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This lovely looking kettle from Kenwood has been designed to give up to 35% energy savings over standard design kettles.

kenwood jk450 energy efficient kettle
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The Kenwood Energy Sense kettle has a clear body and comes with either a polished metal or white base, handle and lid. It looks stylish and is lightweight.

The Eco friendly design incorporates an improved element technology designed to improve the energy rating. I trialled this up against our regular kettle and found that it used around 10% less energy as measured by our OWL energy meter and boiled around 9 seconds quicker. This isn't a precise science - as it depends on us not ramping up anything else in the office at the same time. However, it was different enough to substantiate Kenwood's claim to save some energy - and with the number of times we boil the kettle each day the saving could be substantial!

The additional energy saving seems to come from the consumer's sensible use of the kettle by only filling up as much as is necessary.

If you are already careful when you fill the kettle then you won't save any extra energy. However, if you are somewhat cavalier about how much you water you put in your kettle each time you make a cuppa then you could save energy and money by using the clear markings on the kettle. Kenwood has made it easier for you to know how much water you are using by giving markings in both litres and cups. These show the water quantity both level and at an angle - so you can see how much you are filling up even when tipping the kettle under the tap - what an obvious and clever idea!

One small comment - I actually wondered how many people still drink cups - everyone I know drinks mugs of tea and coffee. It would be a useful addition for Kenwood to show markings for mugs instead of or as well as the more traditional 'cup'!!

To add to the Eco friendliness, the kettle comes in a recycled cardboard box. This I like - it's good to see a manufacturer forsaking colourful printed pictures for a wholesome approach to packaging. Inside the box, the kettle is packaged in a reusable cotton bag.

The Kenwood Energy Sense kettle is available from Amazon for £55.25 including delivery on the following link :

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Comment by dennisgwild, June 11, 2010 6:55

thanks for comment from Patootie---your point about nothing is built to last is very pertinent---I could have bought mu kettle from Morrisons at £4.99--if this lasted a year no problem or bought one from ALDI/LIDL which would have a 3 year warranty but I made the decision to buy from a well known and respected manufacturer at a premium price  this should be good enough not to discard it after 18 months because of a minor but dangerous fault---you know we are all supposed to be "green" and replacing an appliance after a short time certainly does not fill that criteria----any way my other point is with the suppliers who are flaunting consumer law because of apathy/ignorance of the law and big store like Comet feel no responsibility to customers

Comment by patootie, June 10, 2010 20:19

Update: haven't had any leakage problems with my kettle .. it's easy to keep clean, no worries with scale inside, mainly as I filter all my water. But I have heard many stories recently of kettles leaking .. other well known manufacturers that I would expect better quality from .. seems to be the result of sending production overseas ... ho hum ... it would seem virtually nothing these days is built to last .. and the expectation is that we will change our kettles, toasters etc often .. so no need for it to last perhaps ..  

Comment by dennisgwild, June 10, 2010 18:38

have had this kettle for 18 months and it was very good until it started leaking at the base not only making it useless but potentially lethal----took it back to comet who did not want to know saying it was out of warrenty---this was not what Consumer Direct told me saying that they have a duty up to 6 years---the fact that there was an element of danger in using it did not concern Comet and they have still insisted that they have no responsibility to me.  On checking on the internet I found several cases ofthe same problem from Kenwood------this was an expensive kettle and I would have expected more use and better consideration from Comet---I am still persuing a claim under the sale of goods act

Comment by Phil, May 26, 2010 13:40

Looks like a fantastic kettle design. It's great to see that companies are coming up with innovative ideas, like the Eco Kettle, to lower the energy usage of one of the most energy hungry appliances out there.

Comment by NeilC, May 28, 2009 14:55

I am about to swap this kettle yet again for another as it has sprung a leak. It is a great kettle just every 4 months they seem to start leaking.

Comment by patootie, Oct 21, 2008 5:30

I agree an excellent kettle, and yes I use mugs too, but it's very easy to fill a mug with water, tip it into the kettle and see which mark is closest to your own mug of water. From there on you are making savings every time you boil the kettle. I have weak hands from arthritis but the beautiful balance of the kettle and wide, easy grip handle makes lifting the kettle a doddle, it pours really well, boils quickly yet is quiet and needs very little work top space. The recycled packaging is a breath of fresh air and sets the benchmark for other manufacturers to follow.

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