881699 Toshiba N300 8TB NAS Toshiba 8TB Drive N300

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on Jan 11, 2019
While a 1TB hard drive for a decent desktop machine is now the norm larger drives are available and as the size of the machine gets smaller a second drive bay gets rarer so having multiple partitions may be the way to go with a single larger drive. However with Windows making the formatting of anything over 2TB more difficult this 8TB offering may be more for those with more specialised uses.

881698 Acer Swift 7 SF714 51T NotebooAcer Swift 7

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One of the latest batch of notebooks to come on the market from Acer and not only is it powerful but has the absolutely latest version of Windows 10 that is V1809. Another of the recent inclusions is just USB ‘C’ ports on the unit. However for those that still need standard USB2 and USB3 an adapter unit is supplied in the box to attach.
The 27P1 is AOC’s universal 27 inch business monitor. It has the features and facilities that businesses want today and, at the same time, can still be used as a replacement for legacy monitors.
A lot of devices say ‘fast charge’ however fast charge will never be achieved by plugging the device into a USB port on a PC or even a wall socket unless you have a special plug capable of getting more power to your device which means higher power.
While a NAS has long been something for larger organisations and even smaller companies it now has a place for the SOHO or even the Home user as Synology have recently launched a single bay NAS and also Seagate have launched a drive designed for NAS use so a recent visit to London had me finding my way around the chaos at Euston caused by Crossrail for the construction of the Elizabeth line.

880900 Toshiba 32GB EXCERIA PRO N502 SD CarToshiba 32GB Exceria Pro

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Stated to be capable of copying 8K video as captured according to the box. I can certainly confirm capture of 4K video without any problem on two separate devices. It is an SDHC UHS-II Card, mine was 32GB but they do other capacities.

880810 BenQ EX3203R 31 Inch QHD 2K HDR 144 Hz Curved Gaming MonitoBenQ 32inch panel

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This is a large curved computer panel which can show up to 2160x1440. So if your room can support such a large screen then you will get reasonable sound, great images and once you get used to the curve a more than satisfactory viewing experience.

880712 Philips BDM4037UW 40 Inch 4K UHD Curved LED MonitoPhilips Big and Curvy

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This is big and I mean ‘big’ larger than most TV’s and it’s a monitor/panel for use with a PC, however with the software provided it can show up to four screens on it’s one screen. This 40inch display is capable of showing 4K which is 3840x2160.

880636 Dell G3 15 3579 Gaming LaptoDell Gaming Laptop G5 15

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Like a number of Dell offerings it comes with a choice of hard disk, memory and processor options all under the same name of G5 15. So you can choose exactly what options you want at least until next year and then who knows what.
The C27G1 is a member of AOC’s range of curved screen gaming monitors. With a 27 inch full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync it is targeted at the keen gamer.

880600 shadow virtual cloud gaming PMe and My Shadow

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Unlike our personal shadows, which follow us where ever we go, whether visible or not, the Blade company’s Shadow (note the capital letter indicating its different status) is an entirely different entity. Let me explain
With the 24V2Q well-known brand AOC offers a 1920x1080 16:9 IPS panel slim-line monitor in a stylish package aimed at those who want reasonable performance without breaking the bank.

880437 AOC I1601FWUX 15.6 Inch 3AOC USB C Monitor

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The first monitor that I have seen that takes both its power and video signal from a USB ‘C’ port. In fact it has just one connection the USB cable – the other end goes to a USB ‘C’ port on your Notebook or Tablet and an on/off button.
This is a 24inch curved gaming monitor from AOC as the title might tell you. While I have other curved monitors including the first TV that was widely available in the UK they have all been substantially larger than the 24inches of this offering.

880182 HP ENVY 13 ad015na 1HP Envy Laptop

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It’s taken a while, 18 months in fact from change of agency to the first arrival of an HP notebook. Its thin its light and it has connectivity so what is not to like about this 13inch offering called very appropriately by the name of ENVY.

880066 BenQ GW2780 27 Inch FHD 1080p Eye Care LED MonitoBenQ GW2780

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As you might get from the title this is a 27inch panel. Like most recent offerings it manages to take a minimal amount of desk space and also to supply an excellent image while at the same time looking after your eyes with flicker free 1920x1080 resolution.

879966 dell XPS 13 inch 2 in 1 laptrop tableDell XPS 13 9365

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This is neither large nor heavy so ideal to use when out and about. A black sandwich with silver grey slices, it is a Notebook and a Tablet running the latest version of Windows 10 V1803. Three sides of the screen have tiny edges the forth the bass is the less than usual place to find the webcam. There are other surprises like only USB ‘C’ ports.
The Philips monitor 272B7QU is a high-end QHD 2560 x 1440 display that offers, in addition to high performance, good ergonomics and a built-in docking station.
All In One PC’s are not exactly new but here is a large screen offering that is equipped with lots of good features and even includes a Thunderbolt 3 socket as well as HDMI in the latter ideal for you to attach a PVR for those after work hours watching.

879578 BenQ PD2710QC 27 Inch 2K QHD MonitoA Designer Monitor

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Forming part of BenQ’s Designer range of products, the PD2710QC is a 27 inch 2K QHD monitor. This particular model comes with the claim of being BenQ’s first USB Type-C display product to take advantage of the latest USB technology.

879472 Philips 272B8QJEB 68.5 cm LED MonitoPhilips Brilliance 272B

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A rather nice 27inch panel from Philips, which should be able to give you 2560x1440 resolution which is that step up from the default offering these days of 1920x1080. It has a good colour gamut and shows well in a whole range of lighting conditions.

879415 Acer SW512 52 55YD Switch 5 tablet convertablAcer Switch 5 SW512-52

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While this is a Notebook as it has a keyboard it is more likely to be used as a Tablet as the keyboard folds back behind the screen and then you have an excellent touch screen Windows unit that even comes with a stylus for accurate work. If fact the keyboard can even be totally detached should you wish.

879343 Lenovo Ideacentre 620A Compact Tower

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When space is at a premium you might like to consider a tower system from Lenovo.

878824 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Quad Core CPU motherboarRaspberry Pi 3 B+

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on June 4, 2018
I had read a good bit about this tiny bare board computer that a lot will use for a single purpose. Then I was offered the chance to review one of the new batch that can take the required power from an Ethernet cable which seemed unusual at least.

878517 BenQ SW2700PT Photographer MonitoBenQ 27inch

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For those who have an interest in photography then a specialised ‘RGB’ unit such as this offering from BenQ could well solve the problem of getting the colour correct, this unit guarantees 99% correct Adobe RGB colour space.
The 276E9QJAB/00 is one of a series of three 27 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD computer monitors employing what Philips describes as Ultra-Wide Color technology aimed at the home & office markets.
While this can be used as a notebook the keyboard is not fixed and the screen would need propping so this Latitude device is really a Tablet with a keyboard attached so probably best described as a Tablet/Notebook to be accurate.

878465 benq QHD Designer Monitor PD2700A Designer Monitor

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Offering a wide range of viewing features is a monitor from BenQ aimed at designers.

878452 Zyxel Multy X Tri Band AC3000 Whole Home Wi Fi Mesh SysteZyxel Multy X

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Do you suffer from poor Wi-Fi coverage then Zyxel may have a solution for you. This Tri-Band Router allows you to increase the area covered over that offered by the majority of other similar devices simply by not sticking to one waveband.
The Filofax EniTAB360 Tablet Holder is a folding prop stand that has been designed to be attached to the rear surface of a tablet larger than 8.5 inches to enable it to be set at a convenient reading angle.