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This lovely looking kettle from Kenwood has been designed to give up to 35% energy savings over standard design kettles.
The Kenwood Energy Sense kettle has a clear body and comes with either a polished metal or white base, handle and lid. It looks stylish and is lightweight. The Eco friendly design incorporates an improved element technology designed to improve the energy rating. I trialled this up against our regular kettle and found that it used around 10% less energy as measured by and boiled around 9 seconds quicker.
A neat and compact smoothie maker that comes complete with two travel jugs.
I've never met a Kenwood product I didn't like (not so far anyway).  The latest product we've tried is the Kenwood Smoothie 2Go. We've tried Kenwood smoothie makers before and this one is just as easy and effective to use.   So what is the difference?  Well mainly it's down to size and a few neat little features which make the smoothie easy to take out with you on picnics.
Continuing our series reviewing the array of coffee machines available, this time we take a look at a well made espresso machine from Kenwood.
The Kenwood Retro is available in three finishes : red, silver and cream. Unlike many of the machines we've looked at, the Retro takes a very manual approach to preparing your coffee. Other machines we've reviewed attempt to correctly measure a perfect espresso. This then leads to complicated 'programming' options to allow you to alter that amount of water used. With the Kenwood Retro, you get none of this.
An efficient, good looking, easy to use and clean juicer with citrus and centrifrugal attachments to handle citrus fruits, hard fruit and vegetables.
Today I tested the / .  It comes with two separate juicing attachments - citrus and the centrifrugal.  As you'd expect the citrus juicer is there for oranges, grapefruits, limes, and the like.  On top of the brushed crome electrical unit sits a bowl, sieve and a citrus squeezer which is just the same shape as those you use by hand.
A time saving, easy to use, easy to clean food processor with a multitude of uses to bring the fund back into cooking, and all for just under £100.
Extending our look at gadgets for your kitchen, this week I tested the Kenwood Multipro Food Processor ( ).  Another excuse to donn the pinnie and get cooking!  The Multipro has an extensive range of uses, combining as it does the jobs of separate mixer, whisk, smoothie maker, juicer and liquidiser.
Versatile toaster for bread, a wide range of bakery products and filled sandwiches and ciabattas.
The lastest of our toaster reviews is the toaster - and my pain au chocolat is warming up in it right now.  When I first started to review this toaster, I thought 'oh no, not another specialist toaster' - one for paninis this time!  Do I really need a different gadget for every type of food I can think of!   However, as I've got to grips with using this one, I see that it's actually quite versatile.
A smoothie maker that makes it easy to get your 5 a day - no mess, no fuss, just simple smoothing!
Smoothies are a fantastic way of staying healthy.  They are quick and easy to make and a much faster way to get your 5 a day in.  If you mix fruit, juice and yoghurt together, you have a nutritionally sound breakfast packed with vitamins to bump start your day.  Even better, the kids love them and you can get really creative with the ingredients. I tried out this and was impressed with the results.
A neat and compact toaster that warms croissants and has single and both side toasting functions.
Here at Gadgetspeak we've kitchen-tested the Kenwood Response toaster - which has worked hard for its money.  It has three functions:  normal toasting, single sided toasting and warming.  The three functions are controlled from buttons on the front of the toaster, with additional buttons for raising and lowering the toasting rack, and buttons for adjusting the toasting time.