BOSCH Xeo - Universal Cordless Cutter 

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Now this is a strange little gadget and one which could prove useful if you need to do what it says in the instructions - cut flexible materials up to 6mm!

Bosch Xeo cutter

The Bosch Xeo is a hand-held 'universal cordless cutter'.  It comes into that category of 'things I never knew I might need until now'.  It is very much the sort of thing you might buy for that person who has everything at Christmas.  If you are considering purchasing this though, do make sure that it cuts the type of thing you (or your intended recipient) regularly cuts. To review this, first of all I had to scurry around the house to find things that fitted the category of 'up to 6mm' and 'flexible material' to give it a go on.  The obvious choices were cardboard, paper, bubblewrap, fabric and carpet.  Less obvious choices were those that really did not work - tin and hardboard.  You definitely don't want to try this product on tough hard items (even if under 6mm) as it grinds to a halt - to be fair it's not meant to cut those materials I just thought I'd give them a go. The Bosch XEO is light and it is quite ergonomic in that it is easy to hold and use.  I must admit to being a little worried about the safety aspects - but I am a little paranoid that way.  The press release assures us that it is safe because it has a safety guard and a cut-off.  Like any cutting machinery, goggles would be a good idea if you think there is any chance at all of the material being brittle or splintering.  To give Bosch their due, there is a very comprehensive list of safety warnings in the manual - and I would recommend reading these carefully before use.

I would definitely have been happier had there been a more definitive list on the box of the kind of materials this product was good at cutting, and the type of materials not to even attempt putting through it.  That would aid the purchasing decision enormously.

However, my safety paranoia aside, this tool did cut a nice neat and straight edge through the flexible materials I tried pretty painlessly. I even tried cutting an old school bag that my daughter didn't want and found it did the job.  I imagine the person who would make the most of this tool is a craftsperson or carpet fitter.  It would be a good replacement to a Stanley Knife for making straight cuts through the materials that it can handle and a robust replacement for materials that are just a little bit too thick for scissors, like cardboard boxes. The Bosch XEO is most useful for cutting straight lines, which it does well.  I'm not sure it would work for intricate pattern cuts.

In summary, if you make a lot of straight cuts into carpet, fabric, cardboard or similar materials you might find this easier to use than your current methods.  But if you are trying to de-clutter and make your life simpler you might be better off with traditional methods.  It's very much a tool for someone who likes to tinker in their shed, and something for people who cut these materials regularly - rather than every now and again.

This product is available from B&Q in September, then Focus, Homebase and other DIY retailers in November 2007.  The retail price is £34.99 inc VAT

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Comment by Rodney, Aug 13, 2008 11:05

Ref Bosch Xeo Cutter.
Found this item in the latest Argos book, number 710/0549 Price £34.99.

Comment by carolinewilson, Oct 18, 2007 13:33

Sorry I don't have a product number. One suggestion is you can go to this page on Amazon and express your interest once one of their partners has it in stock.


Comment by cmorris, Oct 18, 2007 13:20

still no success in finding the XEO CUTTER BOSCH  at any B&Q......Can I have a product number or something so that I can call B&Q  and try to find it?

Comment by carolinewilson, Oct 16, 2007 12:32

The PR Company for the Bosch XEO tell us that this is available instore at B&Q, and will be available online shortly.  As soon as we know where to get it online it will appear on the Where to Buy box above.

Comment by carolinewilson, Oct 16, 2007 11:03

Hi there C, we had this to review pre-launch and were expecting it to be in the shops in mid-October.  I shall make some calls and see if we can find out where you can buy it.  Watch this space!!

Comment by cmorris, Oct 16, 2007 10:34

           i want to buy this cutter but i cannot find it  at B&Q  ..Please tell me where I can get this Bosch Xeo cutter

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