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Socks for me perform two purposes, to keep your feet warm and to absorb sweat. The pair I was sent also does another task and they can become a talking point as well as the two things I mentioned above they are – I think – a design statement.

874097 Terraillon Web Coach Prime Fit KiTerraillon Prime Fit Kit

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on June 12, 2017
I was sent a ‘Fitness Pack’ which comprises a bathroom scale which seems to be called ‘Webcoach Prime’ and a wrist strap called ‘Activ It’ band, like all such bands it can tell the time, how far you have walked and other information.

873736 thermal vesHeat Holders

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on June 4, 2017
A new name to me so I asked to see a couple of their products to tell you about, first a rather nice extra-large sweater that looks expensive a has a ‘plus’, second a pair of warm socks that double as a pair of slippers for indoor wear.

873995 Foobot Air Quality MonitoMonitoring Clean Air

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on May 30, 2017
Providing features such as air monitoring and pollution charts, this next product offers to act as “your good air guru”.

873107 Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 70Lumie WakeUp Light

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on May 5, 2017
We all feel so much better when we are woken by bright sunlight, of course there are exceptions like if your alarm has failed to go off and you are already late for work and the boss has previously had a go at you for lateness.
This is the last of the five recently launched Health items from Philips. In fact for most the words should be ‘unhealthy items’ but that would infer that the items are unhealthy when in fact it’s the user who has the health issues. ‘Unhealth’ should perhaps be the word, when we go to see our doctor most visits will be to a ‘Health’ centre when surely it should be ‘Unhealth’ centre but that word gives my spell checker palpitations.

872550 BeeLine Bicycle Sat NaBeeLine Bicycle Sat Nav

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Mar 31, 2017
I think only one previous Sat Nav that I had seen has had a specific bicycle mode, this was interesting as it enabled things like bridle ways into the journey equation. A pedestrian Sat Nav would allow progress down one way streets. This offering from Beeline is rather different again.

872545 Philips Smart Body Analysis ScalPhilips Scale DL8780

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Mar 20, 2017
Philips launched a range of five ‘Health’ items at their Christmas In July event in 2016, however the first available unit was late in the year and the other four followed soon after. This the Bathroom Scale is my forth review item.
Not long ago I told you about an upper arm blood pressure device from Philips. They have also launched one that some may find easier to use. Instead of it working on the upper arm this gets all its required information from your wrist.
The chances are when you visit your doctor one of the tasks completed is to roll up your sleeve so he/she can check your blood pressure. If the wait to see your doctor was a long one then the chances are that the reading will be high.

872019 Philips Health Watch Connected Activity Sleep Tracker and Heart Rate MonitoPhilips Health Watch

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Feb 20, 2017
This is one of a new range of ‘health’ devices from Philips. I saw the range at their Christmas In July event and despite my nagging only at the end of December did the first of them arrive. This is their health watch which tracks heart rate, activity, sleep and more.

871502 Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker for iOS AndroiState of Mind Feedback

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on Jan 19, 2017
Offering to help keep you calm is a product that is shaped and named after a geological sample.
This is one of three special packs launched by Gillette to coincide with the latest Star Wars film. The razor and gel are branded ‘Mach3 Turbo’ so once through the hype what sort of shave does this unit give or would buying the parts separately be a better buy?

871225 iHealth HS6 Body Analysis Wireless Scali Health Core HS6

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jan 2, 2017
Up until the last few years a bathroom scale read out your weight. Now they link to Apps and seem to tell you so much more, this item will even tell you your bone density and before long they will possible even tell you what you had for breakfast.

870683 Zinc E Drift Electric ScooteZinc Scooter E-Drift

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Dec 9, 2016
A battery powered scooter as sold by Halfords in the UK was for me anyway the most interesting thing I viewed at the Halfords Christmas Show held in London in September, so I asked to see one and this is what I was sent to review.

870681 Braun Series 9 9296cc Mens Electric Foil ShaveBraun Series 9

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Nov 30, 2016
This is the top of the range electric shaver from Braun. In September I attended a presentation which included a section by satellite from Los Angeles and as this was quite early in the morning in the UK it must have been the middle of the night there.
Salter Body Analyser Scale model 9174 goes further than one’s ordinary bathroom scales. In addition to weight it measures body fat, body water, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI and BMR for up to ten users.

869592 HoMedics MySpa Ergo Pedicure SysteFeet and Face

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Oct 9, 2016
Two items from the Homedics range that would not normally receive my attention, being Diabetic I know I must look after my feet but for those who do not, a device that may help, I am long past worrying about my looks the second might improve your complexion.

869861 philips bodygroom 100Body Hair Removal

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on Oct 4, 2016
For the man who has everything, including unwanted body hair, this next item might be appreciated.
Soon – dependant on how early you need to get up – it will not be in daylight, so those morning rise ups for work become harder. There is a way to wake up more gently and that is by something like this light rather than a harsh alarm clock.

869459 comfyballs boxerComfyballs

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Sep 18, 2016
I am told there was a long struggle with authorities before this name could be listed as a trademark in the USA. However now this underwear brand has passed naming tests I put a pair through wearing tests to see if they do what they claim.

869590 HoMedics Handheld Shiatsu MassagHandheld Massager

Published in Health and Beauty by mfereday on Sep 15, 2016
Adding to its range of massaging products, HoMedics has developed a handheld device.
The range of Christmas In July events are always hard work with often five of six events to cover in day. One thought my aching back, legs, shoulders and everything else looks forward to is trying the latest items from Homedics.
The men’s bathroom at a Philips Xmas In July event was where I saw a range of shavers and toothbrushes from Philips, the demonstrator called the first of these offerings for areas below the neck, while I was also presented with a ladies offering I never did find the ladies bathroom.

869215 Lakeland Oval Silicone Microwave CasserolMicrowave Cookware

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Aug 14, 2016
Here I am looking at two different brands of microwave cookware and both can be purchased from Lakeland. First from their own brand a casserole dish and second an egg poacherOVO- from the Lekue range of microwave cookware.

869060 Mio MiVue 658 Touch WiFi Extreme HD TouchScreen InCarCaMio MiVue 658

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jul 27, 2016
This is not a Sat Nav – but it always knows exactly where you are – it comes with a lifetimes updates for safety cameras – which sounds better than speed cameras – and gives an exact view of what happened should you ever have a crash it even captures audio.

868823 ihealth wave smart watciHealth Wave

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on Jul 20, 2016
This is the latest watch from iHealth but do not think of it as a tool to tell the time, it will do that but this is a fitness tool aimed predominately at those who swim for fitness it will also tell you how well you sleep and if you wish will even wake you up.
Having recently told you about beards, head hair and other hair on other parts of the body from separate devices it seems only right to end this round up of recent Braun devices with what they call the Multi Groomer designed to shave, style and trim.

868478 Braun BGT 5030 Body GroomeBraun meets Gillette

Published in Health and Beauty by paul_smart on June 13, 2016
As most will know Braun and Gillette are under the same ownership. Normally Braun mainly deals with dry shaving and Gillette deal with wet shaving. So this is a combination device that can be used dry or wet when the occasion demands.
The iHealth Track not only provides an easy way of measuring blood pressure, the associated app takes the hassle out of tracking and recording results.