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A rather different flat panel from AOC as it does not come with a standard stand instead part of the back folds out from the base. This can be used just with the USB 'C' to USB 'C' lead and as such it might go on journeys with you to show output from things other than a notebook and because of that comes with a fabric case to carry it in.
The monitor measures 36x23x1cm and weighs 1092 grams. It comes with four screws and a small panel should you wish to fix it to a wall. Also provided apart from the already mentioned USB 'C' to USB 'C' lead are a USB to USB 'C' lead, HDMI to mini HDMI lead and a power adapter with a two pin lead so you would need an adapter to plug into a 13amp plug.
Only three inches bigger than a 24inch offering but the amount of extra space on your desktop is considerably more 2160x1440 as against 1920x1080, until you see the extra amount of Desktop you will not believe how much larger it is. The imperial diagonal screen measurement is 27inches.
The best way to describe it is an 'L' that has fallen on its side so you have a 16.5cm area at the right that is 32cm high and a10cm area that is 60cm long at the base so that's lots of extra information or as this is a gaming flat panel a chance to see your enemy a lot sooner. The measures 60.5x30.5x1.5cm. On the bottom right underneath are six buttons that control everything including volume level from its internal speakers. However the Auto settings for brightness etc.
A lot of recent notebooks no longer have HDMI out in fact some Notebook/Tablets no longer have USB and just have USB 'C'. So this latest small and neat flat panel from Philips solves the problem while still allowing you to connect via HDMI but still has your back even if you only have USB 'C'.
This 24 inch monitor from Philips is very small and light and the only thing you do not have is the ability to raise or lower the panel, so the measurements below are what you get, you could if required place some books under the base to raise it should it be required. The panel measures 54x31x1.5cm, there is some back movement, the stand raises it by 10cm from your desk. While this is a 24inch flat panel (23.
One of the advantages of a curved display is you see more screen from a smaller width here its 60cm to see 27 inches. So while the display shows QHD 2560x1440 it takes up a little less desk space. It has both HDMI and DisplayPort connections as well as a USB hub.
The screen is 60x36.5cm and its inverted ‘V’ shaped stand is 28cm from back to front and at its widest point it is 46cm. Unlike a lot of stands it allows side to side movement. The stand can raise the screen by between 3cm and up to 16cm from your desk. The connections are in a line under a slight overhang on the back. 3.
What better equipment to review this latest gaming monitor with but one of the very latest gaming PCs from Acer – reviewed 21-06-23. This AOC gaming unit is a 24inch flat panel that has outputs for both Display Port and HDMI.
The measures 53.5x31.5x1cm, the viewable screen is 52.5x30.5cm, and these figures give the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 23.8inches. It has an ‘X’ shaped stand with the smaller part 8cm behind the central arm and the larger part 16cm in front of it, and the front of the ‘X’ it is 43cm wide. The stand can raise the screen by between 8.5 and 18.5cm from your desk.
This is a 27inch QHD panel 2560x1440 although it is equally usable at HD 1920x1080 for those whose eyesight is not the best. A gaming panel with reasonable sound so you should be able to hear the enemies coming as well as see them. It is available from the link at the end at a very good price so what is the reason, read on to find its one drawback.
It is 61x37x1.5cm; all the connections are in a single line on a downward pointing overhang on the rear 9cm up from the base. They are from right to left power input, USB upstream, four USB ports 2x2 (one always on providing there is power to the panel) two HDMI and two DisplayPort and finally a 3.5mm audio socket. The panel can be used in both landscape and portrait modes, in landscape it can be as little as 5.5cm above your desk and a maximum of 21cm above it.
This is a 28inch flat panel that has a fast 1ms response time and is equally at home at 3840x2160 or at 1920x1080 The first to suit a gamer the second for someone needing just a little more assistance at the standard resolution due to less than perfect eye sight. Unlike most flat panels this has speakers that are as good as standalone speakers as they are a pair of 3w offerings.
