review 870443 Toshiba HDTH320ES3CA 2TB USB Toshiba Canvio Alu external drivesToshiba Canvio Alu external drives rated 8 out of 10

10 Dec 2016 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
The Toshiba Canvio Alu portable USB 3.0 hard drives, which form part of the company’s Advanced range, are solidly built 2.5 inch units and are available in a choice of capacities from 500GB to 2.5TB

A Skullcandy HeadsetSkullcandy Crusher rated 7 out of 10

10 Dec 2016 in Entertainment Review : Skullcandy Crusher
What do a Skullcandy headset and a character from Last of the Summer Wine have in common? Their name!

review 870683 Zinc E Drift Electric ScooteZinc Scooter E-DriftZinc Scooter E-Drift rated 9 out of 10

9 Dec 2016 in Health and Beauty
A battery powered scooter as sold by Halfords in the UK was for me anyway the most interesting thing I viewed at the Halfords Christmas Show held in London in September, so I asked to see one and this is what I was sent to review.

review 870799 netgear orbi wifi networTri-band NetworkingNETGEAR Orbi rated 8 out of 10

8 Dec 2016 in Wireless Review : NETGEAR Orbi
NETGEAR has recently released a combination of router and satellite to help boost network traffic but you need to provide the modem.

Match-3 ShooterMatch-3 Shooter rated 6 out of 10

7 Dec 2016 in Entertainment
The follow up title to Bubble Zoo, a game which I missed out on, Bubble Zoo 2 belongs to the Match-3 genre

review 870687 Canon EOS M10 Digital System CamerCanon EOS M10Canon EOS M10 rated 8 out of 10

7 Dec 2016 in Cameras
This is one of a new variety of cameras that have interchangeable lenses but are still almost small enough to fit into a pocket, yes they are therefore a DSLR but probably not considered so by the purist. Meet the Canon EOS M10 which is a mirrorless camera.

review 870897 Epson Expression Premium XP 64Epson XP-640 All-in-OneEpson XP-640 rated 8 out of 10

6 Dec 2016 in Printers/Scanners Review : Epson XP-640
Adding to its extensive range of printing devices, Epson has developed the XP-640.

review 870780 KRUPS NESCAF%C3%89 Dolce Gusto Movenza Touch Silver Coffee MachinDolce Gusto MovenzaDolce Gusto Movenza rated 9 out of 10

5 Dec 2016 in Homes and Gardens
Coffee Machines have always been popular with Gadgetspeak readers and none more so than those produced by Nescafe Krups. However it’s been quite a few years since I could get my hands on one and they certainly have changed a lot.

review 870978 Leef iBridge 3 Mobile Memory for iOS 16 GB BlacGifts for iPhone 7 Users

Often finding suitable small gifts for members of the opposite sex is not easy, I mean friends but not those especially close to you. However if they use an iPhone I might have some suggestions that are also affordable options for Christmas gifts.

review 870895 Venturer BravoWin 1Mini Notebook and TabletVenturer BravoWin S rated 6 out of 10

3 Dec 2016 in Laptops/PCs/Apple Review : Venturer BravoWin S
Is it a notebook? Is it a tablet? No it is both.

Samsung A3 6Samsung A3 6 rated 8 out of 10

2 Dec 2016 in Phones
Not everyone wants or needs the largest SmartPhone so this slightly smaller offering from Samsung may fit their needs. It seems that the mobile phone teams to follow are Samsung or iPhone as far as the vast quantity of publicity created.

review 870802 huawei mate 9 android smartphonMeet Mate 9Huawei Mate 9 rated 10 out of 10

1 Dec 2016 in Phones Review : Huawei Mate 9
Adding to its range of smartphone handsets, Huawei has released the Mate 9.

Join the TournamentGameHouse Gizmos - Interstellar Voyage rated 6 out of 10

The Gizmos are back with a new set of nonograms to test your puzzles solving skill.

review 870681 Braun Series 9 9296cc Mens Electric Foil ShaveBraun Series 9Braun Series 9 rated 8 out of 10

30 Nov 2016 in Health and Beauty
This is the top of the range electric shaver from Braun. In September I attended a presentation which included a section by satellite from Los Angeles and as this was quite early in the morning in the UK it must have been the middle of the night there.

review 870800 Fire Kids Edition Tablet 7 inch 16 GAmazon Kid’s TabletAmazon Fire Kids Edition rated 9 out of 10

29 Nov 2016 in Mobile Tech Review : Amazon Fire Kids Edition
Do children spend too much time using a mobile device? Amazon believes it has a solution for this problem with a tablet and software managed by parents.

review 870893 acer event 201Acer launch nine new offerings

28 Nov 2016 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A long weekend in Glasgow in late November was not high on my list of places to visit, nothing against Glasgow or Scotland but the week previously it had been -10 degrees in Glasgow so armed with my long johns I ventured north of the border.

review 870680 nero 2017 platinum video softwarNero 2017 PlatinumNero 2017 Platinum rated 8 out of 10

28 Nov 2016 in Software
This product has been around in one form or another since the CD-ROM first started to appear in PC’s. Other companies have come and gone but Nero has only undergone a name change and of course it now does so much more than oversee the burning of media.

review 870091 Lexon LA101R6 Rechargeable Tykho Booster Bluetooth SpeakeLexon Tykho BoosterLexon Tykho Booster rated 6 out of 10

27 Nov 2016 in Wireless
This is a Bluetooth Speaker sold by a company from the Isle of White. To confuse everyone the company making the product is Lexon who as far as I know is French, so what has this turquoise blue unit got to offer listening wise.

