review 872548 TVPlayer PluTVPlayer PlusTVPlayer Plus rated 8 out of 10

26 Mar 2017 in Entertainment
There are a number of TVPlayers available and certainly the main ‘terrestrial channels’ all have their own ‘players’ but they all need registration of some sort even if it’s just entering your post code. Here there are some extra channels not available on Freeview and this works on Windows 10, Android and iOS.

review 872571 game Cursed HousEvil Sitting TenantGamehouse Cursed House rated 8 out of 10

25 Mar 2017 in Entertainment Review : Gamehouse Cursed House
When deciding which environment to site a computer game, a house, especially one with numerous rooms in which different elements can be based, might seem to be an ideal location. However some care does need to be taken as the house might have plans of its own that could increase the level of difficulty. Take, for instance, the building at the centre of this next game entitled Cursed House.

review 872547 Huawei W1 Stainless Steel Classic Smartwatch leather straHuawei W1 Smart WatchHuawei W1 Smart Watch rated 8 out of 10

24 Mar 2017 in Mobile Tech
Having told you in the last few months about their excellent SmartPhone, their rather good MateBook computer I now get the chance to tell you about their watch that can bring both into focus in different ways, here the Huawei Watch.

review 872570 Magix VEGAS Movie Studio 1VEGAS Movie Studio 14MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio 14 rated 7 out of 10

23 Mar 2017 in Software Review : MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio 14
The last time I took a look at Vegas Movie Studio, the product was under the banner of Sony. However matters have changed as Sony has undergone a process of divesting itself of some of its software and hardware kit.

review 872569 The Mirror Mysteries Forgotten KingdomReturning MirrorsGoGii Mirror Mysteries 2 Forgotten Kingdom rated 6 out of 10

Some mirrors return a reflection but then some attempt to draw you into a world where evil rules.

review 872546 Y Cam EVO Indoor HY-Cam Security CameraY-Cam Security Camera rated 8 out of 10

22 Mar 2017 in Homes and Gardens
Y-Cam has been producing home security cameras for a while. There latest offering is what I am scrutinising here. It is the EVO, possibly the easiest camera I have even setup. This unit is intended to be used indoors only and it is powered by USB.

review 872568 nero backitup 201Backing Up Nero StyleNero BackItUp rated 7 out of 10

21 Mar 2017 in Software Review : Nero BackItUp
While most prospective customers would tend to think of burning software when the topic of the main area of the company’s expertise arises, Nero does have other strings to its corporate bow. One such offering is Nero BackItUp which is the subject of this next review.

review 872529 abbyy Finreader 1Abbyy Finereader 14Abbyy Finereader 14 rated 9 out of 10

20 Mar 2017 in Software
Abbyy Finereader 14 is a universal OCR package that works with scanned images, PDF files etc. and, having recognised the text, can convert it to Word, Excel or other formats in addition to offering a range of advanced options.

review 872545 Philips Smart Body Analysis ScalPhilips Scale DL8780Philips Scale DL8780 rated 8 out of 10

20 Mar 2017 in Health and Beauty
Philips launched a range of five ‘Health’ items at their Christmas In July event in 2016, however the first available unit was late in the year and the other four followed soon after. This the Bathroom Scale is my forth review item.

review 872544 Wilko Food Mixer Set Stainless SteeWilko Food MixerWilko Food Mixer rated 8 out of 10

19 Mar 2017 in Homes and Gardens
It is rare for me to start with the price; £20 for a food mixer on a stand is I think unique, so I asked to review one. You could probably get a basic hand held offering for this price but certainly not one with a set of beaters a set of dough hooks as well as a large stainless steel bowl and stand.

review 872455 LeapFrog Read with MViolet ReturnsKeapfrog Read with me Violet rated 8 out of 10

18 Mar 2017 in Misc Review : Keapfrog Read with me Violet
It is story time as Violet makes a return to the Leapfrog range of learning tools for young children.

review 872543 panasonic toughpad fz gPanasonic Toughpad FZ-G1Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 rated 8 out of 10

17 Mar 2017 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
If you expect your Tablet to have a hard life then you are better off paying more and getting one that will survive knocks and drops and even a degree of getting wet. In fact Panasonic launched another of their Toughbook’s on a weather balloon to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere and then brought it back by parachute and it still worked.

review 872456 sitpacA Portable SeatSITPACK rated 7 out of 10

16 Mar 2017 in Misc Review : SITPACK
With the same name as the company which designed and manufactured it, the SITPACK is a collapsible and portable seat.

review 872454 Factory Katz The Grand BanqueA Family BusinessGamehouse Factory Katz Games The Grand Banquet rated 6 out of 10

Developed by Factory Katz Games, The Grand Banquet is a Hidden Object title that is based on the factory and home of the Katz’s family.

review 872294 Philips Wrist Blood Pressure MonitoPhilips Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorPhilips Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor rated 8 out of 10

15 Mar 2017 in Health and Beauty
Not long ago I told you about an upper arm blood pressure device from Philips. They have also launched one that some may find easier to use. Instead of it working on the upper arm this gets all its required information from your wrist.

