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For over 23 years Evesham have been at the forefront of providing the latest technology for the home at the best value. The company has won many customer and industry awards for its product design and reliability including overall ‘Best PC Manufacturer’ in the UK, ahead of many well known multi-national competitors.

Evesham select and combine the best in innovative new technologies to bring unique products to their customers.

Evesham is one of the more popular makes of notebook. Here I am looking at what probably qualifies as a mid range offering but it still manages to support Windows Vista Premium.
First the all important dimensions it is 35x25x4cm and weights around 2.7kilos. It is traditional black apart from the silver-grey lid. It has surprisingly few ports, the rear has 2xUSB2 ports and the power brick input. The right side has 2xUSB2 ports and the DVD multi recorder. The front has microphone, earbud and SPDIF sockets and a card port (SD and MS). The left side has PCMCIA slot, Ethernet and modem ports as well as external monitor port.
This is a widescreen HD ready TV but it does not have Freeview built in (they do another model that does £50 more) so this is ideal for anyone with Sky, Cable or a PVR with Freeview.
Although the screen size of this is 26inches the surrounds make it seem somewhat bigger the external dimensions are 81x46x11cm with a rectangular stand raising it around 2.5cm from whatever you stand it on. Should you prefer wall mounting a kit is supplied. The base is 48x20cm. Evesham Alqemi TV The stated screen size is 26inches made up by 57x32cm however a lot of the programs broadcast have a 1.75cm area top and bottom blank making it often 57x28.
This PC has taken longer to review than normal simply because not only did I have a PC to review but also the operating system it was installed with. Yes Vista is supplied with Evesham’s Solar MX100.
Having recently now with thanks to Evesham for their patience lets look at this rather nice PC. Firstly mine came with some quite meaty Creative speakers, a wireless keyboard and mouse set from Logitech, and a 19inch panel that gives a rather good image all within a small total screen surround size of 44x30cm the name on it was new to me Cibox. It is however only an Analogue offering but you can pay extra for a digital model. The maximum screen display is 1440x900.
This is small and can be used as a standard PC or with the supplied remote control as a Media Centre PC. If space is at a premium then this offering from Evesham could be the answer.
It is 16x16x5cm but once normal leads such as for a monitor and USB are added the depth increases by around another 5cm. It can be used in Media Centre mode but then I found that the back of the unit needs to face you as the remote control sensor is on the rear of the unit. If used in PC mode moving the mouse brings up the ability to get to the standard XP desktop.
As the prices of LCD fall the idea of picking one of the cheapest is perhaps not as stupid as it seems. A 32inch LCD TV for less than £600 and with free delivery.
Firstly this has all the connections at the rear including D-SUB and HDMI. It is an analogue unit, however if you attach a Freeview box to it you are all but up to date. I would have loved to have used the excellent DigiFusion FVRT200 box (29/3/06) but that was long since returned as it also has a built in PVR and has a dual tuner built in.
Fancy a Digital TV that will fit into a pocket? Well this offering from Evesham has a seven inch screen and given the right conditions can view any UK Digital TV station.
The Evesham Portable Digital TV is 20x13x2cm and weights just over 500grams, so a large pocket is a possibility. However when used in a house you get the full range of Digital Channels (Freeview) when plugged into a standard aerial socket via an adapter supplied with the unit. When using it with the supplied magnetic stick lead in the house only a few channels were available.
This really is small, imagine the desk space taken by an average notebook and now divide that in four and that is the desk space taken by this PC.
The unit is notionally 16x16x5cm. However it has a digital output and while a digital to VGA (analogue) converter is provided once you have plugged your VGA lead in that adds 8cm to the depth. However should you own a digital TV there is another way. The lead for this fits into a PS/2 type connector on the unit and this is around half the length of the Digital to VGA converter. The weight of the unit is around 1.2kilos.
This is the unit hinted at in my three recent articles on Windows XP MCE 2005 edition and the large HP Panel. Members have asked about MCE here I give my views.
I have studied what was on offer from a number of vendors and decided that the Evesham E Box was certainly worth a look. You get a grey box that could pass for a DVD or Video Recorder, with certain 'other halfs' saying no to computers in the lounge this may just sneak through. The keyboard and mouse supplied are a wireless set from Microsoft and as such no wires must be a plus.