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While hardly rating as one of my favourite tasks, it could be said that I have been having a ball recently when vacuuming my home.

Dyson DC24 manoeuvrable bag-less cyclone vacuum cleaner

The original computer mouse featured a ball that allowed it to be moved smoothly in any directly without the need for additional adjustments by the user.  Believing this same principle could be adapted for use with a vacuum cleaner, especially considering the trend towards smaller homes with the UK leading the rest of Europe in this respect, James Dyson and his team of engineers set about designing a new vacuum, cleaner based on the ball principle.  The result is an upright cleaner appropriately named the Dyson Ball.

Through the use of this ball, orange in colour, located at the base of the Dyson device, manoeuvrability should be improved as you are no longer restricted to vacuuming in straight lines and can move easily around any obstructions caused by walls and furniture.  Once you have come to terms with the concept that you can direct the vacuum cleaner to where it needs to go rather than just straight ahead, you could  find this necessary household task taking less time than previous - a big plus for the likes of me.

As well as the manoeuvrability angle, the Dyson engineers have looked into aspects of the size of this vacuum cleaner.  When in its storage state, the Dyson Ball snuggles down to just 749 x 280 x 349 (H x D x W) which is a one-third reduction of its normal height.  This is achieved by the steering handle retracting into the body of the cleaner.  I must admit that this particular feature took a little getting use to as I struggled to remember that this adjustable steering handle was not meant for carrying the cleaner.  There is a separate rigid handle for this purpose.

Convenience has not been forgotten with the Dyson Ball.  The transparent dust collecting bin gives you a clear indication when it should be empty.  This is basically a simple operation as the cleaner uses a trigger bin-emptying system that requires you to press a button for the content to be disposed of in a suitable receptacle.  The capacity of this bin was not as great as my normal vacuum cleaner which encourages you to empty more frequently. 

This arrangement means that you do not have to purchase dust bags.  Incidentally the Dyson bin is made from the same material as riot shields.  For those who suffer from allergies this model has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation, like all Dyson cleaners.  The filter supplied with this cleaner is washable so cutting down on the cost of any consumables.

The cleaner's steering handle can be adjusted to various angles by pressing on a lever at the rear of the device so that you can direct the Dyson Ball under various items.  You are also supplied with a small brush attachment.  This can be fixed direct to the hose input or used in conjunction with the handle device acting as an extension pole linking the brush unit to the hose.  You can also adjust the brush-bar element so that it works equally well on carpets and hard floor surfaces.

I found the Dyson Ball easy to use once I got use to the on/off switch.  This needed to be held in for a second or so otherwise it would immediately cut out.  The Dyson Ball performed well in its task of putting up dirt and dust.  My only real criticism of this vacuum cleaner is with the supplied documentation.  This is hardly the clearest piece of instructions I have encountered.  Often it took several referrals before I managed to relate the instructions to the equipment that was before me.  The combination of annotated illustration and brief text was sometimes more confusing that helpful.  The Dyson Ball has been priced at £228.98 which is fairly standard for a Dyson product but makes the competition look decided inexpensive. It is however available for less - Amazon are currently selling the DC24 for £199.99 including shipping on the following link :

Information from Dyson :

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Comment by Joze, June 29, 2010 10:30

Aboslutely rubbish, worst hoover I have ever owned, does not hoover up item over a few mill wide - how stupid, whats the point in having the hoover?  the pipe - my god, could they have made it any more narrow?????, woudl be quicker to go round the house with a dust pan and brush, never buy a dyson again - i think those cheap hoover from poundstretch would do a better job.

Comment by dickhead, Jan 24, 2010 14:30

Yeah, think he means 'residence' rather than miniature people.

Comment by Nikki, June 5, 2009 15:28

We paid almost £300 for a dyson animal DC24. It's hopeless! Misses most of the dust and dog hairs that it was bought to clean up, and after any more than 10 mins of constant hoovering it totally cuts out! Won't then work again for at least 20mins! We have a fairly large house and this meanbs I have to hoover it in shifts! Ridiculous - paying this much should at least enable me to hoover the entire house in one go! Won't ever buy again. Bye bye Dyson, hello Miele!

Comment by monkeyhanger, May 6, 2008 6:35

Dyson's first invention was a wheelbarrow that used a ball instead of a wheel, making it much easier to negotiate tight bends with heavy loads. I rather suspect it was this that led to applying a similar idea in his cleaners than the computer mouse!
"trend towards smaller residents"??? - do you mean homes?

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