review 872306 D Link DCH 107KT mydlink Smart Home Security KiHome Protection KitD-Link Currys PC WORLD Home Security Kit rated 6 out of 10

As your most expensive possession, your home can be vulnerable unless securely protected.

review 872291 Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over Ear HeadphoneSennheiser PXC 550 Wireless HeadphonesSennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones rated 8 out of 10

13 Mar 2017 in Entertainment
Wireless headphones received a big boost last year when Apple removed the 3.5mm socket from their iPhones, however while Headphones have a big advantage sound wise over earbuds they also have a large size disadvantage so a small Wireless Headphone set has a ready-made market.

review 872293 Hoover Steam Iron SFM400Hoover Steam Iron SFM4002Hoover Steam Iron SFM4002 rated 8 out of 10

12 Mar 2017 in Homes and Gardens
Having last week told you about a mattress cleaner from Hoover; here I get to dust off my ironing board to test out one of their latest group of irons. Certainly this is a far different product from a standard iron that resides in the back of one of my cupboards.

review 872307 LeapFrog My Puppy Pal ScouPlaying with VioletLeapfrog My Pal Violet rated 6 out of 10

11 Mar 2017 in Entertainment Review : Leapfrog My Pal Violet
Violet in colour and Violet by name, this soft toy from Leapfrog is customisable.

review 872285 philips ambiglow LCD monitoPhilips 27inch Panel with AmbiGlow basePhilips 27inch Panel with AmbiGlow base rated 8 out of 10

10 Mar 2017 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Most panels show you a screen of information, some do it with low Blue Light, and some have the ability to rotate so you can see your screen in portrait mode. This offering from Philips however is a first for me having a changing colour display in the base.

review 872453 avg tuneup utilitieAnother Look at TuneUp UtilitiesAVG TuneUp Utilities rated 8 out of 10

9 Mar 2017 in Software Review : AVG TuneUp Utilities
There are a number of products that provide on-going spring cleaning facilities including one from AVG.

review 872305 Bluebeards Castle   Son of the HeartlesA Curse Concealing CastleFanda Game Bluebeard's Castle - Som of the Heartless rated 6 out of 10

It is time to don the mantle of Jack Knight as you visit Bluebeard’s Castle in the Hidden Object Adventure game of Son of the Heartless. In this Fanda Game created title your role is that of a young man who is the victim of a curse that decrees he will die young. And why you may ask has this state of affairs come to pass? Let me explain.

review 872289 Canon Powershot G7 X MARK ICanon PowerShot G7XCanon PowerShot G7X rated 8 out of 10

8 Mar 2017 in Cameras
The PowerShot range is only one step down from their DSLR offerings; however they are small enough to fit in your pocket but are still extremely powerful units that have a large number of features that started out in their DSLR models.

review 872304 Acronis True Image 201True Image 2017 Next GenerationAcronis True Image 2017 New Generation rated 10 out of 10

With a range of new features, Acronis backup software emerges in New Generation mode.

EM Client 7EM Client 7 rated 8 out of 10

6 Mar 2017 in Misc
It was nearly four years ago that I discovered EM Client 6 unlike most software programs that seem to upgrade annually it is close to four years ago that this Outlook Express replacement came into my life and it is still in use as my email collecting tool this has just become EM Client 7.

review 872284 Archos Diamond 55 Selfie 64GB 4Archos 55 Diamond Selfie 64GBArchos 55 Diamond Selfie 64GB rated 8 out of 10

5 Mar 2017 in Phones
Removing the back of a phone used for some to be essential in order to get access to the battery, now a lot of phones come sealed so batteries cannot be changed. This phone from Archos arrived without a back as the last reviewers cat had stolen/eaten/hidden it. But as it only performed a fashion role it is not essential; however I would not like to meet that reviewer’s cat on a dark night.

review 872172 Netatmo Healthy Home Coach Smart Indoor Climate MonitoHealthy Home LivingNetatmo Healthy Home Coach rated 7 out of 10

4 Mar 2017 in Wireless Review : Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
While the majority of Smart Home devices I get to look at tend to concentrate their functionality on the various aspects of home security, a new offering from Netatmo is more concerned with health issues. This product is the appropriately entitled Healthy Home Coach.

review 872290 Philips Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure MonitoPhilips Blood Pressure Arm CuffPhilips Blood Pressure Arm Cuff rated 7 out of 10

3 Mar 2017 in Health and Beauty
The chances are when you visit your doctor one of the tasks completed is to roll up your sleeve so he/she can check your blood pressure. If the wait to see your doctor was a long one then the chances are that the reading will be high.

review 872173 Sengled Snap E27 IP camera light bulShining a Light on SecuritySengled Scan rated 6 out of 10

2 Mar 2017 in Wireless Review : Sengled Scan
Offering to light up the issue of home security is a product from Sengled.

review 872171 LeapFrog Melody The Musical Turtle by LeapFrog EnterpriseTurtle TuitionLeapfrog Melody the Musical Turtle rated 5 out of 10

With a choice of activities, Melody the Turtle has been developed to help young children.
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