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Dell is a market leader in the provision of desktop and laptop computers having pioneered a highly competitive direct sales model - effectively cutting out the middle-man.

As Dell have grown they have faced a number of problems that all such organisations face as they try hard to meet the growth expectations of their shareholders.

Over the years Dell has attempted to diversify from it's core computer business to offer peripherals including own-brand printers and PDAs. More recently this trend has taken Dell to provide televisions.

Unfortunately what had been hailed as a very good range of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistents) Dell has now decided to end that line.

A flat panel that has speakers is the norm these days, they are normally tiny and do not have much volume, here something different as the speakers fit into the stand of the panel, so they can be larger and also give a far better sound.
The Dell S2418H full HD monitor measures 54x30.5x1.5cm; its stand will raise it from your desk by 10cm. The stand is a frame in the shape of a landscaped ‘D’ and the supplied speaker fits in it .5cm at the front (flat edge) and 3cm at the rear, it has two buttons + and – to control the volume. There is a short grey lead that emerges from the rear of the speaker which connects to the panel; the audio signal is transferred via the HDMI connection from the panel to the speaker.
Having recently told you about a Dell small Tower system with Windows 10 v1703 the next item to cross my desk again from Dell is a notebook in the same Vostro series that also comes with the latest incarnation of Windows 10 v1703.
While it is described as a ‘business’ unit I see no reason while it should not also be a ‘home’ unit. It is 33x23.5x2cm and weighs 1605grams. Apart from the hinge and the rubber strips that form the feet – which are black – it is totally grey, silver grey for the top and bottom and dark grey for the screen surround and keyboard area. This means finger marks tend not to show.
It’s a very long time since I have reviewed anything from Dell and even longer since I have reviewed a Tower system from anyone, in fact if my memory is correct after my last Tower review I actually purchased it and that was running Windows 7. Here this system is running Windows 10 and version 1703 at that.
The Dell Vostro 3650 Desktop Mini Tower is 28cm deep (34cm with leads attached), 15cm wide and 34cm tall. The face has the on/off button, optical drive, two USB3 ports and an SD Card slot. The back has three audio sockets, video connections for VGA and HDMI, two pairs of USB ports and an Ethernet. Four internal external bays and near the base a kettle style mains lead socket. Dell describe the Vostro as a ‘Business System’.
This next offering from the Dell family of products sets out to reduce the amount of office space required for its presence.
I suppose, at a pinch, you could describe this next product, which is the Dell OptiPlex 3050 All-in-One, as a laptop for the desktop.  This particular product, which Dell claims to have been “crafted for functionality and flexibility”, consists of a combined screen and system unit partnered with a bog standard tethered keyboard and mouse.  An optional extra of a wireless keyboard and mouse is available at an additional cost.
Adding a keyboard to a tablet is becoming a popular trend.
As it title of Latitude 12 Series 7000 2-in-1 might indicate, this Dell product is one of the new breed of hybrid portable offerings which goes by the model number of Latitude 7275.  This product has been designed to attempt to give the user the best of both worlds when it comes to working with a tablet and a laptop within a single product. Central to this product is the Tablet with dimensions of 290 x 195 x 9mm (W x H x D) and weighing 638g.  This 12.
The Latitude 3470 is a Dell laptop forming part of the 3000 series. This model has been designed for those users looking for a work machine that is reasonable priced.
This Dell 14-inch laptop has an understated appearance.  Black in colour, the only real embellished seen on the unit’s casing is the appearance of a Dell logo on the top cover of the unit.  Supplied with a two-piece power cord and battery pack, my review sample comes with an Intel Core i3 6100u CPU processor working in conjunction with an Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU.  There is 4GB of DDR3 RAM.
A laser printer is often the best – and nearly always the quickest – for those requiring monochrome textural printout. This offering from Dell can be a USB or network printer.
Image Courtesy of Dell Inc. Should this come with a PC from Dell then they may well have already installed the required software. However it is one of the simplest software installs I have done. First however the packaging in the printer needs to be removed. It is supplied with the toner cartridge already inserted, however you need to remove it to remove the various bits of packing around it.
Dell All In Ones tend to look amazingly bland a cream box, but then this could well get access to the lounge that grey units may be banned from.
Image courtesy Dell Inc. Unlike most modern units the connection of the USB cable is almost at the beginning of the installation process. Ten minutes later it is completed and I am 606MB of hard disc space down. As soon as it prints the on screen indication reminds me of the software used by Lexmark - this is not derogatory - as their indicators are one of the best around.
This is a very powerful notebook with a reasonable sized screen, put the two together and the weight is not gigantic. Add the ability to work in Media Centre mode and it should suit most.
The biggest task with machines is to match the sent configuration with what is available on their site. I was sent a Intel 2GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and Windows Media Centre Edition of the laptop. The hard disc was shown as 93GB and I assume that was the 100GB option. Dell 640m Sorry to be so vague but I all I get sent is a total insurance value, it would be so nice to have a sheet detailing the parts that make the whole. This is a 14.
If the idea of a desktop replacement machine that truly has five hours of battery life watching DVD’s interests you then this could well be for you. Yes 3 DVD’s in a row.
While watching three DVD's in a row may not be what everyone wants - or needs - running a DVD tends to put a fair amount of stress on a laptop battery and often it's a struggle to get one DVD watched but I managed to watch three on this laptop one Sunday afternoon, I had only intended two as that would surely drain the battery but it still had 38% left after the second and while it was down to single digits by the time the third was finished it did it and the total ru
This is both a small and light notebook, however it has a more than acceptable 1280x768 screen resolution and it is probably small enough to fit in a ‘poachers pocket’
Sometimes it is hard to equate the product advertised with the one looked at. This is certainly the case here and while the differences are often small, working out 'what or why' is somewhat harder. After several requests something I saw last year arrived securely packed and well presented. All the extras in a box within a box and the notebook well protected in the bottom of the outer box.
Not every document needs colour. For medium and heavy duty work, a laser printer can be the preferred option.
Image Courtesy of Dell Inc. The Dell Laser Printer 1710 is no shrinking violet.  Designed for the home or small office user, this printer has a solid and permanent appearance, emphasised by its 396 x 355 x 247mm (W x D x H) dimensions, giving you the reassuring feeling that this piece of kit should be able to cope with whatever printing tasks you aim in its direction.
As the advert states “You can’t but them in the shops” yet that has not stopped Dell from becoming a household name with a range of products that include PDAs.
This is more than an All In One but less than a Multi Function unit, confused? The difference between the two is that Multi Function units send and receive faxes, this can ‘sort of’ send them.
I've finally bought a new laptop to replace my excellent but aging Toshiba. After reviewing quite a few options the only real choice was the Dell Inspiron 5150. The price performance can't be beat - in theory at least. I was a little nervous about whether it would live up to my expectations!