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870272 Edifier MP700 M7 Portable Bluetooth

Edifer MP700

This is a portable speaker system that can sound great indoors as well as out. This is a Bluetooth and 3.5mm system that looks stylish and has a battery that lasts well over the claimed eight hours even when playing via Bluetooth.
The Edifer MP700 bluetooth speaker measures 29x10x6.5cm with handle down with handle raised its height is raised from 10cm to 16.5cm, the unit weights 1569grams. My first joy with this unit was that the User Manual was bigger than the safety instruction manual. The second joy was the sound quality initially from 3.5mm lead and once I read the manual – ten small sides – via Bluetooth and later via NFC. While the manual is not large it is clear and has plenty of illustrations.
Making a change from the usual diet of Bluetooth speakers, this next product relies totally on an audio lead connection.
The M2280 is another member of the Edifier family of speaker units.  This particular model is described as a multimedia speaker system.  It consists of free-standing left and right speaker units that come with cables for connecting the speakers, power lead and an audio lead plus a small User Manual booklet offering basic instructions. Clearly marked with Left and Right insignia, the two speakers have dimensions of 240 x 124 x 125mm (H x W x D).
Adding to the extensive range of Bluetooth speakers currently available is a product from the French designer brand Lexon.
Supplied by , from its extensive range of products, the Tykho Booster is a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker.  This particular product, designed by Marc Berthier, comes from the French design brand Lexon.  The Tykho Booster, developed as part of Lexon’s 25 birthday celebrations, is a remastered version of the company’s iconic Tykho radio.  I had been sent the lime green version of the product which perhaps will not be to everybody’s taste.
A drum has long been used as a means of communication even before the development of Bluetooth.
Combining art with modern technology is a speaker from Ultimate Ears.
The UE Roll 2 is a wireless speaker available as a Limited Edition Drippy model featuring a design by the American artist Jen Stark who is probably best known for her paper sculptures.  As well as its rather unusual name, the Drippy UE Roll 2 also stands out with regards to its circular appearance and the patterned Jen Stark inspired front fabric skin.
Not a totally new item but an enhanced version and if anything it is a little smaller than previous versions I have seen. There are occasions when headphones or earbuds are unsuitable and for one reason or another full room speakers also so this small unit can then has its say.
It is 7cm tall and 7cm across at the base it then barrels out slightly and then tapers towards the top where it is 6cm across, it weighs 204grams. My unit was red apart from the bottom 2cm that was purple.
The handy-sized Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Speaker, 44404, is a practical means of providing decent sound for the traveller.
This stylish battery-powered speaker has a choice of inputs: Bluetooth or direct via a 3.5mm audio port. It is cylindrical in shape – 7cm in diameter and 5.5cm tall and weighs 257g. The bottom cm or so is black in colour with a red styling line running around it. The remainder, a metallic grey in colour, is covered in etched vertical lines. The base is cloth covered while the top is a robust metallic grill, with the Verbatim logo at its centre, covering the 40mm speaker driver.
How do you pack a sub-woofer and a sound bar together in one box, with difficulty is my answer, perhaps they are put together to make sure they stay together, both need mains power but there is no physical link between the two items.
The sound bar is triangular in shape with the front edge sloping backwards it is one metre long and each side is 8cm. The sub-woofer is 28.5x24.5x33cm and it can be placed anywhere within reason, in my tests with TV sound most will be surprised how much base is in music that is not normally heard from things like theme tunes and incidental music, certainly they sound so much different than they do without external an sound bar and sub-woofer.
For a change this next product from Sennheiser is not a set of headphones.
Usually when a product arrives from Sennheiser it is a set of headphones but this time there was a difference.  Even so, being Sennheiser, the product was concerned with the delivery of audio but instead of a wearable set of headphones, the new product is meant to be positioned on a desk or table with the audio being delivered to those within the immediate vicinity of the device.  This is the Sennheiser SP20 speakerphone.
Bluetooth speakers come in various shapes and sizes with a price point that reveals the audio quality delivered by the device.
With an easy to remember name, the Riva S is a Bluetooth mobile speaker that is available in a choice of three colour schemes.  You can opt for Black with Titanium, White with Silver or, as in the case of my review unit, White with Gold.  In each case the first colour is used for the top and bottom of the unit while the second colour decorates the heavily perforated aluminium band that encircles the main body as it acts as the speaker grille.
868245 2Raumfeld Start speaker

