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This Trust Headset is designed for those who work 'connected' as unlike most recent offerings it is not Wi-Fi but USB. The whole unit is quite small with as little as 15cm from the base of the earbud to the centre of the padded headband.
As stated the measures only 15cm from the base of the earbuds to the padded headband this can be increased by 2.5cm with the side expansion but some with larger heads might find them a little small. They are an on ear headset as the distance across the oval buds is 5cm side to side and 6cm top to bottom not enough to totally cover an adult ear. I do not have a particularly large head but needed the full 2.5cm expansion for them to sit over the top of my ears.
This is possibly the easiest set of Ear Buds I have reviewed to link to a phone or other such device. However there is another side as Skullcandy do seem to be taking the environment seriously as there was not a single piece of plastic anywhere in the box there was only paper and card both of which are recyclable.
The whole box is only 10x6x2.5cm but everything you need including the recharge unit are included, even two extra sets of buds. The charge unit is only 5x3x2cm with a short 3cm long USB 'C' lead that wraps around the side to live in the base of the unit. The buds are stored in there when not in use and you remove them to link to your device. The total weight of the charge unit with the buds is only 21grams.
Based in Finland, Suunto believes that adventure can still be aesthetic.
Recently I was introduced to Suunto, a leading company in the design and innovation involved in the production of sports watches, dive computers and digital services popular with adventurers.  The reason for the introduction was related to the company's launch of its Suunto Wing product.  Designed by athletes for athletes, the product that can be used in different outside environments.
This is a over ear gaming headset from a brand that produces good quality items at a lot less money than similar products. It is also unusual in that it is not Wi-Fi or 3.5mm plug, it is USB not USB 'C' but that part could be resolved should you have a USB 'C' to USB adapter.
I do not have the largest head and no hair to speak of so the well padded headband comes in very useful, fully compressed there is 4cm of extra expansion on either side, I found it just right fully compressed, then there is 18cm from the base of the earpieces to the centre of the base of the headband. The external measurements of the earpieces are 10cm tall and 8cm wide. There is a good length of USB lead which totals 2.1metres surely plenty long enough.
They say "Size matters!" and in this case it is more of a matter that "the smaller the better".
Product designers and manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their offerings stand out from the pack.  JLab, a San Diego company that produces personal technology products, has opted to take the size route as a means of distinguishing its latest product.  This is the JBuds Mini.  Befitting its title, this product has been designed to provide the Best Fit for Smaller-Sized Ears.  Available now the JBuds Mini comes with a price ticket of £39.99.
896206 CREATIVE Zen Air DOT Lightweight Sweatproof Headphone

