Top Tips for Kids Christmas Presents 2007 - Characterful Gadgety Toys under £35 

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It's a great time of year to test gadgety toys and games. As Christmas draws closer we're reviewing some Gadgetspeak favourites. This week's selection includes some furry friends (Nintendogs Trainer Pup and Interactive Pup and Shaun the Sheep Music Scene) and the not so fluffy (the latest Tamagotchi and a Teletubbie stocking filler). Our kids loved all of these!

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Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Plus

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available from £14.99

Shaun the Sheep
Music Scene

£33.97 from Amazon

Nintendogs Trick
Trainer Pup

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available from £7.49

Nintendogs Interactive Pups

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available from £12.99
Tamagotchi JinSei Plus

Tamagotchi JinSei Plus

The new (connection version 4) by Bandai. These tiny electronic pets are a firm favourite with the kids, and Tamagotchi keep updating it so we want to buy more. This pocket sized virtual pet lives inside a small plastic case. It needs love and attention - playing games with it will make it happy and reward you for your time.

The new Jinsei Plus introduces more games and connects with other Tamagotchis. The more connected you become the greater your chance of even raising a family of Tamagotchis. The Jinsei comes with a password for you to visit Tamagotchi Town on the web to play a even greater selection of games. By feeding and playing with your Tamagotchi it grows from an egg all the way through childhood to an adult. The more your Tamagotchi matures the more games you can play and the more areas of Tamagotchi town you can visit on the web such as school and work. When you've ready to leave Tamagotchi Town - log out to get a password to download to your Tamagotchi. This updates your Gotchi points so you can buy virtual food, travel tickets, toys, make-up and clothes for your pet.

Having both a web and hand-held version makes this a great value for money toy. Definitely a great stocking present - many hours of fun for a small investment. Prices range from £14 to £20 on Amazon (I presume according to the pattern!)

Shaun the Sheep Music Scene

Shaun the Sheep - Music Scene

Shaun the Sheep has his very own slot on CBBC - a comic animation children's show. This cheeky character has been turned into a cuddly MP3 speaker by Golden Bear Toys. Even though from a music point of view it's a basic speaker, Shaun the Sheep is a whole heap of fun with headphones that flash pretty colours along with the music. I'm sure kids around the 6-12 range will absolutely love carrying this cuddle bucket around with their music. Retails around £34.

Nintendogs Golden Retriever Puppy from Tomy

Nintendogs Trick Trainer Pup by Tomy

Another cuddly toy with a gadgety element. Based around the characters of the popular Nintendogs game for Nintendo DS, this soft accessory comes in more than 10 different breeds including, Dalmation, King Charles Spaniel, German Shepherd, Labrador, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle and Boxer . Standing around 6 inches high the Nintendog comes with a magnetic bone which your child can use to shake the dogs head and paw and wag his tail. It's a cutesy little gift for those who love cuddly toys. Prices vary from £6 - £20.

Nintendogs Howl with Me Pup Interactives

Nintendogs Howl with Me Pup Interactives by Tomy - and from the same kennel a slightly bigger cuddly dog. This one is battery operated and howls when you do - wagging it's head and shaking its tail. Very cute! We found 6 different breeds available from the Boxer at £12.99 to the Husky at £24.99 (Shihtzu, Labrador, Pug and German Shepherd also available).

Teletubbies Phone Dangler

Teletubbies Phone Dangler by Tomy- one for the stocking available from . A mobile phone dangler in the shape of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po! It flashes when your mobile rings - a little daft - but fun at £4.99.

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Comment by carolinewilson, Dec 14, 2007 13:18

Hi Clair
Have a look at the longer article here:

There's a wider variety of ideas in this one.

Comment by Clair, Dec 14, 2007 12:40

I want to know ten good gifts and these are not really childish things or good things no offence sorry!

Clair White, 13.

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