2Raumfeld Start

Having recently told you about their rather good Sounddeck here are a pair of speakers that can be used in several ways and that even includes multi room use. With these speakers the sounds on your phone will never have sounded so good.
The pair of speakers are 17.7x10.5x12.7cm each, and they weigh 1407grams each. If you currently buy the pair you also get the Wi-Fi extender included, this is 11x11x2.5cm. You can have them in Black or White or should you wish one of each which could help identification and possibly even satisfy the lounge fashion police.
Having recently reviewed a Sounddeck and a Soundbase that both sit under your TV. I now turn my attention to a Sound Bar that can sit in front of your TV or be mounted on your wall if that is where your TV lives.
The Edifer Cinesound SoundBar measures 1metre long by 10cm tall and is 8cm deep. So first point if you are placing it in front of your TV make sure it would be raised by 10cm above whatever it sits upon. Of course it can sit elsewhere like on the floor but you will need line of site for the remote to work. The remote is 9x3x.5cm and has 12 well marked buttons in two columns of six, it is powered by a circular watch type button battery that is supplied.
Spreading its audio net wide, Edifier’s latest speaker system can connect to a range of sources.
As sometimes happens, a model number gives very little away regarding the product's purpose. However it does give me the opportunity to explain that the R2730DB is a multimedia speaker system from the Edifier comprehensive range of audio products. This particular model consists of a pair of speaker units, a small remote control device and an assortment of leads for specific purposes plus a User Manual booklet.
Providing dual connectivity options is a speaker system from our old friends at Edifier.
Since its formation in 1996, Edifier has been busy developing an impressive range of speaker products designed for specific purposes.  These different types of speaker generally fit into categories such as Bluetooth, Portable, 2.0 Bookshelf, 2:1 System or 5:1 System.  Recently I have had the opportunity to check out the company’s Studio 1280T model.  This speaker product is part of the company’s 2.0 Bookshelf range of offerings.
Adding to its range of audio devices, Edifier has developed a speaker system with the model number of M1370BT.
Since it was established in May 1996 in Beijing, China, Edifier has built up a well respected reputation for developing speaker units that have a distinctive quality with regards their appearance plus a range of headphones and music systems.  While I have yet to check out any of the company’s headphones or music systems, I have had the opportunity to try out a number of Edifier speaker units including the M1370BT which is the subject of this review.
866674 edifier m3200 speaker syste

Edifier M3200

Hour glass or vase shaped are adequate descriptions of the speakers making up this next product.
The Edifier M3200 is a 2:1 speaker system for providing the audio output from a computer or other audio input device such as an MP3 player or multimedia system.  Those familiar with the Edifier approach to the design concept of its products will not be surprised to hear that shape does have a part to play with this kit especially with regards to the satellite speakers. As the “2:1” designation implies, the M3200 kit consists of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers.
It is a long way when travelling between Yorkshire and China. However this is the journey made by the Damson Jet and then some as it have continuing on a journey that brought it to London where I can check out this Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker System.
Designed in Yorkshire and manufactured in China, the Damson Jet is a two-piece speaker system that delivers its audio output through the use of Damson’s pioneering sound-enhancement Incisor Diffusion technology.  Along with the pair of Jet speaker units, this kit comes with leads covering power and a daisy-chaining facility which also doubles as the means of connecting a non-Bluetooth aware audio source.
Reviewing an item like this attached to my TV requires many hours of work just to see if the dire sound quality associated with many American movies can be improved once that hurdle is overcome then you check to see what else it can do.
This is described as a 4.1channel system with 200watt output Sound Bar with Bluetooth. It is 93cm long, 8.5cm tall and 6cm deep. The sub-woofer is a 25cm cube. Assuming you are using it with your TV you can connect by RCA leads or Optical cable both are supplied, I used the latter. Plug the Optical into your TV and the other end into the end of the Sound Bar. Position the Sound Bar and then connect the supplied lead to run from the Sound Bar to the Sub-Woofer and place that.
865713 Raumfeld One S Mini Wi Fi speake

Raumfeld One S

A chance email had me journeying to Bethnal Green to look at some audio products produced by a German company whom I had not heard of previously. After listening to several I asked to review two of their offerings, this is the first probably their entry level offering but do not let that make you think it is either poor quality or cheap.
The Raumdeld One 'S' measures 17.5x10x13cm and it weighs 1400 grams. The back has a large rubber bung to cover the inputs. While you need Ethernet to set it up once successful you can take that out and work on Wi-Fi. The well-marked connections are for Ethernet, USB, Reset, Setup and Power input. The front has two white LEDs and a small on/off button. The 24 page Setup Guide is clear and easy to read.
One problem with a sound bar is that to get a good improvement on the ‘naff’ sound coming from your TV is that you really need both the soundbar and a sub-woofer, probably expensive and for a lot of people it needs more space, here a different solution a Soundstage.
So there are a few around and they are not cheap but this offering that goes on sale - as with all ALDI specials - when they are gone they are gone and at the price they are selling it at they will not be available for long. In essence it’s a black box measuring 54x31x8cm and it will fit under your TV providing the TV stands legs are not wider than 54cm. It is stated to stand up to 30KG placed on it, few recent TVs weigh anywhere near that.