review 875143 landscape pro Landscape EditingAnthropics Technology LandscapePro 2 rated 9 out of 10

Adding to its portfolio of make-over software for either portrait or landscape images, Anthropics Technology has released the follow up title to its LandscapePro offering. Not surprisingly, this software is entitled LandscapePro 2.

review 875141 Dell S2418H 24 inch Full HD Infinity Edge MonitoDell 23.8inch Flat PanelDell 23 8inch Flat Panel rated 8 out of 10

A flat panel that has speakers is the norm these days, they are normally tiny and do not have much volume, here something different as the speakers fit into the stand of the panel, so they can be larger and also give a far better sound.

review 875046 Terraillon Thermo Distance ThermometeTerraillon ThermometerTerraillon Thermometer rated 8 out of 10

20 Aug 2017 in Health and Beauty
Until recently apart from trips to hospitals the only thermometers that I have used were the glass ones with mercury in them that went under the tongue. Then last year in a roundup of medical devices one that went in the ear so much quicker, but still not perfect, here something that takes only a second to use and will work even with a wriggling child.

review 875080 flic bluetooth remote control buttoAutomated TasksShortcut Labs Flic rated 6 out of 10

19 Aug 2017 in Wireless Review : Shortcut Labs Flic
At the flick of a button or press of a finger, you can automate different tasks that make up your everyday life using this next product.

review 875045 NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 Gaming 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet SwitcNetgear Gaming SwitchNetgear Gaming Switch rated 8 out of 10

18 Aug 2017 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This item from Netgear even looks sinister as you remove it from the black box that this switch comes in. The matt black finish and the areas made up of triangles and rectangles add to the illusion that this device is somehow not a friendly one, add to that the dark blue ‘V’ of LED light when switched on it becomes more menacing.

review 875079 Edifier R19U Multimedia Multimedia SpeakersEdifier R19U rated 6 out of 10

17 Aug 2017 in Entertainment Review : Edifier R19U
As a popular manufacturer of audio devices, Edifier once again steps into the spotlight.

review 875082 gamely randomise card gamWho and What am I?Gamely Randomise rated 7 out of 10

16 Aug 2017 in Entertainment Review : Gamely Randomise
A recent visit to view some of Amazon’s cornucopia of goods introduced me to a product designed to enhance my communication skills.

review 875044 Bosch EasyCut 12 LI Cordless Multi SaBosch Mini Chain SawBosch Mini Chain Saw rated 8 out of 10

16 Aug 2017 in Homes and Gardens
When I went to a recent Bosch event that featured items like fridges that were connected the one item that seemed out of place was a tiny chain saw, ideal for use in the home or even the garden but it works in the same way as it would on a tree branch but for smaller items.

review 875081 Panasonic Toughpad FZ Q2 128GB Black tableA Rugged 2-in-1 DevicePanasonic Toughbook FZ-Q2 rated 7 out of 10

As you might expect from its Toughbook classification the FZ-Q2 is a product that has been developed for use by professional field workers who require a device that can withstand the rigours of a workspace environment.

review 875043 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pe3Doodler Create3Doodler Create rated 7 out of 10

14 Aug 2017 in Misc
This is modestly called ‘The World’s First 3D Printing Pen’ but as far as I know it is. It is certainly the first 3D printing pen I have seen or used. Given the price of 3D printers a pen that can extrude onto a flat surface in 3D it is well unique.

review 875041 Packit Unisex Freezable Lunch BaCool Lunch Bag and Picnic Tote both from Packit

13 Aug 2017 in Homes and Gardens
In hot weather a cool bag is very useful either to keep your lunch, shopping or even picnic cool or maybe allow frozen food to stay frozen. Most are insulated bags with a cool brick or two inserted but those bricks take up valuable space.

review 875037 Philips Series 5000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer BT520A Beard TrimmerPhilips Beard Trimmer rated 7 out of 10

12 Aug 2017 in Misc Review : Philips Beard Trimmer
While I must admit that as I get older, I tend not to shave every day but this confession did not stop me from checking out this next product.

review 875042 alba mono dab radiAlba DAB/FM Radio from ArgosAlba DAB/FM Radio from Argos rated 8 out of 10

11 Aug 2017 in Wireless
This is a small Mono DAB/FM from Alba a budget brand now sold by Argos. So what can you expect without having to spend that much money? The first surprise for me was that it is both mains and battery operated so immediately a plus.

review 875038 Brainwavz B200 High Fidelity In Ear HeadphoneDual Balanced Armature EarphonesBrainwavz! !B200 rated 6 out of 10

10 Aug 2017 in Entertainment Review : Brainwavz! !B200
With a name more like that of a military plane, this next product is a set of earphones.

review 875040 gamehouse Oriental DreamRegaining your MemoryAdept STudios Oriental Dreams rated 7 out of 10

With 50 levels, many of which are challenging, this next game sets you the task of helping a young woman regain her memory.