A Wileyfox HandsetWileyfox Swift 2 Plus rated 8 out of 10

26 Nov 2016 in Phones Review : Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus
A visit to a central London location, just off Oxford Street, introduced me to a new handset from Wileyfox.

review 870276 toshiba 4TB hard disLarge Capacity Internal DrivesLarge Capacity Internal Drives rated 7 out of 10

25 Nov 2016 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This Toshiba unit should be available in sizes up to 8TB by the time you read this. I was sent the 6TB offering as the 8TB has been delayed from the initial launce briefing earlier this year 34 floors up the Shard near the supposedly soon to be finished London Bridge station.

review 870721 netgear dm200 adsl routeVDSL / ADSL ModemNETGEAR DM200 rated 6 out of 10

24 Nov 2016 in Misc Review : NETGEAR DM200
Offering to add VDSL / ADSL Internet connectivity to your router-based LAN set up is a NETGEAR modem.

A Good Tidy UpGamehouse com Original Clutter Game rated 6 out of 10

With this next game its title gives you a clear indication of what is in store for you when firing it up. The Ultimate Hidden Object Game, also known as the Original Clutter Game, presents the player with a plethora of action involving searching for objects found in cluttered scenes with a smattering of puzzle bonus game play.

review 870688 aldo national geographic telescopALDI National Geographic TelescopeALDI Telescope rated 8 out of 10

23 Nov 2016 in Misc Review : ALDI Telescope
This is described as a telescope for both sun and moon observation. However as most will know you should NEVER look directly at the sun so this telescope tracks things via your SmartPhone attached to the side of the telescope.

review 870284 NETGEAR EX7300 100UKS Nighthawk AC2200 wifi extendeNetgear Nighthawk X4 extenderNetgear Nighthawk X4 extender rated 9 out of 10

22 Nov 2016 in Wireless
Netgear’s Nighthawk X4 dual band AC2200 extender can be used to deliver high throughput as either a WiFi range extender or as an access point to deliver WiFi to a remote area when it is connected to the router via an Ethernet cable.

review 870720 Amazon Echo Dot 2nd GeneratioTalking to AlexaAmazon Echo Dot rated 6 out of 10

22 Nov 2016 in Wireless Review : Amazon Echo Dot
While the various in-car navigation devices that I have checked out tend to give you a choice of voices, whether of the male or female gender, the current trinity of Siri, Cortana and Alexa from Apple, Microsoft and Amazon do not offer the user such a choice. All three of these disembodied voices are of the female variety as they provide the requested information.

review 870685 aldi turntable suitcase record playeALDI Suitcase LP PlayerALDI Suitcase LP Player rated 8 out of 10

21 Nov 2016 in Entertainment
The title on the box says Vintage Suitcase Turntable. Which to me anyway makes the suitcase sound vintage, in fact nor is the turntable although until a few years ago when vinyl came back into fashion it would definitely be retro.

review 870092 tech21 iphone7 casiPhone 7 Case and Screen Protector

Both items from a company called tech21, first a case for an iPhone 7 and also for the same device something that Apple devices certainly seem to need a screen protector and this is called Impact Shield Self Heal 4.7 inches.

review 870538 Kobo Aura ONE ebook readeKobo Aura OneKobo Aura One rated 7 out of 10

19 Nov 2016 in Entertainment
Providing you with your own personal, portable library is the task of a new eReader from Kobo.

review 870269 G Technology 3TB G DRIVE Mobile Portable Hard Drive USB G-Drive 3TBG-Drive 3TB rated 8 out of 10

18 Nov 2016 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
There is often a long interval between requesting an item and it arriving, this is certainly the case here with this well constructed USB external drive. The manufacturer G Drive calls this a mobile USB drive that works on both MAC and Windows.

review 870546 Kensington UA3000E USB Kensington USB 3.0 hubKensington USB 3 0 hub rated 8 out of 10

17 Nov 2016 in Laptops/PCs/Apple Review : Kensington USB 3 0 hub
The Kensington USB 3.0 hub model UA3000E provides three USB 3.0 ports as well as a Gigabit Ethernet connection and so could be a useful add on to a netbook or laptop which lacks necessary ports.
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