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864784 Ricoh GR II Compact Digital CamerRicoh GR II Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 26 Oct 2015
Almost a bridge unit, just larger than most small point and shoot offerings, certainly a little heavier, however smaller than all DSLR units, this camera has a surprise that I have only seen recently in one other camera it has a fixed focus lens.

864778 Canon Powershot N2 compact digital camerCanon PowerShot N2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 12 Oct 2015
Certainly the smallest PowerShot I have ever seen or used. Its small size means that certain features are in different places. It uses a micro SD card and the TFT display takes all of the rear of the unit, yes it is small, small pocket small.

864594 PNY 4 IN 1 Lens Kit for SmartphonA Lens Collection

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 10 Oct 2015
Following on from its Selfie stock product, PNY has developed a lens kit that can be used with various smartphone models.

864546 samsung smartcam HD homA Samsung SmartCam

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 8 Oct 2015
Home security continues to be a popular area for manufacturers with this latest offering arriving from Samsung Techwin.

864392 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film CamerA Polaroid Style Camera

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 26 Sep 2015
This next product from Fujifilm adopts an almost retro style of photography.

864552 pentax ks2 dslr digital camerPentax K-S2

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 21 Sep 2015
It’s been a while since I have been sent a camera that stretches me a little. Providing the amount of stretching is a little I like it as it stops you getting into a rut that allows the camera to make all the choices without you having to think.

864123 SMANOS WI FI Camera IP6 NetcaA Smanos Camera

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 15 Sep 2015
As part of its Wireless Smart Home portfolio, Smanos has developed its IP6 HD WiFi camera product. Offering 720HD video of a targeted location, this camera unit can either be used as a free-standing or wall-mounted device. Live video content can be viewed with a free iOS or Android app as you check what is going on in your home when you are away.

864049 Y cam HomeMonitor HD PrHomeMonitor HD Pro

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 31 Aug 2015
Security in one form or another is a big market. Here I am talking about home security in this case an easy to install and setup solution supplied to me with a single camera but the software with it is able to handle many more cameras.

863773 hipjiRollei Stomach Tripod ‘hipjib’

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 10 Aug 2015
Sometimes a ground based tripod is just not possible especially for those who need to capture both still and moving images as they move. So the solution could be to make your body the tripod especially if your camera is large and or heavy.

845354 pny wireless selfie sticA Wireless Selfie Stick

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 5 Aug 2015
While you may not be able to see round corners or over high walls, a smartphone with a Selfie Stick could.

845353 Samsung SDH B3040 1 TB 4 Channel HD DVR Security System WebcaFour Camera Security

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 4 Aug 2015
The use of security cameras, of various types, shapes and sizes, is a current hot topic of late. I have checked out a number of these devices for use in either the home or in-car. Generally these devices require little disruption to the location where they will be positioned and can be set up within around five to ten minutes. However this next offering is a different proposition to say the least.

846406 Canon IXUS 170 compact digital camerCanon IXUS 170

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 3 Aug 2015
The IXUS range are the nearest thing to a ‘point and shoot’ camera from Canon who are best known for their high end DSLR cameras used by the majority of professional photographers. This is small – fits easily in a pocket – and is very easy to use.

842263 Garmin Dash Cam 20 HD Vehicle Driving Recorder GPDash Cam 20

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 15 Jul 2015
No sooner do I finish checking an in-car dash camera than another example of this product genre comes my way.

842418 Rollei 8 MP Full HD Actioncam 500 Sunrise CamcordeRollei Actioncam 500 Sunrise

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 8 Jul 2015
Forget about capturing video in HD how about 4K, yes this tiny unit captures nice quality 4K images on micro SD card and you can then play it back on a TV or panel in 4K and of course it can get absolutely stunning images.

842128 Canon PowerShot SX610 HS compact digital camerCanon SX610 HS

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 24 June 2015
A small PowerShot digital camera, for those who do not know a PowerShot can be little larger than an IXUS the smallest of Canons cameras or as large as the small end of Canons DSLR range, so here it is at the IXUS end of the range.

842127 Rollei Selfie Stick 4 LifRollei Selfie Sticks

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 21 June 2015
If you have yet to take a Selfie then you are in the minority, while the original idea was to snap yourself with a ‘star’ be it sport, fashion or movie it has now become a thing even for a night out with your friends but how do you get everyone in?

