Tell us about your wi-fi set-up or why you have or are looking to invest in a DAB radio?

864966 thumbs up Infinity SpeakeInfinity has Arrived

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 7 Nov 2015
Rather than concentrating on audio features, this next speaker also promises a visual attraction but then failed to deliver.

865060 Devolo dLAN 1200 Wi Fi AC Powerlindevolo D-Lan 1200+ Starter Kit

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 6 Nov 2015
This starter kit promises to finally give you ‘Wi-Fi Anywhere’. This is a bold statement especially if your property is a strange shape or you have lots of solid walls. There is another problem in that these devices used to do the job but slowly.
The Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL D7800 MU-MIMO modem router is aimed at ticking all the boxes for gamers and heavy users as well as for those who are keeping an eye on tomorrow's needs.

864854 Sandberg Bluetooth Touchpad KeyboarA Bluetooth Keyboard

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 3 Nov 2015
As a regular source of gadgets and the like, Sandberg has developed a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.

865055 Roberts Radio PLAYBT DAB Internet RadiRoberts PlayBT

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 24 Oct 2015
This is a small portable DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio shaped rather like a small intercom radio. It has a very solid belt clamp but instead of an earpiece being an essential part of the unit there is a small but very effective top mounted speaker.
This is a reasonably priced and small portable Wireless speaker that features NFC to enable quick and easy connection. However for those who have not got NFC then it can still be connected in the more traditional way to give great sound.

864413 jam rewind bluetooth speakeRewind Speaker

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 3 Oct 2015
The Rewind is a small portable Bluetooth speaker. This product forms part of the Jam family of offerings that are distributed by HoMedics.

864412 netgear nighthawk ac1900 adsl routeA Faster Nighthawk

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 1 Oct 2015
Offering to help reduce the bottleneck that can occur for those who are involved with streaming videos and on-line gaming activities is a modem router from NETGEAR.

864275 Roberts Radio Stream207 DAB WiFi Internet RadiRoberts Stream 207

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 18 Sep 2015
This is a DAB/FM/Internet radio that works via Wi-Fi and can be used as an input or output as well as having Spotify built in. It can be run off batteries which can be rechargeable and even off a battery pack for when mains power is not available.

864277 Groov e Motion Bluetooth Wireless Sports HeadphoneGroov>> e Motion

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 13 Sep 2015
This is a Bluetooth only set of headphones; it is small enough to take up little more space than a set of earbuds simply because of the design which is to fit around the back of the neck rather than the normal one of over the head.

863995 JAM HX P320GR Thrill Wireless Stereo SpeakeA Musical Thrill

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 12 Sep 2015
JAM Wireless Audio, the company responsible for the number one Bluetooth speaker in the UK according to GFK (March 2015), has increased its range of offerings with five new Bluetooth models with prices that range from £49.99 to £19.99. The first of this new batch of Bluetooth speakers to come under my gaze is one of those at the top end of the price range. This product is the JAM Thrill Wireless Stereo Speaker.

864050 Osprey 2 Mobile Wi Fi hotspot 4Osprey 2 Mini

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 4 Sep 2015
When you are out and about with your Tablet or Notebook there are many times when you want Internet access. The vast majority of such devices do not have mobile SIM slots so up until now you have to rely on café and other places open Internet, not any more.

863928 House of Marley Chant BT Wireless Bluetooth SpeakeListen to the CHANT

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 3 Sep 2015
With the tag line of “Liberate your Sound”, the CHANT is a portable Bluetooth audio speaker developed by the House of Marley. This product is available in Mini and BT versions with this review being based on the larger BT model which shares many of its features with its smaller brethren.

847479 moremusic Smart Wireless Portable Bluetooth SpeakeHummingbird Audio

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 11 Aug 2015
While products sometimes arrived saddled with a model number but no name, this next offering has a name that evokes images of sweet sounds being delivered.

842623 sandberg StreamBoard UK wireless keyboarProviding Remote Control

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 30 Jul 2015
Thos innovative people at Sandberg have come up with a product that I have a tendency to mistakenly refer to as Steamboat which, obviously, it isn’t.