The screen measures 62x37x1.6cm. Both the sides and top have very narrow borders, the base has a 2cm border with five control buttons under the edge near the right side and the front shows a pin hole LED when power is on. The connections are in a single line 8cm up from the base on an overhang. They are from right to left four USB ports (one always on providing the unit is powered) then the upstream USB. Next are two HDMI 2.1 ports and two Display Ports. Next is a 3.
This is a 27inch UHD multi view flat panel from Philips. Up to 144Hz refresh rate is possible and all in a small footprint. It has a good amount of rear tilt and a little forward movement so ideal for those who play games or even for business users. It has decent speakers for those needing to present and as with most recent panels a wide viewing angle.
The Phillips 27inch Momentum 5000 is just more than 61cm wide and only 34cm tall and at its edges only 2cm thick. It has a four sided open ‘M’ shaped base 16.5x15.5cm, 34cm wide base that raises it by between 9.5cm and 19.5cm from your desk; you can also pivot it to view in landscape mode. For those into serious gaming this panels 1ms refresh rate could save your life in so many games.    4K (UHD) 3840x2160 display is ultra-clear.
This is a large curved flat panel that can easily support three HD screens side by side however for those into gaming you get far more detail. The resolution is right for recent cinema releases and I was able to watch the latest James Bond offering full screen with absolutely no borders - 21:9 aspect ratio - from the comfort of my living room with excellent sound. This is a curved panel and the centre is 4cm in from the edges.
The screen is 81x36.5x2cm; its stand raises it between 8.5 and 23.5cm from your desk. The stand is 27cm square. There is plenty of back tilt and some forward tilt. Older films will have borders up to to 10cm wide either side dependant on their original resolutions. The external connections are in a single line under a shelf on the rear, HDMI, Display Port, USB ‘C’, USB Up, two USB downstream with one being always on.
For a gamer one of the most important factors is a fast refresh rate, it is literally the difference between gaming life and death. Here not only do you get fast refresh but also the things that will matter later on in life to keep your eyes healthy, no flicker and low blue light among other things. So what else does this 27inch flat panel have to offer?
The Philips Momentum 5200 27inc monitor measures 61x35.5x1.5cm. The stand is a sort of corral ‘C’ shape with the open part at the front it is 32x21cm and this can raise the panel by between 6 and 20cm above your desk. It panel can also rotate 90 degrees to be portrait. There is good tilt both back and forward, there is also as much side to side as you want as it rotates on the stand.
A 24inch Philips flat panel that has all the normal connections including those less normal like USB ‘C’, Ethernet and a USB hub. So this means for those of us still using Desktop or Tower Systems the main unit could be just that bit further away and the nirvana or a clear desktop just that little bit nearer.
It is 54.5x32.5x1.7cm; the viewable screen is 53.5x30.5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of very close to 24inches. The native resolution is 1920x1080 for most applications. Its stand is 20.5x20.5cm and can raise the base of the screen between 2 to 14cm above the stand. There is plenty of back tilt and a little forward tilt, no side to side movement but if this is required just move the whole panel on the stand which is stated to have 178 degree viewing angle.
This flat panel from AOC is for those who want to see a bit more on their screen as its 3840x2160 and it allows you to connect HDMI or Display Port as well as USB ‘C’. To fulfill the first requirement without you having to have 20:20 vision it’s just that bit larger at 27inches from corner to corner but still takes up little more space than a smaller panel.
The AOC U27P2CA flat panel screen measures 61x36x1.5cm; the viewable screen is 60x35cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 27inches. It weighs 4.42 kilos. There is almost no margin at the top and the sides – called frameless - and the bottom margin is 2.5cm. Towards the right are the five buttons to control the panel to their right is a white LED. Its stand is 19x22cm and raises the screen in Landscape mode by between 2.5 and 17.5cm.
Recently I have told you about a small USB camera and a Bluetooth headset with far better than normal range. Here is a flat panel that has both built in and for good measure it has lights built in both sides to improve the view people get of you as it frames you better, this is certainly an all in one device for those Zoom calls. This is a real personal meeting display for those occasions when you cannot meet personally.
