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A futuristic coffee machine that has special coffee and dried milk capsules (pods) that quickly combine to make currently four kinds of coffee that are top notch.
The Dolce Gusto has been updated since this review. You can read our review of the new version here.
Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Currently the Nescafé Dolce Gusto comes with a starter pack of coffee and dried milk capsules as well as a cup/saucer and glass to give that coffee shop appearance. However the main thing with this machine is the speed of making a Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato both of which require a milk and a coffee capsule or an Espresso or Caffe Lungo that are drunk black and require just a single capsule.

If the machine is switched on cold water is turned into a hot drink in around 20 seconds. If you need to switch it on maybe that time doubles, however unlike almost all other coffee machines it does not pre heat the water. Cold water is passed over the heating element at pressure which means no stewed coffee.

It then goes into the capsule - milk first if applicable - giving that wonderful froth that is normally only achievable from a coffee shop and then you swap to the appropriate coffee capsule at whatever point in the cup to give the strength or consistency you like. As stated this whole process takes only around 20 seconds.

The machine looks a little science fiction the body comes in red, black or white. About 30 percent of a circular ball shape is a clear plastic receptacle that holds up to 2.5 pints of water. This is mounted on the hypotenuse side of a triangle - look at the illustration if lost - with a drip tray on the vertical side of the right angle, at the top is the serious bit where the capsules are inserted and then held in place. You then move a water bar to hot or cold - I am told that the cold setting is for a range of cold drinks being launched next year - and then 20 seconds later delicious piping hot coffee either with or without froth according to your choice.

I give a link to the website and I have been told that next year hot chocolate will also be available. For those able to read German I believe that this is already available there. I found this out as the various country sites are linked and the German one went live before the UK.

This was one of two items that I saw at the Autumn Ideal Home Exhibition, - the other a TV will hopefully arrive shortly - while there were other new things they hardly fell into the Gadget category.

I see this ideal in a house or very small office where people want coffee at vastly different times so perking a coffee pot is not really on. This is good coffee and don't be put off by my dried milk description. I originally called it a Crema but was told this is incorrect however dried milk does not do it justice either as I am sure we all have memories of something not very desirable, this is delicious however for Diabetics out there the mixture of milk includes some sugar, while it does not taste sweet it is there.

I have asked if a version could be made without sugar and the answer says it is being considered, but, at this stage they are unsure if it would be suitable for diabetics. I also asked what the cold setting was for and was told for products yet to be launched.

The machine with the starter set of cup/saucer and glass as well as two each of Café Lungo and Espresso capsules as well as three each of Latte Macchitao and the Cappuccino plus the same number of milks for each. A word of warning here the capsules of milk and their appropriate blend of coffee look identical from the face however the sides of the coffee are black and the milks are white. I could not find this explained anywhere in the instruction booklet.

The stated UK price of the machine is £89.99 and the replacement capsules are sold in boxes of 16 in the case of the Latte Macchitao and Cappuccino that's eight coffees and eight milks these I am told will be available from ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury's Tesco and Waitrose at £2.99.

One of the best prices at the moment (November 2009) is Amazon with the Dolce Gusto available for £77.25 including free delivery on the following link :

The first link below has it at €113,80 including free delivery.

Information from the Nescafe site :

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What our readers said!


Comment by Lis, Dec 15, 2011 17:12

I think that they need to add Tea products to compete with the other companies. Also we have found that the coffee drinks are not hot enough. We have to stick all but the hot coco into the microwave before  drinking. :( .

I Might take it back and get the tassimo or keurig because they do have Teas and they are piping hot, maybe mines a bad model tho.

Comment by lonewolf, Dec 11, 2010 5:51

love the stuff . . . . and the iced cappucino is good too

Comment by barbara cartwright, Nov 7, 2010 18:44

My husband is only allowed to drink decaffinated coffee and we tasted it at our daughters house and he loved Dolce Gusto, consequently we got a Nescafe oce Gusto coffee machine and stocked up with lots of decaffinated pods.............many months later we are now having difficulty finding the pods. Any ideas please. We bought them before from Sainsbury's, Morrisons and directly from Nescafe on the internet.

Comment by daryl spencer, Oct 4, 2010 10:37

they do produce a skinny version of both latte and cappochino now!

Comment by jules1234, May 15, 2010 22:54

Neat fast simple and above all fantastic coffee that rivals any those well known cofee chains.

Comment by Rosie, Feb 22, 2010 21:22

Hey, Its coming up to my partners birthday, and thought buying one of these would be a good investment. He recently, when i dropped hints about buying him one said that coffee machines are overall not very good? would this one be a good investment? I am tired of making coffee.

Comment by marco moretti, Dec 26, 2009 21:01

well,look nice but i do not think is any better than the regular shitcoffe you drink in the uk unless is made from an italian.

Comment by Sandrine, Oct 7, 2009 8:49

At the same time I'm writing this review I am enjoying my Dolce Gusto latte macchiato. The DOLCE GUSTO functions perfectly and I have no problems with dripping or whatsoever. In just two minutes I can serve the greatest coffee. The thing I like the most is the fact that I no longer have to heat milk myself!

