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Well-known for its work in the development of E ink display phone cases, Oaxis the award-winning technology company, has branched out with its product line up. This new addition, launched via the Kickstarter route, is entitled Timepiece with a price tag of £95 for Early Bird backers.

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As its title might indicate, this new product is a wrist watch of the analogue variety.  Designed as a fashionable device, the Oaxis Timepiece is available in a choice of four distinct styles featuring different colours and strap combinations.  In the case of my review sample of the Timepiece, the watch consisted of a black, stainless steel case with a double domed glass face covering a black face with red pointer arms plus indicators at five minute intervals.  A small window in the clock face, occupying the half hour position provides feedback regarding the watch’s main features as you cycle through the options using what appears to be a typical winding knob for adjusting the time being shown.  However this knob is the push type rather than one which is twisted.  Each Timepiece will be supplied with a silicone strap.  My unit came with a brown strap that was only just long enough to encircle my wrist.

The Timepiece watch has a range of built-in features and technology.  The watch is built around Swiss made Ronda movement and is powered by an ultra-low energy module which has been designed by Oaxis.  This battery feature is capable of powering the watch for over a month of uninterrupted service.  A quick excursion into the realms of mental arithmetic reveals that you will only need to recharge the Timepiece twelve times in a year using the supplied charging dock and companion USB lead on to which you place the watch for its monthly dose of power.

While checking on the health of the wearer via counting the number of steps taken, calories consumed, the sleep quality and heart rate, the Timepiece can notify the wearer regarding incoming phone calls, texts and the actual time.  The Timepiece is water, dust, dirt and sand proof so that is can cope with problems that might emerge from use in different type of environment.

Partnering the Timepiece watch is a free-to-download app from the appropriate Apple or Android store.  Entitled Oaxis Timepiece, the app will need to be paired to the watch via a Bluetooth connection.

While details are provided in the supplied User booklet, I struggled to get my head around the required steps to instigate this pairing process.  This state of affairs was not helped by a message which kept appearing in the app to turn on the smartphone’s Bluetooth feature.  However whenever I checked, this feature was turned on and in operation.  It was only when I accidentally tapped the device ID of the watch, which was shown on the app screen, that the Bluetooth pairing process was activated and a connection was established.

With a Bluetooth connection in place, the next task was to set the Timepiece watch to show the correct time.  I had expected this process to be carried out automatically as the watch adjusted itself to the time on the paired smartphone but I was wrong.  An initial step was required.  By opting for Auto Calibration, I had to adjust the time being shown on the app so it was set at the same, incorrect, time, as on the watch.  Once this had been achieved then both the watch and app automatically adjusted themselves to show the correct time.

The Timepiece app then set about downloading the data captured by the watch during the period I had been wearing the watch waiting for the app to be made available.  This data is categorised and displayed under headings such as Step, Calories, Sleep quality and Heart rate with the latter being shown as a line graph.  You have the option of checking on notifications, create up to six daily reminders plus choose from four skins which use different coloured head bands.

Specific settings, which appear to concentrate on the number of steps taken, are pre-setup for  targeting Keep Healthy, Keep Fit, Better Sleep and Fat Loss.  I also encountered numerous messages regarding the Bluetooth connection being timed out along with a second message to Please Try Again. The Timepiece app will allow you to check out the data delivered by the watch currently and also drill down through previous data regarding steps taken, sleep quality and heart rate with the latter being shown as a graph.  You can also use the app to check back on notifications and set up to six daily reminders regarding events.

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