review 875004 Bosch UniversalImpact 700 Hammer DrilBosch Drill UniversalImpact 700Bosch Drill UniversalImpact 700 rated 8 out of 10

9 Aug 2017 in Homes and Gardens
An electric drill is something that has been around for years, I have an old Black and Decker one that was my father’s and I think it still works. However in recent years the technology has improved not just in gearing but also in other ways.

review 875039 aoc I2490PXQU lcd monitoA Frameless MonitorAOC Frameless monitor !2490PXQU rated 8 out of 10

Forming part of its business-orientated Pro-line brand of products is the AOC new 90 Series of offerings. One of these new models making up this new series is the 12490PXQU which forms the subject matter of this review.

review 875005 Mishiko GPS Dog TrackeMishiko Dog TrackerMishiko Dog Tracker rated 7 out of 10

7 Aug 2017 in Mobile Tech
When a dog is at home you normally know where it is, when it is in your garden likewise – unless or course you have a very big garden – however if you let your dog off its lead when out for a walk/run and you lose sight of it maybe not.

review 874762 StarTech USB3 Flash Memory Multi Card ReadeStarTech USB3 Flash Memory Multi-Card Reader and Writer USB-C

6 Aug 2017 in Misc
StarTech were a name new to me but as I know their PR company through the good things of a totally different item I said I would look at the product offered, initially I failed as the item offered had limited availability of the cards to use in it. Then I was offered this offering which if you have USB C on your mobile device is very useful.

review 874983 nkd AQUA filter water bottlPersonal Water Cleanernkd pod+ rated 8 out of 10

5 Aug 2017 in Misc Review : nkd pod+
A recent visit to a central London location introduced me to nkd Life a British company specialising in the design and development of cutting edge water purification and filter technologies.

review 875003 EGO Battery Hedge TrimmeEGO Professional Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT6500EEGO Professional Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT6500E rated 8 out of 10

4 Aug 2017 in Homes and Gardens
While a hedge trimmer is useful in all gardens that have hedges and small trees, having a professional unit such as this cordless offering from EGO might be a luxury, but for a gardener or landscape technician it is a tool that is an essential not a luxury.

review 874984 avg tuneup unlimiteSpring Cleaning SoftwareAVG TuneUp Utiliies rated 8 out of 10

3 Aug 2017 in Software Review : AVG TuneUp Utiliies
I first came across Tune-Up Utilities several years ago as a Shareware product that you could try before you buy.

review 874985 gamehouse CurseA Missing FiancéeGamehouse Cursed rated 6 out of 10

2 Aug 2017 in Entertainment Review : Gamehouse Cursed
When a job offering arrives, with financial rewards that are too good to be true, then you should regard it with suspicion. Albert didn’t!

review 874761 visicook home bakeHome BakerHome Baker rated 8 out of 10

2 Aug 2017 in Homes and Gardens
Walking around a recent show in London found several interesting stands, one of the most interesting was one from a firm based in Birmingham that had a range of interesting electrical items, here is the first of three that I selected from their wide range.

review 874986 mishi ionslim portable battery chargeSlim and SimpleMoshi IonSlim 5K rated 7 out of 10

1 Aug 2017 in Misc Review : Moshi IonSlim 5K
Mobile device battery chargers continue to be a popular accessory. This next product is from Moshi.

review 874760 Bosch IXO Cordless ScrewdriveBosch IXO Powered ScrewDriverBosch IXO Powered ScrewDriver rated 8 out of 10

31 Jul 2017 in Homes and Gardens
I think of Bosch for power tools but they also do a whole other range, shortly I have been promised an external camera a small circular chain saw and an electric drill, but they are in a lot of other sectors both in the home (consumer) and business fields.

review 874758 AnySharp Knife SharpeneAnySharp Sizzors and Sharpener

A recent visit to a show in London found me with time on my hands before an arranged meeting and wandering round the other stands found several interesting products not least the AnySharp stand who have scizzors that can cut bone and a sharpener that can give anything metal an edge.

review 874869 Fresh n Rebel Rockbox Cube FabriA Small Basic SpeakerFresh 'N Rebel Vodafone Rockbox rated 4 out of 10

29 Jul 2017 in Wireless Review : Fresh 'N Rebel Vodafone Rockbox
Recently available from Vodafone is a small Bluetooth speaker.

review 874759 Epson Expression Photo XP 960 A3 PrinteEpson Expression XP-960Epson Expression XP-960 rated 9 out of 10

28 Jul 2017 in Printers/Scanners
This is a very small A3 All In One unit. For my review time it sat on top of my own A4 All In One and only overlapped by a small degree. So it can of course still print A4 as well as the larger A3, it is a six ink offering and for good measure will print on CD’s and DVD’s.

review 874866 alba mono dab radiOn Special OfferArgos Alba DAB/FM Radio rated 5 out of 10

27 Jul 2017 in Misc Review : Argos Alba DAB/FM Radio
A few year ago, perhaps thinking about it, more like a couple of decades ago, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) was expected by many to be the next “big thing” in the area of radio broadcasting.
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