The screen and surround is 56cm wide and from top of the screen to the top of the stand is 37cm. The viewable screen itself is 48x26.5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 21½ inches. The stand clips into the rear of the screen it is 30x18cm and raises it by 8cm from your desk. The power lead enters the main body of the screen just above the stand. The total weight is less than 7KG.
This is a rather nice 24inch flat panel from Philips. It takes up only a limited amount of desk space and has a good amount of height adjustment, all the normal connection types are supported and it can also be used portrait as well as landscape and just for good measure it has three USB ports - one always on – built into the unit.
The Philips 243B9 measures 49.5x52cm on its stand at the minimum height of 6cm on its stand in landscape mode this can be increased to 20cm, the screen thickness at the edge is less than 1.4cm. The viewable screen is 52x29.5cm which the notional diagonal imperial measurement of just under 24inches, 23.8inches to be exact. In the centre top of the screen surround is a touch out webcam that means your personal privacy is guaranteed if you remember to push it in when not in use.
This is both a landscape and a portrait panel that has plenty of back tilt and some forward tilt as well as side to side movement available. It is close to 24 inches in corner to corner display size and has built in speakers as well as a USB3 hub; so far however it has stubbornly refused to make my morning coffee, oh well I suppose you can’t have everything.
It is 54x32.5x2cm however this is only the screen and surround, the viewable screen has .5cm borders top and sides with a 2cm border at the bottom. The viewable screen is 53x30cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial screen measurement of 24 inches. An arm connects the 20x20cm base to the click in place fitment behind the screen; the arm raises the screen between 4cm and 20cm from your desk when in portrait mode.
Sitting between a desktop and laptop viewing area, this next product reminds me of a cup of coffee.
Do you remember your first computer monitor?  I can certainly remember mine with its bulk and weight causing my back to complain whenever I needed to move it to a new position.  Fortunately, nowadays we have access to models that have much larger viewing areas yet are considerably lighter in their weight.  When moving a modern monitor, if I listened carefully, I would probably hear my back utter a sigh of relief.
This is a 27inch flat panel 1920x1080 that shows everything just that little bit larger, it also has something that most other flat panels do not have a decent set of speakers so external speakers should not be required, so what else does this recent offering from Philips have to tempt you.
It is 61x36x1cm apart from the base of the screen surround that is 3.5cm and immediately you know why the sound is so good as the speakers are down facing in the base. The surround on the sides and top are .5cm with the base surround being 2.4cm and so the notional diagonal imperial measurement is as stated above, the full 27inches.
Straight from the box this screen shows 3440x1440 which has the ability to show three screens of information at near to full HD IE 1920x1080 side by side with no real overlap and after a small amount of pruning this means no switching of screens just move your mouse to the bit you want and work away.
The AOC CU34G2 measures 80.5x36.5cm, the screen is 2cm deep at its edges, and it has close to 6cm of concave curve at the middle. While this initially seems a lot sit at least one metre from the screen and you are able to view everything on up to three screens and work on any of them with ease. I also was able to view full screen displays including the odd video or three from a little further back.
I must admit to have heard little of ViewSonic recently, that is until the company showcased some of its home/office products.
With its headquarters in Brea, California and a presence in over 100 cities around the world, ViewSonic has built up an impressive reputation for producing comprehensive hardware and software solutions. Bearing the ViewSonic brand name are products that include monitors, projectors, digital signage, ViewBoard® interactive displays and myViewBoard™ software ecosystem.
This is quite like the last couple of flat panels that have passed onto my desk however this has one thing to commend it over them a slightly increased resolution as this has 2560x1440 resolution while not a huge amount you can work with more windows open without straining your eyes.
It is 52.5x32x1.5cm. The viewable screen is 51.5x29.5cm; the screen edges are .5cm at the sides and top with the base being 2cm. On the right edge of the bottom bezel are a line of five push buttons the only one you are normally likely to need is the on/off the rightmost which has a white LED when the unit is powered on.