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The first is described as an easy mobile phone with SMS ideal for those with poor sight. The second is a Wi-Fi phone giving low cost calls via Wireless Lan or Wi-Fi. These two show that Doro are not just a home/office phone company.

doro handle easy 330 gsm

Doro HandleEasy 330gsm

This phone has a rubberised finish and gives the immediate impression that it would withstand the odd knock or three.

It is black and 10.5x5.5x1.5cm it weights 92grams. The screen is 3.6x2.7cm. There are 15 keys below the screen with the numeric keys being 1.5x.8cm and the top row (answer, return and hang up) being even larger at 1.5x1.2cm. The screen can display up to eight lines of text that is very clear and easy to read.

Above the screen are two push buttons on the left a light bulb that shows the screen and on the right a radio to switch to the built in FM Radio. The top has a alarm key apart from lighting the screen the light bulb also is a torch button with a small but powerful beam in the centre of the top great for finding the keyhole in the dark, while the base has connectors for the charger and the earbuds. The final control is on the right side the side key that moves you up and down through the menus.

The menu options are Phonebook, Calls, Text Message, Alarm, Conversion, Profiles, Calculator, FM Radio and Settings. No space for much detail here but the Conversion and Calculator are nice useful gadgets.

This is never going to be a phone for the young as it does not have a music player. No doubt it is extremely uncool to have large easy to press buttons but for those whose sight is not what it was this is ideal.

When dialing the first six numbers fill the width of the screen and when you tap in the seventh it goes to a smaller size so that a normal 11 digit number will still be fully visible when typed. It is also easy to hear for those with less than perfect hearing. This is a nice easy to use phone for the older person.

From the link below at £134.22, it will work on any network and is sold SIM free.

doro ip700 wifi voip phone

Doro wifi phone ip700wifi

This phone has one thing provided as standard that I have never come across before, it is supplied with two batteries.

It is 11x4.5x1.5cm and weights only 74grams. Black with silver trim and it has white numerals on the keys. The screen is 3.5x4cm. Below the screen are 15 keys and the ubiquitous five position joystick. The key arrangement is slightly different to other phones with three columns, the left and right columns have six keys and the centre one only four, this is to accommodate the joystick arrangement in the centre. Most keys are 1x.6cm but the 1 and 3 keys are smaller at .7x.6cm this together with the 2 5 8 0 keys being offset downwards makes the keypad unusual.

On switch on you are met with a barrage of light as the keys and the areas in between all illuminate until it is ‘booted’ or until it can’t find a LAN. Unlike a mobile phone where you need a SIM and credit to be able to make a call. Here you need a SIP account (easily created) and some credit. SIP for those who have not come across it is the main rival to Skype. You make calls by using wireless so it is less user friendly than a mobile as often you will not have reception but of course calls are a great deal cheaper than mobiles.

The screen is clear and easy to read the menu consists of five items, Phonebook, Call History, Call Features, Phone Conference and Admin Conference. There is a small manual with the first ten pages in English and this explains everything.

Is the second battery a gimmick or is it a useful tool that other ‘mobile’ phone manufacturers will follow?

Doing my Internet searches found the Doro wifi phone ip700wifi at a best price of £137.99 from link below.

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