Lexmark X7350 

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This is a multi function inkjet printer, so it prints, scans (flatbed and page fed), copies and just for those who still need one, it has a fax.
Lexmark X7350

The Lexmark X7350 is 44x38x25cm and rather boxy by today's standards, it is silver/grey and black. It weights a little less than eight kilos. It is a two cartridge four ink solution.

While a lot of recent devices have card slots this only has a Pict Bridge socket. One reason maybe is that it only has a fixed two line LCD display and this is black on blue and not that easy to read at certain angles.

The front edge of the unit has 32 buttons and the ubiquitous five position joystick. Paper is stored face down in the base and delivered face up on a shelf just above. The USB lead is back right and the power lead back left.

I have always liked the Lexmark printing interface, easy to understand and the choices easily selected. Years ago it was ahead of it's time, unfortunately the other printer companies have improved theirs and now the Lexmark offering looks somewhat dated.

Printing A4 text pages in fast draft mode produced nice sharp black images. The 200 word document printed at 16PPM while the more normal 1500 word document spread over four pages came out at 11PPM. Before I move onto graphical pages I found a nasty problem, should you get a paper jam a notice appears on the screen of the unit you follow the instructions and clear the jam. With other manufacturers the unit would then continue printing, here nothing and the whole print job needs to be resent.

Apart from the basic print options available from 'preferences' when you print from any application there is Lexmark Productivity Suite. The choices for printing are somewhat limited at 15x10cm 18x13cm and 25x20cm. Printing two images at 18x13cm on a single A4 sheet of photo paper took around 5minutes. This of course leaves a 4cm border at the base of the sheet and a 3cm border on the right side. Printing an A4 single image from Windows Picture and Fax Viewer took 5 minutes and 20 seconds and left a narrow border on the left a .5cm border on the right and a 1.5cm border at the bottom. All images printed tight to the top of the sheet.

Copying can be done within Windows and the choices are slightly greater but copying can also be done without the PC being turned on or even connected. This can use either the page feed or the flatbed. Colour copies took just on a minute while black copies took around 45 seconds. The colour copy was excellent and hard to tell from the original. The black tended to lose definition on some colours - surely the main reason to copy in colour - but when given a mono document it was fine.

Scanning of course uses the same principles but the PC must be connected and you can then scan from within any application or use the provided Presto Page Manager. OCR is handled by ABBYY Sprint 6. One of the tests I gave the OCR was a rather rambling delivery note and the result was excellent with no problems or funny characters.

Overall when printing or copying the unit is rather noisy when first taking the paper from the tray, while printing in fast draft it is also quite noisy but in best mode a lot quieter. My main worry is with paper jams and the fact the whole document needs to be resent. The quality of printing was okay (a lot better than some in draft mode) but the lack of choices for photo printing stop this being a unit that anyone who prints a lot of photos could consider.

Doing my Internet searches found it at a best price of £59.99 including delivery from the first link below.,7044,252735_408641_647139974_en_0_6,00.html

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Comment by John Jenkins, Jan 25, 2011 19:23

Constant problems. Runs out of ink quickly. And the software doesn't work well with warnings like cannot load applications etc.  Paper jams often.  Don't buy one.

Comment by Compufix 2000, Nov 30, 2010 16:47

When I try to download a patch from Lexmark FTP I am asked for a username and password. I have tried admin/admin but it is rejected so I can not download the patch. Could you advise what username and password that will work?


Stuart Scarfe

Comment by Tom, Jul 12, 2009 20:18

Mikael has the idea sorted, I found that it was only one of the applications that needed to be added to the list. I also ran the two patches suggested on the Lexmark site. the only down of this fix is that I now have to do some work.

Comment by jjblack, Mar 4, 2009 2:23

This worked for my Vista laptop and x4530

Unable to Retrieve Scan Application List on the Lexmark 3500-4500 Series   ID: ENUS28866
What you will see

    It is not possible to retrieve the scan application list during the Downloading Application List step.  To determine if the resolution below should be used, the following should also be applicable:

        * It is possible to print either with a network or USB connection.
        * It is possible to scan using Windows Photo Gallery (in Windows XP using the Scanner and Camera wizard).  NOTE: This can only be tried with a USB connection.
        * If scanning from the Imaging Studio software, you should be able to scan with a USB connection but the Scan to PC option from the operator panel should fail when connected via USB.      