Zen Air Dot

While headphones both over and on ear have their place there are also times when what you need are ear buds and this latest offering from Creative come in a case that is only the size of a medium sized pebble.
The case is 5x4.5x2cm and weighs only 33 grams with the buds inside. Unlike all earbuds I have previously seen there are no gels so the bud itself fits into the ear, they are 1.5cm from top to bottom and less than 1cm wide at the base, there is a 2cm long arm at the base that balances what is in your ear without excessive plugging. The back of the case has a USB ‘C’ socket and a short USB to USB ‘C’ cable is supplied to let you charge your buds.
Having a set of noise limited headset for a younger child is important as once a child’s hearing starts to get impaired it’s a one way street. Also important for a younger child is not to plug the ears and that any headphones or headset are wire less for obvious reasons as you don’t want them strangling one another.
The distance from the centre of the well-padded headband to the top of the also well-padded ear pieces is 10.5cm with no side expansion, this can increase to 13cm fully expanded, total weight is 123grams. Unlike other headsets where the speech arm sticks out or is a removable piece this unit has one that is curled up inside the right earpiece and pulls out to the chin area when required, it is up to 8cm long and is flexible.
Music is meant to be enjoyed and listened to. This next product wants to help in this respect.
The appropriately named Skullcandy has added to its array of audio listening devices with the release of its product.  The headphones are of the over-the-ear type of product that incorporates flat-folding and collapsible features for easy portability.  Supplied with leads for USB power charging and an audio AUX put lead, the kit comes packed in a rigid travel case.
If you are stuck for ideas then this next announcement might help with some suggestions for the 18th of June.
Nudge! Nudge! Wink! Wink! we are getting near that day when Fathers take central stage with Father's Day being the 18th of June.  Sony has asked me to mention some of its products which might be considered suitable as a gift for a father, especially one who is into gadgets and the like. Listed in price order, these products are as follows:- The , priced at £49.00, can provide up to 50 hours of listening pleasure from a single battery charge.
Skullcandy enhances the private listening experience.
News has just reached me regarding the forthcoming additional of a new member to the Skullcandy Crusher family franchise.  This is the .  This product comes with the promise of being designed to deliver a personalised customisable experience to suit all manner of listener.  A number of new and enhanced features have been built into this latest addition to the Crusher family.
This is a new company to the UK, I recently reviewed one of their keyboards as well as a very advanced mouse. Here I am looking at a small set of on ear headphones that can also be used as a headset, they are unlike most others in that they are very light at only 99grams. Another of its advanced capabilities is that it can be linked to two devices at the same time. It also has a very long play time between charges.
Fully contracted there is 17cm from the base of the earpieces to the centre of the lightly padded headband, there is also 2.5cm of expansion on each side available. The boom microphone rotates from the top down 135 degrees in each direction to suit both left and right sided use. The ear pieces are 6cm round and sit comfortably on all but the smallest ears.
Recently I was informed of a headset aimed at those who require a device that is suitable for both work and play.
Following on from the general acceptance of the Work From Home concept and its WFH logo, we now could be about to be asked to accept a concept that combines work and play within the home environment - something I have been doing for a good few years.  To this end JLab, a leading personal technology company and number one true wireless brand in the US, has announced the arrival of its Go Work Pop headset.
One way of making your product stand out from the herd would be to add a decoration.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will relate the new of a pair of headphones that could enhance your listening experience.
A recent announcement from Sony informed me that the company has two new headphone models that could well appeal.  These headphones are the and models.  The two models give the purchaser the choice of over-ear or on-ear wireless connectivity when wearing the headphones. Designed for over-ear use, the WH-CH720N is a wireless headphone product.
This is the latest set of over ear headphones to cross my desk. On the face of it they are Bluetooth meaning you have the freedom to move around within the range of Bluetooth. However unlike earbuds which are either Bluetooth or corded with this set from Shure you have the option to use them corded should you wish to do so.
The Aonic 50 wireless headset measures 15cm from earpiece to earpiece when parallel; there is 18cm from base of earpiece to centre of the well-padded headband. There is 3cm plus of expansion available on each side for those who need it. The right earpiece has USB ‘C’ connection for charging as well as on/off button, volume up and down and a slider control. The left earpiece has the 3.5mm connection for the times for wish to use them corded.
This is the latest set of small in ear earbuds from Creative. They connect via Bluetooth so you get a cordless connection. This allows you more freedom to move around that little bit further away up to around ten metres or maybe a little less according to what the walls are made of.
In the outer cardboard box is an inner white plastic container this is 6.5x5.5x2.5cm and this contains the earbuds. Also in the outer box is a short USB ‘C’ to USB lead to charge the container and a couple of difference sized gels as well as a small Quick Start Guide. The container with the earbuds weighs 46 grams and the buds within it weigh only 5 grams each. Before staring you should charge the container.
For those willing to mark the day with a special gift, here are a few suggestions from Sony.
As Valentine Day approaches you might be considering a gift for your special one.  Sony has several items which might be just the product you are looking for to celebrate the day.  Providing the means to deliver your message of love could be either headphones or speakers.  Sony can offer the following different devices:- The tailor sound to your personal preference.
895824 Gioteck HC2 Special Edn Xbox On

Gioteck HC2

Sadly this headset arrived a little too late to get published prior to Christmas, however anyone with a little Christmas money left this would be a great way to spend it as this can be both a set of headphones or a headset as the microphone is easily removable. I had to double check the price as to my mind it is far too cheap for a unit of this quality.
It Gioteck HC2 headset measures 19cm from the base of the diamond shaped over ear padded earpieces to the well-padded headband without any of the 3cm expansion available on each side. If the earpieces are vertical there is 15cm between them. Both the hard wired 3.5mm lead and the microphone when fitted are from the base of the left side. There is 42cm from the hard wired connection to the 6x2x1.5cm control clip and then another 108cm to the 3.5mm plug.
When looking to enhance your listening experience and save some money, this news might be of interest.
If you like to listen to your favourite music when on your travels, or during energetic sessions, then you might be interested the latest news to emerge from LG.  The company has just announced its latest promotion which will be available during November.  This offer covers the company's newest UT90 and UTF8 earbud products when purchased during the promotion period from and selected retailers.
You shall have music where ever you go with a smartphone and a set of Cambridge Audio ear-buds.
Cambridge Audio has over 50 years experience in the designing and production of audio products including the three piece speaker system that has been providing the audio output from my computer system for well over a decade now without any problems.  Recently the company has launched its new ear-bud product consisting of a pair of earbuds and a carry case.