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Dyson challenged the might of the established vacuum manufacturers - both in the market and in the courts - and won! They are now a leader in technology and fashion with their range of bagless cyclone based products to cover every vacuuming situation!

The original cyclone hoover has spawned a whole range of Dyson machines, with other manufacturers following the bagless revolution.

Right from the outset Dyson packed his innovative new machine with clever technology. The key differentiator being the lack of a bag of course - making it more efficient and preventing suction decreasing as the bag fills up.

They also changed the styling of vacuums forever - from a very boring utiliarian device to something of a fashion statement in it's own right.

We have a number of reviews of Dyson machines by different people here at GadgetSpeak - so you can make your own mind up whether these are for you!

This latest Dyson vacuum is both an upright and a handheld cleaner in one. It can perform this seemingly impossible task by having the motor and collection container at the top of the arm remote from the cleaning shoe(s).
The Dyson Wand V6 Absolute measures 112cm from the top to the base of the shoe, the larger of the two provided is 24cm wide. AS stated it can be used with or without the single 65cm connection attached. This means as an ‘upright’ no bending and the smaller shoe sizes mean it can get into far tighter spaces that would either not be accessible or would require moving things around. For very tight places it can be used with other supplied accessories as a handheld device.
Mention Dyson and you immediately think of vacuum cleaners. Now we have a Dyson cleaner powered by a new engine.
Deep in the heart of Wiltshire, beavering away at their Malmesbury headquarters, are a team of engineers lead by James Dyson.  Best known for developing various vacuum cleaners (based on the cyclone principle), this team had recently turned its sights and expertise towards the main component driving these branded Dyson products.  That component is the engine.
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Dyson DC31

120 years ago the electric motor was invented and although it has had minor changes it remains more or less the same as it was then. James Dyson has invented a totally new and considerably lighter offering, just one of the new things in this latest handheld unit.
This will never replace the full sized unit and indeed it is not intended to do so. I remember when I was first shown an early ‘ball’ unit the lady demonstrating it said the ‘ball’ means even a man can use it, I am still not sure how much her tongue was in her cheek. However the ‘ball’ unit does get into spaces and round tight turns that other cleaners cannot get.
The normal household upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner can sometimes be just too large and cumbersome for a small job. Dyson’s DC31 meets the need for a convenient handheld machine when one just needs to do a quick clean up.
Being battery powered and only weighing about 3lb it can be used virtually anywhere around the house or car and, as long as is kept charged, is always ready to go. The machine is simple and convenient to use. Its has a pistol grip and can be used equally well in either hand. With the brush on its combination tool retracted it can be used on carpets and soft furnishings. Then, with the brush slid to its forward position, the DC31 is then ready for use on hard surfaces.
The Dyson Baby DC22 Allergy is a cylinder vacuum cleaner designed to tuck away into the smallest of storage spaces whils still giving a performance clean.
As it's name suggests this is Dyson's baby of the family.  This cleaner is ideal for you if space is at a premium but you still want a high performance cleaner.  The DC22 Allergy is a  compact vacuum cleaner that still manages to incorporate the Dyson Cyclone technology.  It's designed for homes with very little storage space and not too much vaccuming!  The Dyson Baby DC 22  is simple to assemble.
While hardly rating as one of my favourite tasks, it could be said that I have been having a ball recently when vacuuming my home.
The original computer mouse featured a ball that allowed it to be moved smoothly in any directly without the need for additional adjustments by the user.  Believing this same principle could be adapted for use with a vacuum cleaner, especially considering the trend towards smaller homes with the UK leading the rest of Europe in this respect, James Dyson and his team of engineers set about designing a new vacuum, cleaner based on the ball principle.
All the bits on this unit are designed for the smaller home, from the one litre dust container to the overall height, this unit – still an upright – is designed smaller.
Size everything the lack of it in this Dyson cleaner. It is 108cm to the top of the handle when extended. 28cm wide and 32cm from front to back at the base this is less than 20cm at the dust receptor and only 3cm at the skinny handle. Like all Dyson cleaners it goes through a cycle for every part, they have specific machines that test each part giving it years of wear in a very short time by almost constant action.
This is a pull along unit, however unlike most other cleaners on that type this still packs enough punch to actually lift a fitted carpet and therefore the dirt and dust has no chance.
click to enlarge To begin with this is no ordinary pull along cleaner. As you might expect it is not that light at close to ten kilos. Giving measurements is not easy as although it is a basic rectangle I can only give the maximum it is 24cm from side to side 45cm from front to back and 35cm tall.
Have you noticed how dust and dirt tends to congregate at the most inconvenient times and places? Perhaps a handheld cleaner is the answer.
One of the more successful examples of recent British ingenuity is that demonstrated by James Dyson and his desire to make things work better. Following his successful development of an industrial cyclone tower cleaner, which removed powder particles through the use of centrifugal forces that were 100,000 times greater than gravity, Dyson put to mind to producing a domestic appliance that used the same principle.
The lady who demonstrated this to me said ‘as it has a ball even a man can use it’ I think it was a joke, however it is a very good vacuum cleaner.
For more years than I can remember I have used an upright Hoover and apart from emptying and occasionally changing the bag the only thing I ever remember doing was replacing the belt to the sweeping brushes a couple of times and this is over at least thirty years. Then a couple of years ago I found that the bags were no longer available.
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Dyson DC07

With its Root8Cyclone action, you really need to make sure your carpet is fixed firmly down before you decide to use this vacuum wizard!
For those of you who are regular readers, you may recall . Well, sadly after over 4 years of service it finally died on the 8th January. my article about my DC04 So off i went to my local electrical store and we decided to buy a basic DC07 model with the Root Cyclone action, which effectively gives greater cleaning ability than any vacuum I have come across.

Dyson DC04

Dyson products are great at demonstrating innovation that has an everyday use, so having had this vacuum for over 3 years, i thought that it deserves a mention here. Aswell as looking very stylish, it performs superbly well.
A few years ago, a number of friends used to rave about how great their "Dyson" was, so i thought i would pop round to the local electrical outlet to see what all the fuss was about. After the intital shock of the price, i soon realised how simple but effective this vacuum was, which then made the price look like excellent value.