841887 canon ixus 160 compact digital camerCanon IXUS 160

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 17 June 2015
The Ixus is Canon’s pocket size camera range, it does however benefit from all the technology that its larger siblings have in terms of technology so do not reject this unit simply because its small enough to fit inside the smallest pocket.

841885 Panasonic HC W570EB K Full HD CamcordePanasonic Camcorder HC-W570

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 5 June 2015
With digital cameras being able to capture video it’s been a while since I have cast my eye over a Camcorder. This was quite a revelation, it should not have been as digital cameras have evolved so have Camcorders and this one can even capture PIP.

841309 pentax ks1 digital SLR camerPentax K-S1 DSLR Camera

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 15 May 2015
This is quite a small and lightweight offering from Pentax. However this does not mean that the images its takes are anything but excellent in both JPG and RAW. The only unusual thing to me is that both the body and lens are white.

841305 canon powershot g7x compact digital camerCanon PowerShot G7X

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 8 May 2015
Having recently looked at two DSLR units from Canon it is now time to try something smaller and lighter but the technology is still rife in this latest offering in the Canon PowerShot range, so what wonders does the G7X offer.

840797 Rollei Actioncam 400 with Underwater CasRollei Actioncam 400

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 12 Apr 2015
A tiny camera in a large box but it is not all packaging as it has numerous ways of connecting it to your body so whatever you do and wherever you go the Actioncam 400 can come to and as there is a wrist (watch type) connection you do not even need to touch the camera to activate it.

840788 D Link DCS 935L mydlink Home Monitor HD-Link at Home Security Viewing

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 11 Apr 2015
Of late I do seem to have been on some sort of security based agenda. First it was the Piper which, true to its name, could emit an almost ear-shattering warning. Next in line came the Swann Pan & Tilt camera which offers a range of remote adjustment features but initially seemed reluctant to download a firmware upgrade. Now it is the turn of D-Link’s HD Wi-Fi camera which forms part of the mydlink Home initiative.

840785 SWANN SWADS 446CAM UK ADS 446 SwannCloud Security CamerSwann Video Monitoring

Published in Cameras by mfereday on 7 Apr 2015
“When the cat is away, so the mice will play” goes the old saying. Although in some instances it might be more appropriate for a slight change so “when you are away, so the cat (or maybe a dog) will play”.

840511 canon eos5d full frame DSLCanon DSLR EOS 5D Mark III

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 25 Mar 2015
Having just looked at a small DSLR unit, this is a bigger one with a large lens, certainly not something to fit in a pocket and definitely something to attach the neck strap to unless of course you are into a tough fitness regime when it may not seem heavy.
This DSLR is only a little larger than their most powerful PowerShot unit. It is a full featured DSLR capable of capturing very good images and for those that require it also capable of capturing very good video images as well.

839513 Olympus PEN E PL7 Interchangeable Lens CamerOlympus Pen E-PL7

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 6 Feb 2015
I saw a pre-production model of this unit back in the summer. Now finally as winter grips us all the chance to review it arrives. For me a first, a removable lens camera marketed with the ability to take selfies high on its tick list.

839510 canon powershot d30 compact digital camerCanon Waterproof D30

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 2 Feb 2015
Another unit from Canons excellent PowerShot range. Here a small unit with periscopic zoom as this is a waterproof unit and this is essential for those wanting to takes images under water. It also takes excellent dry land images.

838806 Canon PowerShot G1Canon PowerShot G16

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 31 Dec 2014
This is a PowerShot offering which along with the Ixus brand are Canons two non DSLR offerings. This is one of the larger – small – units as such it is almost as large as some smaller DSLR units and it comes with a neck strap not a wrist strap.

838309 canon eos 100d dslr digital camerCanon EOS 100D

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 17 Dec 2014
Perhaps a strange time of year to be sent a DSLR unit with a 55-250mm lens as this requires either very large rooms or outside use to get the best from it, however so far the weather has been kind and my short time with it was productive.

837849 Canon LEGRIA Mini X CamcordeCanon Legria mini X

Published in Cameras by paul_smart on 1 Dec 2014
Most cameras that I review are still units that have the ability to take movies. This is almost the reverse being a unit most likely to be used to take video but it can also take still shots however this is fixed to one of two fixed distance focuses.