review 873106 K%C3%A4rcher VC5 Premium Bagless Vacuum CleaneKarcher Floor/Carpet Cleaner VC5Karcher Floor/Carpet Cleaner VC5 rated 8 out of 10

30 Apr 2017 in Homes and Gardens
Most Karcher cleaning items use water – at least in part – to facilitate cleaning. Not this one as it is their entry into the vacuum market. Like a number of recent releases it uses the wand principle with the motor at the top of the wand.

review 873124 Reveries   Soul Collector Platinum EditioReveries: Soul CollectorReveries: Soul Collector rated 8 out of 10

29 Apr 2017 in Entertainment
Reveries: Soul Collector belongs to the popular Hidden Object Adventure game genre

review 873104 Kurio Tab 2 7 Inch Wi Fi Kids TableYounger Kids Kurio Tablet Tab 2Younger Kids Kurio Tablet Tab 2 rated 8 out of 10

28 Apr 2017 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Having recently told you about a Kurio Tablet that although designed for the younger user could equally well be used by an adult that comes with Windows 10. Here a Tablet that comes with a rubber sleeve that could withstand a knock or three.

review 873123 Goosebumps   The GamThere Are Monsters AboutGameMill Entertainment Goosebumps The Game rated 4 out of 10

You better watch out when ghosts come out to play as some are not particularly friendly.

review 873109 Canon PIXMA TS5050 All In One Inkjet PrinteCanon Pixma TS5050Canon Pixma TS5050 rated 8 out of 10

26 Apr 2017 in Printers/Scanners
I know it’s a long time since the last Canon printer review, partly caused by Canon changing their fulfilment house. Here hot off the press is the latest Canon Pixma offering the TS5050, this is a three in one unit meaning it prints, scans and copies.

review 873122 BT_logAn Impressive Start

25 Apr 2017 in Misc Review : BT Call Protect
Excuse me while I ignore the incoming phone call. It is probably one of the many call calls from various companies wanting to divest me of money.

review 872763 samsung galaxy s7 edgSamsung Galaxy S7 EdgeSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge rated 8 out of 10

24 Apr 2017 in Phones
A rather nice phone that has the ability to fast charge via wireless, I did not try this, sticking to the perhaps safer micro USB connection. The word ‘Edge’ is taken literally here as the screen has no border at all, so the screen literally goes to the edge.

review 873039 Karcher WV5 Premium Window VacuuKärcher WV 5 Premium Window VacK%C3%A4rcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac rated 9 out of 10

23 Apr 2017 in Homes and Gardens
Four years ago I saw Kärcher’s earliest entry into the Window Cleaning market the WV 50. So here is the 2017 version unusually with a lower number than the original at WV 5. This is the top of the range of the three currently available units.

McAfee Annual Labs Day 2017

21 Apr 2017 in Misc
This event took place in London just before Easter 2017 and for the second year I was invited to be among the two dozen European journalists there. Of course the big Malware threat ‘Ransomware’ was high on the list of topics discussed however as always you left with many new concerns.

review 872913 K%C3%A4rcher VC5 Premium Bagless Vacuum CleaneKarcher VC5 Premium cleanerKarcher VC5 Premium cleaner rated 6 out of 10

20 Apr 2017 in Homes and Gardens
The Karcher VC5 Premium is a compact, versatile and powerful mains powered upright vacuum cleaner which has been designed with the modern home in mind where storage space is at a premium.

review 873016 game gem legenDefeating ChaosGem Legend rated 5 out of 10

19 Apr 2017 in Entertainment Review : Gem Legend
As I was downloading the game of Gem Legend from the web site, I was expecting another session of Match-3 game play but I was in for a surprise.

review 873040 Kingston DataTraveler 64 GB Micro Duo Type C USKingston 3.1 OTG DeviceKingston 3 1 OTG Device rated 9 out of 10

Moving files – especially larger ones – between devices like phones and PC’s has always required extra thought, the trouble is they are often last minute thoughts? Here a solution from Kingston that is as easy as plug it in to a USB port.

review 873015 Epson Expression Photo XP 960 A3 All in One PrinteExpression Photo XP-960Epson Expression Photo XP-960 rated 9 out of 10

Unlike the previous Epson All-in-One which I looked at recently, the Epson Expression Photo XP-960 is of the more traditional type that uses ink cartridges rather than the bottles provided Eco Tank models with their ink supply.

review 872761 Kurio Student 9 Inch Windows 8 QC TableKurio SmartKurio Smart rated 8 out of 10

17 Apr 2017 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A reasonably priced Tablet produced by a company in the toy field but equally useable – without restrictions – for an adult. Unlike a lot of recent Tablets this comes with a detachable keyboard and even the latest version of Windows 10 (v1607).

review 872762 Acronis True Image 201Acronis 2017 New GenerationAcronis 2017 New Generation rated 8 out of 10

16 Apr 2017 in Software
Last autumn I saw what was described as Acronis 2017; my first tests were problematic but settled down once a build 5554 was installed. This is still called Acronis 2017 but has a far higher build number at 6116; the latest editions new features are mentioned below.