    There is a patch that you can download and run to resolve this issue.

    Step 1:
    Download the following patch:

       1. To start the process, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.
       2. Reboot the PC.
       3. Unplug the power adapter from the back of the printer.
       4. Plug it back in after 30 seconds.
       5. Try to scan again.

          If the problem still exists, follow Step 2 below.

    Step 2:
    Download the following patch:

       1. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.
       2. Reboot the PC.
       3. Unplug the power adapter from the back of the printer.
       4. Plug it back in after 30 seconds.
       5. Try to scan again.

Still need help?

        Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance.  NOTE: When calling for support, you will need to know your machine/model type and serial number.

        Please call from near the printer and computer in case the technician asks you to perform a task involving one of these devices.  

Comment by charles, Feb 27, 2009 9:35

im having problem with my Lexmark x450.the printing and scanning stopped and alalways elling me that the driver lxdipswx.exe have been been removed,delet or changed.



Comment by Dave B, Jan 9, 2009 12:47

Thanks for the tip Mikael. Sorted the cannot retrieve application list problem in about one minute by turning the Windows Firewall off and now I can scan!

I usually set it to off and allow the hardware based firewall to protect my PC, so not sure how it got turned on.

I had an X7170 (I think) in Australia, although it looks similar to the X7350 but now have an X4550 in France and I much preferred the X7170 with the ability to scan a whole bunch of documents with the sheet feeder.

Cheers Dave

Comment by jackwinguk, Mar 21, 2008 16:02

I have a lexmark X7350 and need the ocr application, unfortunately I don't have me install cd, can anyone help?  Also if anyoine has any idea where I can get a silver facia for the x7350 I would be very grateful, lexmark Customer Service aren't to helpful.  Thank you

Comment by Mikael, Nov 24, 2007 23:53

Forgot this one:
Device Monitor: C:\Program Files\Lexmark 3500-4500 Series\lxdimon.exe

It might be that only one or a few of these applications are related to the "CANNOT RETRIEVE APPLICATION LIST" error. During installation I think my Symantec Client Firewall showed up 6 times.

If you find that adding these applications is not the solution, you might have to check your firewall log to see if it has denied incoming calls from the IP of your printer ( this might be a good starting point ).


Comment by Mikael, Nov 24, 2007 23:31

My experience with Lexmark X4550:

You will get the "CANNOT RETRIEVE APPLICATION LIST" if your pc blocks the communication from the printer. This can be configured in your personal firewall. This can be Windows Firewall (found in Control Panel, Security Center), Symantec Client Firewall or similar. Depending on the configuration of this firewall you might or might not get pop-up messages from the firewall during installation. These pop-ups will allow you to permanently allow for this incoming communication. But your firewall might be set not to let you decide anything which will typically mean that the calls will be blocked out. This will often be the case if you have a company laptop configured by the company IT dept. You might then have to ask an admin to add exceptions the applications used by Lexmark as the configuration might not be open for you to change. I think this is the complete list of applications:

Job Status Window Interface: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\lxdijswx.exe
Lexmark Communications System: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\lxdicoms.exe
Lexmark Connect Time Executable: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\lxditime.exe
Lexmark Device Monitor: C:\Program Files\Lexmark 3500-4500 Series\lxdiamon.exe
Lexmark Imaging Studio: C:\Program Files\Lexmark 3500-4500 Series\App4R.exe
Printer Communication System: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\lxdicfg.exe
Printer Status Window Interface: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\lxdipswx.exe

I deseleted fax software during installation, so maybe the list above is not complete.


Comment by RG, Nov 24, 2007 17:43


Ditto for me too! Did you ever find out how to scan w/o the error message CANNOT RETRIEVE APPLICATION LIST"

Comment by Larry, Nov 24, 2007 0:26

I just purchased the Lexmark X4550. I can print and copy (I never fax). When I try to scan I get the "CANNOT RETRIEVE APPLICATION LIST". Did I do something wrong with the installation? My wireless connection is through a private Netgear item.<br><br>Larry

Comment by Arthur Leech, Nov 21, 2007 3:44

I have downloaded the 7300 disc but cannot get an icon for the productivity suit which I had on my 7100 series. Also it won't scan. It tells me it cannot retrieve application list. Using defaults! Please help. I need to scan docs. I have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail. I NEVER had these problems with my 7150.

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