Tell us about your wi-fi set-up or why you have or are looking to invest in a DAB radio?

841299 BT Mini Wi Fi 500 Home Hotspot Power Adapter KiBT Goes Powerline

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 12 May 2015
The Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit, now there’s a name to get your tongue around, is a product that comes with the claim of allowing the user to “get the best Wi-Fi any where in your home”.

841219 Braven BRV Bank 6000mAh Smart Ultra Rugged Backup BatterBraven BRV-BANK

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 9 May 2015
Manufacturers are now adding different features to their battery-charging products. A recent example of this trend is seen with t new Braven offering.

841220 BT 11AC Dual Band Wi Fi Extender 120Extending the Wi-Fi Signal

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 5 May 2015
Adding extra power to your Wi-Fi signal can help remove dead spots and widen your network’s sphere of influence. One such product comes from BT.

840987 D Link DCH M225 Wi Fi Audio ExtendeYour Music from Everywhere

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 23 Apr 2015
While Bluetooth allows you to stream music to speakers supporting the technology, this next product offers to bring non-Bluetooth speakers into the mix.

840883 mydlink Home Wi Fi Motion SensoWatching for Movement

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 14 Apr 2015
As part of its mydlink Home family of products, D-Link has developed a Wi-Fi Motion Sensor. This product has been designed to alert the user to any motion that is detected in the home when they are absent for any reason. When such instances occur they will be notified through standard Push technology.

840792 Garmin nuvi 2599LMT D 5inch Sat NaGarmin nuvi 2599 Sat Nav

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 3 Apr 2015
It’s been a while since I have cast my eye over a standalone Sat Nav for a car, after all most SmartPhones can give you directions so why should you buy a device designed for a single job that does have just a single purpose to get you from A to B.

840619 netgrear nighthawk X4 internet routeSmart Wi-Fi Router

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 2 Apr 2015
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? In fact it is neither of these two. This particular Nighthawk is a router from NETGEAR. Described as a “Smart Wi-Fi Router”, the Nighthawk X4 offers to bring quad-stream X4 architecture with advanced gaming and streaming benefits plus other advantages to the user’s home network.

840493 netgear trek wifi range extendeNETGEAR Trek

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 28 Mar 2015
A small black box from NETGEAR offers to provide a range of additional features based on Wi-Fi networks.

840508 Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch   Moto 360 Watch

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 18 Mar 2015
A slightly oversized watch that appears to have no connections, there is a dock but as the unit just sits in it the charging is wireless and the connection to your Android phone is via Bluetooth. So is this the next must have accessory?

840191 roberts stream 107 DAB FM radiRoberts Stream 107

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 9 Mar 2015
This is a small unit which Roberts describe as portable and indeed it works in all modes via six ‘AA’ batteries but even when used in DAB or FM mode time between charges is not great, when used in Internet or UPnP mode even less.

840109 piper home security web caRemote Home Surveillance

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 7 Mar 2015
Are you worried about what might be going on in your home when you are not there? The Piper can offer to help.

839847 D Link DCH M225 Wi Fi Audio ExtendeD-Link Wi-Fi Everywhere

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 25 Feb 2015
This unit is the size of a 13amp three way adapter. It does have a 13amp plug but few things can be plugged into it. The main task is as a Wi-Fi extender it can also be used to play music via its one connection a 3.5mm socket.

839509 TDK T79003 Q35 Portable 360 Wireless Charging SpeakeTDK Wireless 360 and Trek

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 30 Jan 2015
It’s been a while since I have looked at speakers from TDK. Here a small unit called Trek and then a larger unit designed to give 360degree sound. Both give good sound and the decision on which to buy could be made on size alone.

839456 TP Link TL WA860RE 300Mbps Universal Plug in Wi Fi Range ExtendeBoosting Your Wi-Fi Signal

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 29 Jan 2015
Like skimming stones on water, Wi-Fi Range Extender technology can expand the reach of your local Wi-Fi network.

839507 Roberts Blutune200 DAB digital radiRoberts Blutune 200

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 28 Jan 2015
This is a DAB, FM, CD, SD, USB and Bluetooth sound system. There are many other systems that can do some of the things mentioned, but very few can record to SD or USB this system gives you the option to record to both.

838991 sandberg Shower Bluetooth SpeakeAudio To Bathe By

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 17 Jan 2015
Instead of music while you work (more relevant to older readers), this next product lets you have music while you shower or have a bath.

