The Netgear ReadyNAS212 is a two-bay high-end network attached storage unit designed for those who, in addition to basic backups, want a high level of data protection as well as other features such as being able to do full HD 1080 to 480p transcoding on the fly.

868842 Dell Latitude 3470 14 Inch LaptoLatitude 3470

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 12 Jul 2016
The Latitude 3470 is a Dell laptop forming part of the 3000 series. This model has been designed for those users looking for a work machine that is reasonable priced.

868822 alcatel pixi 3   8 inch tableAlcatel Pixi 3 8inch

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 8 Jul 2016
An 8inch Tablet that runs Android 5.1.1 not quite the latest version but still recent. My test unit came direct from Alcatel in the UK but was a model sold by O2 in the UK, unlike a lot of Tablets it has a micro SIM slot so can be used online while out and about.

868749 Fujitsu STYLISTIC R72A Tablet or Laptop?

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 30 June 2016
When is a tablet not a tablet? Or maybe I should rephrase the question and ask when is a laptop not a laptop? After all the two questions have a close connection. In fact the answer to both these versions of the latest conundrum is the same. A tablet is not a tablet and a laptop is not a laptop when it is a hybrid device that brings together a tablet and a laptop into a single package. This situation occurs with the Fujistu Stylistic R726<

868636 HP Chromebook 14 G3 laptoHP Chromebook 14 G3

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 24 June 2016
If you want a PC to browse the Internet and to send a receive Emails there is an option that can avoid Windows. It is a Chromebook. This rather nice offering is from HP and unlike the very early Chromebooks you can still work offline.
If you have touch then you should have Windows 10 as it was designed with that in mind, certain things like annotations only work with touch. So a Notebook and Tablet all in one with Windows 10 should be the way to go.

868600 Venturer EliteWin 1Hybrid Mini Notebook

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 14 June 2016
Some users prefer a notebook while others opt for a tablet. With this next product you get both options.
The AOC model I2475PXQU is a 24 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD monitor incorporating an IPS panel for good colour rendition and wide viewing angle together with LED backlighting for long life and energy efficiency. It is a good all-round monitor for both work and pleasure.

868242 AOC I2781FH Ultra Slim Design 27 Inch 1920 x 1080 LED MonitoAOC Panel I2781FH

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 23 May 2016
A 27inch flat panel that is light but solid, the silver grey stand is in the shape of a squashed C with an extended bottom part makes it very solid but it also takes up very little desk space and everyone knows how that is always at a premium.
Both these devices have 32GB of memory, both are there to store and easily transfer data. The first item from Kingston is a fast access SD or micro SD card ideal for videos. The second is a nice looking USB able to clip to your keychain or purse.
When all the router’s Ethernet ports are full, Netgear’s SOHO Gigabit Ethernet switches provide a means of connecting more devices to one’s LAN. In addition they can often make the house a tidier place by cutting down on the number of long cables needed around the network.
A Tablet is becoming more popular, some say they will overtake sales of Desktop or Laptop systems. Most Tablets I get to see run Android or Chrome but this one runs Windows 10. Tablets have touch screens which is a big part of Windows 10.

868041 Seagate Innov8 8TB Desktop USB C Hard DrivSingle USB 8TB Storage

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 5 May 2016
Mixing a touch of style with plenty of storage space and a single USB connection, Seagate adds a new hard drive to its portfolio.

867757 Gigabyte P34W V3 CF1 14 Inch Gaming LaptoGigabyte P34

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 29 Apr 2016
Not that long ago a 14inch notebook would be unlikely to display 1920x1080 this unit is IPS QHD (3K) which shows 2560x1440 and its quite useable. So what other features does this Intel i7 offering with Windows 10 have to offer.
If there is such a thing as a universal modem router, the Archer VR900 from TP-Link is it. It has 2.4/5GHz wireless connectivity and is compatible with ADSL and VDSL standards as well fibre, cable and 3G/4G USB dongles.