review 872982 Jewel Match RoyalThe Princess and Gardener’s SonSuricate Software Jewel Match Royale rated 9 out of 10

How are your horticultural skills? I ask merely to ascertain your suitability for the required role of the main character in the game of Jewel Match: Royale. As you might suppose from the game’s title, this particular offering from Suricate Software combines Match-3 game play with a royal theme that might be currently relevant as it involves a romantic encounter between a member of the established royal family and a commoner.

review 872759 Vodafone Smart platinum Vodafone Platinum PlusVodafone Platinum Plus rated 8 out of 10

14 Apr 2017 in Phones
I know the centre of London quite well but move a few miles away it might just as well be a different city so I find Google Maps invaluable and that came into use just south of the Elephant and Castle whilst I was reviewing this unit.

review 872981 Prezziebox Soothing Sounds MachinHelp to RelaxLifemax Prezzybox Soothing Sounds Dial rated 6 out of 10

We live in a society where sounds can cause stress but they can also help us relax.

review 872980 game the far kingdomPrincess vs. WitchThe Far Kingdoms Lazy Turtle rated 7 out of 10

Developed by Lazy Turtle, The Far Kingdoms is a Hidden Object Adventure game set in a fairy tale type land with strange creatures and magic.

review 872914 Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Hand BlendeSilverCrest Hand Blender from LIDLSilverCrest Hand Blender from LIDL rated 8 out of 10

12 Apr 2017 in Homes and Gardens
I get the occasional chance to test items from LIDL and as in the case here they sometimes arrive in time to tell you about them before they go on sale in their stores. Here a hand blender that not only is the basic thing but comes with extra attachments for other tasks.

review 872983 Dell Optiplex 3050 Small Form Factor desktop computer Core iOptiPlex 3050 All-in-OneDell OptiPlex 3050 All-in-One rated 7 out of 10

This next offering from the Dell family of products sets out to reduce the amount of office space required for its presence.

review 872760 Philips Moda 24 inch LED IPS MonitoPhilips Moda 245Philips Moda 245 rated 8 out of 10

10 Apr 2017 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This has a very small edge top and both sides and only a normal size at the base, it is also very thin. However the most important thing is the quality of the image on the screen, this is excellent and while I tried with the controls to better the ‘Auto’ settings I failed.

review 872765 Penclic Mini keyboard Bluetooth KBPenclic Mini Keyboard KB3Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 rated 9 out of 10

9 Apr 2017 in Misc
How big is yours – relax you have not suddenly gone to a different type of website – I am talking about your keyboard, 46x17x3cm would not fall into the category of large, here however I am looking at one that can be described only as small.

review 872963 Bang & Olufsen BeoSound A Wall of Sound

8 Apr 2017 in Wireless Review : Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape
News has just filtered through regarding a new wireless speaker system soon to be made available. This is the innovatively named BeoSound Shape product which promises to combine high quality sound with a unique customisable design concept suitable for different environments.

review 872757 KODAK Verite 65 Plus Wireless Inkjet PrinterKodak Verite 65 PlusKodak Verite 65 Plus rated 8 out of 10

7 Apr 2017 in Printers/Scanners
Around four years ago I reviewed my previous Kodak printer, I was told they were shutting that part of the business but still producing cartridges for their units. I saw a Kodak offering last month from Curry’s for a Kodak Printer so this sent me into detective mode.

review 872837 Audeara headphoneMedical Designed Headphones

6 Apr 2017 in Wireless Review : Audeara
Adding to the range of wearable devices is news of a new type of headphones coming from Australia.

review 872842 game glimmeDefeating a Greedy DragonGlimmer Gamestudio rated 7 out of 10

5 Apr 2017 in Entertainment Review : Glimmer Gamestudio
Glimmer is a Match-3 adventure game set in the land of Elithium. Developed by Gamestudio Ludomo, this offering takes an approach that is different from the many other types of Match-3 game play that I have encountered.

review 872758 BenQ GW2270HM 22 Inch Eye Care MonitoBen Q Panel GW2270HMBen Q Panel GW2270HM rated 8 out of 10

5 Apr 2017 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Having recently looked at various large and high resolution panels there is something soothing about a panel of average size with average resolution. This offering the GW2270 is exactly what the review below is all about, a 22inch panel displaying 1920x1080.

review 872845 Honor 6X Android SmartphonHuawei Honor 6XHuawei Honor 6X rated 8 out of 10

4 Apr 2017 in Phones
As part of its presence at CES 2017, Huawei launched its Honor 6X handset. This latest addition to the company’s popular range of handsets comes with the claim of being the world’s first smartphone to come with dual-camera functionality priced at under £250.

review 872549 Philips Connected Digital Ear ThermometePhilips In Ear Thermometer DL8740Philips In Ear Thermometer DL8740 rated 8 out of 10

3 Apr 2017 in Health and Beauty
This is the last of the five recently launched Health items from Philips. In fact for most the words should be ‘unhealthy items’ but that would infer that the items are unhealthy when in fact it’s the user who has the health issues. ‘Unhealth’ should perhaps be the word, when we go to see our doctor most visits will be to a ‘Health’ centre when surely it should be ‘Unhealth’ centre but that word gives my spell checker palpitations.
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