Comment by Tisha, Apr 21, 2009 18:59

Was bought this machine as a wedding present and was initially impressed at how easy it was to use, no mess etc. Unfortunately, have had it out of the box for less than 48 hours and on my 6th cappucino and the hot water lever stops working midway through. Very disappointed with the quality of the machine, especially when I thought Krups was a reliable manufacturer. Such a shame as I was thoroughly enjoying the coffee but no good if you cant rely on it not to break for no reason.

Comment by Sue Houghton, Apr 6, 2009 9:12

My machine arrived today and I couldnt wait to use it. Maybe in too much of a hurry as I didnt make sure the drip tray/stand was properly housed. Consequently, when the cup was almost full it came free and the hot liquid tip forwards onto me. Luckily no harm done but I do think it should be made clearer that the drip tray may not engage properly. It needs a bit of a push. Despite that hitch, the coffee is delivered piping hot and tastes lovely. Looks stylish too.

Comment by dawn doubtfire, Mar 14, 2009 14:13

the cream that is used is also nice added to the chocolate and espresso. can it be bought on its own and from where and if not will it be in the near futher.
PS great machine fantastic coffee in seconds.

Comment by jeb, Dec 14, 2008 17:41

Dolce Gusto completely revolutionizes the home coffee experience this is the closest to the real Italian espresso I've tasted.  It's served at the right temperature - i.e. not too hot - and is the coffee purists dream.  Thanks Nescafe!!

Comment by jeb, Dec 14, 2008 17:40

Dolce Gusto completely revolutionizes the home coffee experience this is the closest to the real Italian espresso I've tasted.  It's served at the right temperature - i.e. not too hot - and is the coffee purists dream.  Thanks Nescafe!!

Comment by fluffymum, Dec 6, 2008 17:04

i love, this machine its so easy to use and clean, the coffee tastes real good too!!!

Comment by Jay Brewer, Oct 21, 2008 14:56

There's a full review of the US version at Single Serve Coffee:

Comment by george wright, Sep 25, 2008 11:11

cant get any stockists of refills

Comment by Jay, Sep 7, 2008 12:06

My wife and I use our machine on a daily basis however we are on our third machine in 18 months due to it continually breaking down. As it has been on guarantee we have had a replacement each time but I am concerned what will happen once the guarantee runs out, has anyone else had this problem ?

Comment by paul_smart, Aug 18, 2008 15:32

Currently it is £67.99 and has free delivery from the link below.

Comment by SWISS09, Aug 16, 2008 14:56

i am still waiting for nescafe to bring out skimmed milk and decaff coffee pods,if they are concerned that these items will make pods less popular they are wrong more people are health and weight consious and these pods will be welcomed and i think probably sell more than the original. I do agree that pods are very expensive which may well stop people buying them.

Comment by rebecca, Aug 13, 2008 15:10

The price of the coffee for this machine is now generally around £3.26 per pack, which works out at only 8 cups for most types of coffee. The coffee doesn't taste great, isn't very hot, and the cappuccino, late, and mocha are full of sugar. They also contain a lot of uneccesary unhealthy ingredients. Another point to note is the environmental impact, there is a lot of waste. The coffee pods are plastic and not biodegradable. The only good points are the size and looks of the machine.

Comment by dockertrigger, May 13, 2008 11:43

Sorry that should read gets hot quickly!, you have no option to edit your post after posting!

Comment by dockertrigger, May 13, 2008 11:40

My inlaws brought one of these last year, as they never used it they gave it to me and my wife to use.
It's very easy to use and clever how the water get quick just at a press of a button but we don't used it much nether.
The pods are expensive and not all that nice really, bitter and artificial tasting, and it just take up to much space in the kitchen.
Would be very interested in trying the hot chocolate pods but never seen any.

Comment by honeemonsta, Mar 22, 2008 22:50

should be !!!

Comment by Geo, Mar 22, 2008 22:45

sign up to - they are running a promo where u get a machine, a free late and expresso cup + 16 multipack of sachets and all you have to do is review it.  Superb and free!!!!

Comment by avelte, Mar 20, 2008 20:10

i really like it,i wish i had one of those

Comment by SWISS09, Mar 20, 2008 13:20

Im so pleased that nescafe are bringing out decaff and skimmed milk pods for the dolce gusto,it will make a massive calorific difference for me and others who are on diets. I also get palpitations with caffeine so decaff pods will be great. Thanks to nescafe for listening to their customers i'm sure they will fly off the shelves.

Comment by laura ay, Mar 20, 2008 8:24

I work for costco and regularly demonstrate the dolce gusto. We have just had a load of decaff and skimmed milk pods delivered for an upcoming demo so they should be in the shops soon, usually take about a month so guys your wait is over, the best places to buy them is asda and tesco but others do stock the basics, visit the website and get free coffee!

Comment by wolfsbayne, Mar 3, 2008 16:20

Hmm, interested in the diabetic angle and a reduction in sugar has to be a good thing

Comment by Sarah, Feb 29, 2008 15:51

Nestle has again been awarded the Black Planet Award for very good reason! Honorary Chairman Helmut Maucher is famous for his quote 'Ethical decisions that injure a firms ability to compete are actually immoral', so I for one will not be lining Nestles or any of its cronies pockets!

Comment by avelte, Feb 28, 2008 23:46

i dont have any experience as i dont have it i got another coffee machine

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