867632 HP Envy 8 Note 5002 8 inch 32 GB TableThe HP EDGE 8

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 13 Apr 2016
This item could have an identity crisis. By default it is a Tablet but instead of running Android it runs Windows 10. It can also be used as a Notebook it comes with a Bluetooth keyboard. So here I get to use Windows 10 as it was intended with touch and even a pen stylus.
This is a tiny SSD drive in all but capacity which is 128GB. I will give the exact size in the review below. However it is described as a Tablet storage solution and here is the major difference in that it has hard wired leads for both standard and micro USB.
To the best of my limited medical knowledge I think they have yet to perfect eye transplants. So we are stuck with the pair we are born with, one way to knacker your eyes is staring at a screen for far too long each day, the manufacturers have produced certain things to help like ‘eye care’ in the case of BenQ.

867006 ASUS VX279Q 27 WIDE LED MONITOAsus Panel VX279Q

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 9 Mar 2016
While I think of ASUS for notebooks and Tablets and – although I have yet to review one – All In One systems which of course all have screens I was not aware until a recent visit to the BETT education event that they sold standalone screens.

867000 penclic k2 mini computer keyboarPenclic Keyboard

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 4 Mar 2016
However big your desk is there never seems enough room. So things got moved away the tower or mini tower went under the desk, a lot of recent panels have USB hubs what else can you move away, possibly the keyboard or at least have a smaller one.
Not the smallest PC I have looked at but probably the one with the most connectivity from such a small box. Things did not start that well but after the initial problems I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed testing this product.
The lasest offering from Philips should be able to support you whatever connection you need as it has VGA, Digital, HDMI and DisplayPort not to mention a rather nice USB3 Hub. So whatever and however you connect you are supported here with this 23.5inch panel showing 1920x1080.

866374 WD My Passport Ultra Portable External USB 3 Hard DrivWD 3TB USB3 Drive

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 12 Feb 2016
In September I told you about 1TB and 2TB WD portable drives and now I can tell you about the 3GB version that the press release said was released in July sadly it only arrived on my desk at the end of the year, still better late than never.
The Philips Brilliance P-line model 241P6EPJEB is a 24 inch LED professional monitor which has the facilities and ergonomics to meet the needs of those who sits in front of their computers all day long.

866370 HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Bang Olufsen Limited EditioHP EliteBook Folio G1

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 3 Feb 2016
Although Windows 10 was available to some to download as early as August last year this is the first unit that I have reviewed that was designed to use Windows 10 and by that I mean it can use all the features that Microsoft had as selling points when they tried to persuade people to upgrade. A natively installed product this is what Windows 10 should be.

866325 gigabyte p55kv5 high performance laptoA Gaming Laptop

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 30 Jan 2016
While better known for its range of motherboards, Gigabyte does have some other strings to its bow. The company also manufactures desktop systems, tablets and the subject of this next review, a gaming laptop. This is the Gigabyte P55 product.
A sub £100 flat panel is not unusual, a near £100 flat panel from a company like AOC is. This offering has cut a few of the ‘bells and whistles’ but nothing has been cut that matters and with everyone now worrying about ‘Blue Light’ this gives reassurance.
Once a home has several computers the file or files you need will always be on another PC. Of course you can transfer most by USB stick or assuming they are connected by a Network by Wi-Fi or Ethernet, surely there is a better way.

866036 QNAP QG 103N 7 in 1 Mobile Network Attached StoragSeven In One

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 10 Jan 2016
While some may think this is a printer on steroids or even a multi-use Swiss army knife it is neither. This device is a 32GB SSD which has seven different uses the main one being able to move data from one source to another quickly.

866033 BenQ GW2870H 28 Inch Widescreen VA LED Full HD MonitoBenQ 28inch GW2870H

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 6 Jan 2016
This flat panel from BenQ is one of a growing range that not only want to give you a crisp clear but also are aware of the damage that can be done to eyes by Blue light so that is possibly the one stand out selling point for eye health.