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Are you into action water sports? If so you might be interested in this net product.

PNY Action Grip Ergonomic floating grip for action camera
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I have to admit to a certain degree of surprise at the continued appearance of devices designed to enhance the capture of Selfies and the like either with or without an accompanying celebrity, location or action that might hold some significance.  When this vanity capturing phenomena first burst on to the scene, I regarded it as one that would quickly disappear as people became bored with the activity.  But it seems I was mistaken as companies, such as PNY (Paris New York) continue to develop devices for the benefit of the Selfie brigade and those that indulge in capturing their various sporting activities either to show off to other less energetic or maybe to be used to correct flaws in their performance.

As part of its Adventure Seekers line up of products, PNY has sent me its Action Grip offering to try out.  Fortunately, due to the state of my health and age issues, the “action” element of the product is entirely down to the discretion of the individual, namely me.  So the activities undertaken by this product will be of the leisurely type rather than anything more energetic.

The Action Grip device, combining a colour scheme of a bright blue with black overlays, is constructed of plastic with rubberised grips decorating the handle.  Fixing screw units are available at either end.  The fixing screw at the top is for attaching an action camera or a more relaxing type of photographic capturing device.  A clamping screw feature allows you to adjust the angle at which the action camera can be positioned for the optimal capturing view.  The screw feature at the base of the handle can be used to mount the Action Grip on a tripod if one is available.  The base of the handle also has a facility for attaching either of the two lanyards or the Carabiner clip supplied in the packaging to help ensure the Action Grip does not get mislaid when not in use.

Measuring 19cm in length and with a circumference of 13cm, you might feel that this Action Grip handle might conceal some sort of expandable mechanism or even a means of remotely activating the camera mounted on top of the handle.  However you would be wrong.  In fact what you get is just the opposite.  The Grip handle, with its ergonomic design and non-slip cover, is an empty container.  This empty compartment, revealed by unscrewing the base of the handle is airtight and gives the user a choice of how best to make use of this facility.

The Action Grip has been designed for those who enjoy water sports and wish to capture their aquatic activities.  You can leave the compartment as it is, holding just air so that the Grip will float when placed in water.  You also have the option to fill the compartment with water so that the Grip will float with more neutral buoyancy.  Of course the weight of the attached action camera might have some sort of say in this floatation matter.  A third way of making use of this compartment would be to use it as some sort of storage area for small valuables as you practice your aquatic manoeuvres before an audience gathers to watch your performance.

I feel that the Action Grip is the type of product you would buy as a present for somebody who happened to be into water sports.  However I can not see too many enthusiasts rushing out to purchase this device for themselves.  PNY has priced the Action Grip at £29.99.  A second version of the product, priced at £39.99 adds three telescopic sections to the basic design.

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