846400 Garmin Nuvi 68LMT 6 Inch GPS NavigatoGarmin nuvi 68 ln

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 22 Jul 2015
Over the years satellite navigation has improved greatly, you can now find satellites when indoors, the information you get is really up to date and best of all even mobile speed and traffic light camera information is included.

841598 Pioneer XW LF1 W Bluetooth Active speakeListen in Style

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 9 June 2015
As part of its new product line-up, Pioneer has released a new Bluetooth speaker with a title that does not refer to its price.

841600 sennheiser urbanite xl wireless headphoneUrbanite XL Wireless

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 4 June 2015
With its expertise in producing stylish and quality headsets, Sennheiser does not disappoint with its Urbanite XL Wireless model.

841541 D Link AC1900 Dual Band ADSL2 Plus ModeD-Link Modem Router

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 29 May 2015
A modem router is not something you change that often, unless of course you get a fault. For most people it either does the job or it does not, the one real exception is the Wi-Fi if you have a property where it only just covers then you may change.

841301 Withings Home   Wi Fi Security Camera with Air Quality SensorRemote Home Viewing

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 16 May 2015
While not the same as “eyes in the back of your head”, this next product can provide feedback as to what is happening in your home when you are out and about.

841299 BT Mini Wi Fi 500 Home Hotspot Power Adapter KiBT Goes Powerline

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 12 May 2015
The Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit, now there’s a name to get your tongue around, is a product that comes with the claim of allowing the user to “get the best Wi-Fi any where in your home”.

841219 Braven BRV Bank 6000mAh Smart Ultra Rugged Backup BatterBraven BRV-BANK

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 9 May 2015
Manufacturers are now adding different features to their battery-charging products. A recent example of this trend is seen with t new Braven offering.

841220 BT 11AC Dual Band Wi Fi Extender 120Extending the Wi-Fi Signal

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 5 May 2015
Adding extra power to your Wi-Fi signal can help remove dead spots and widen your network’s sphere of influence. One such product comes from BT.

840987 D Link DCH M225 Wi Fi Audio ExtendeYour Music from Everywhere

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 23 Apr 2015
While Bluetooth allows you to stream music to speakers supporting the technology, this next product offers to bring non-Bluetooth speakers into the mix.

840883 mydlink Home Wi Fi Motion SensoWatching for Movement

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 14 Apr 2015
As part of its mydlink Home family of products, D-Link has developed a Wi-Fi Motion Sensor. This product has been designed to alert the user to any motion that is detected in the home when they are absent for any reason. When such instances occur they will be notified through standard Push technology.

840792 Garmin nuvi 2599LMT D 5inch Sat NaGarmin nuvi 2599 Sat Nav

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 3 Apr 2015
It’s been a while since I have cast my eye over a standalone Sat Nav for a car, after all most SmartPhones can give you directions so why should you buy a device designed for a single job that does have just a single purpose to get you from A to B.

840619 netgrear nighthawk X4 internet routeSmart Wi-Fi Router

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 2 Apr 2015
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? In fact it is neither of these two. This particular Nighthawk is a router from NETGEAR. Described as a “Smart Wi-Fi Router”, the Nighthawk X4 offers to bring quad-stream X4 architecture with advanced gaming and streaming benefits plus other advantages to the user’s home network.

840493 netgear trek wifi range extendeNETGEAR Trek

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 28 Mar 2015
A small black box from NETGEAR offers to provide a range of additional features based on Wi-Fi networks.

840508 Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch   Moto 360 Watch

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 18 Mar 2015
A slightly oversized watch that appears to have no connections, there is a dock but as the unit just sits in it the charging is wireless and the connection to your Android phone is via Bluetooth. So is this the next must have accessory?

840191 roberts stream 107 DAB FM radiRoberts Stream 107

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 9 Mar 2015
This is a small unit which Roberts describe as portable and indeed it works in all modes via six ‘AA’ batteries but even when used in DAB or FM mode time between charges is not great, when used in Internet or UPnP mode even less.