia.
Recently I have been carrying a camera; PIM; MP3 player; data link to my home computer; television; and phone all within a single device that doesn’t cause a bulge in my pocket.
Coming across one of my original mobile phones recently (I had thought all my old models had been dispatched to a charity) helped to re-enforce the strides such devices had made over a relatively short period.  Developed initially as a means of voice communication when on the move, mobile phones are now so feature-rich that you could almost forget about the aspect of making and receiving voice calls.
Now I must admit that exercise is not one of my favourite subjects but I’m not averse to taking my mobile phone for a walk.
Mobile phones come in a variety of styles with collections of specific features that are designed to appeal to a particular market sector.  For example the Nokia 5500 model, also known as Sport, is aimed at the more energetic and health conscious members of society by the addition of some exercise based features.  That is not to say that the other types of features associated with mobile phones have been neglected.
As a Nokia virgin, I put aside my regular mobile and made a date with a member of the Nokia family.
When the conversation turns to mobile phones then it isn't long before the name of "Nokia" pops up.  After all the company does have every type of phone you could imagine with regards to style and functionality (and maybe some that are so advanced and futuristic in concept that they have yet to see the light of day).  A quick check of the company's UK website revealed that there are 79 current models available from all good stockists.
nokia e61 3G mobile phon

Nokia E61 with 3G

Strange how a company such as T-Mobile can supply the excellent Nokia E61 well before Nokia can. Using it with T-Mobile’s Web ‘n’ Walk software using 3G says there was after all a point to all those expensive licences.
While connection speeds were not up to 'broadband' they are rapid and knock GPRS totally for six. The Nokia E61 is a device that looks more like a PDA than a phone but in fairness it's more than both combined. Anyone needing to connect, communicate and be communicated with (Blackberry style) should consider this device. It has a 39 key keyboard that can easily be used by two thumbs and keys that you need such as @ / .
There are two versions of this phone the E50-1 with camera and the one I looked at the E50-2 without the camera.
This is a small but solid neat phone that looks businesslike, not having a camera seems a little strange but some companies prefer it as then employees cannot photograph documents, I was amazed when I heard that but I am told it is true. The dimensions are 11x4x1.5cm and it weights around 100grams. The 4x3cm screen is bright and easy to read. This is required as the top 1.