838956 pny wireless media sd card readeA Personal Wi-Fi Network

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 15 Jan 2015
It is relatively straightforward to stream and share your media content over various devices when you have access to your home wireless network but away from this environment matters may not be so cut and dried.

837446 Parrot Jumping Sumo Wi Fi Controlled Insectoid RoboSumos Can Jump!

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 17 Dec 2014
Continuing the MiniDrones are coming theme, this next product has more of a tank feel as it travels around and over obstacles.

837245 Nakamichi NBS 9 Handsfree Bluetooth SpeakeA Bridge-like Speaker

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 2 Dec 2014
Following on from the NBS8, recently reviewed on Gadgetspeak.com, Nakamichi has launched the next product in its range of portable Bluetooth speakers. Not surprisingly this next model has been named the NBS9.

837847 Roberts Stream93i stereo DAB radiRoberts Stream 93i

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 28 Nov 2014
This looks like a conventional DAB/FM radio and indeed it has both those functions, it is also able to be an Auxiliary output, play anything from a Media server and is also the best – and easiest to use – Internet Radio I have seen.

837846 WD My Passport Ultra 1TB USB 3.0 Portable DriveWD Wireless Storage

Published in Wireless by paul_smart on 26 Nov 2014
This is marketed as a quick and easy way to transfer data via your own secure Wi-Fi network. If your first use is via an Android (or I assume an ‘i’ device) this may be so but it may be far harder if you start from a PC with only the supplied five point guide.

837096 ZyXEL WRE2205 N300 Wireless Range ExtendeExtending Wi-Fi

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 13 Nov 2014
Like big red buses that tend to turn up in pairs, no sooner do I complete my review of a wireless extender product than a similar product turns up.

837239 Netgear WN3000RP 200UKS 300Mbps Universal Wi Fi Range ExtendeNetgear WN3000RP WiFi extender

Published in Wireless by bidmead on 11 Nov 2014
WiFi's become an almost indispensable adjunct to our computing and home entertainment, but it has its quirks. It passes easily through interior stud walls - unless they happen to be foil-insulated - but can grind to a halt when confronted with brick. UK regulations limit transmission power, and hence the range, and dead spots are not uncommon in traditionally-constructed British homes. Sod's law dictates that these will exactly coincide with the location of your Net-connected set-top box, or you

836622 Netgear EX6200 AC1200 80Adding Power to Wi-Fi

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 30 Oct 2014
Sometimes due to the layout of the environment and traffic demands, a wireless network can struggle to deliver. This next product offers to help.
As we move increasingly towards FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) for higher performance internet, there is an increasing requirement to separate the router from the modem. D-Link’s DIR-880L Wireless AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router is a high performance unit which ticks all the right boxes for those who are also moving to file sharing and media streaming.

835829 jam transit bluetooth headseA Jam Headset

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 27 Sep 2014
In the past I have looked at a number of products from the HMDX range of Jam audio devices. Up till now these devices have been Bluetooth speakers but this next offering, while supporting Bluetooth and providing audio output, belongs to a different category of product. It is the Jam Transit. This is a set of wireless stereo headphones.

835602 Boompods Headpods Foldable Soft Touch HeadphoneWireless Headpods

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 16 Sep 2014
Once as rare as “hen’s teeth”, wireless headsets are now appearing regularly including this offering from the BOOMPOD’s range of products.

835361 Boompods Downdraft Bluetooth Portable SpeakeA Speaker Called Downdraft

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 2 Sep 2014
With a brand name that suggests an explosive device and an appearance that reminds me of a slightly squashed sweet I enjoyed when I was younger, the subject of this next review is a Bluetooth portable speaker unit.

835135 roku 3500eu video streaminRoku Streaming Stick

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 30 Aug 2014
With the amount of available content, either free or subscription based, you might need help to access it. This next product could help.

834966 MobileLite Wireless G2_MLWG2_hr_20_05_2014 17_1Next Generation Streaming

Published in Wireless by mfereday on 14 Aug 2014
This time last year I checked out the Kingston MobileLite Wireless product. This device allowed you to stream content wirelessly to various mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The content being streamed was stored on SD memory cards and USB flash sticks. Since my original review Kingston has been busy developing the next generation of this product which, appropriately enough, is entitled MobileLite Wireless G2.