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I have reviewed a number of these small (they still print A4) printers, however the last was a while ago and this has just been launched by HP. So if you work away from power will it do what you need to do or is portable not on?
The HP OfficeJet 100 measures 33.5x19x8cm either with leads plugged in or with the supplied battery pack plugged in, in the latter configuration it weights 2.585kilos. It comes with decent sized ink cartridges – something other mobile units have not seemed to have – it is also stated to have battery power to print ‘up to 500 pages’ between needing power.
I find it surprising that it is 11 months since I have reviewed an ink jet printer, by that I mean a printer as opposed to an all in one or a multi function unit. Unlike most inkjets it has two proper trays so you have far more control from the computer.
The Canon Pixma iP3600 inkjet printer measures 41x33x15cm with the rear upright tray closed, open the tray and add A4 paper and you add 22cm to the last figure the height. Sad to say it is black apart from a silver stripe so it is unlikely to pass the lounge police. The power lead on the left back and the USB recessed on the right back edge do not protrude so no extra space is required behind the unit.
This is a sleek low slung AIO (All In One) unit that without the black front may have just passed the lounge police. However it still is a rather nice unit that does everything rather well.
It is 43x34x15cm the last figure the height increases by 17cm when A4 paper is in the tray at the rear of the unit. The scanner lid opens landscape front to back and to the right of the lid are the only controls a total of eight buttons and some LED's including a simple 1 to 9 counter for copies. You can of course copy either in colour or black without the PC being turned on or even connected to the unit.
For an inkjet printer this is big, but in comparison to some so are it’s most expensive part it’s ink cartridges, hence the claim ‘25% cheaper to run than a laser printer’.
First the all important dimensions for this Officejet printer it is 49x38x21cm and it weights in at 8.8kilos. There are only three buttons on the front edge, the only one you are likely to use is the on/off. There are four tiny LED's to tell you if any of the four cartridges need changing. The rear has the power input (it's a massive power brick) and the USB input.
Here the word portable means no mains and not just with a 15x10cm offering. So for anyone needing to produce documents while away from mains power this is it. It is a product that Canon have successfully produced in various forms for years.
This latest incarnation of the is a little larger simply because the battery fits in an attachment at the rear. The overall dimensions with the battery extension attached at the rear are 31x20x5cm and the weight is such it could easily fit into a bag to be carried around. However in it's 'mobile' life I would expect it would live in a car as a mobile office for people who need to produce quotes and invoices on the move.
This is grey and cream in colour inkjet printer. It’s rather low slung and could even be acceptable in the lounge. Also, it is quite quiet when in use, even in economy mode.
The Hewlett Packard is 43x35x14cm, paper is stored face down in the base and delivered face up on top of the paper storage tray so no extra space is required. There is also a built in 15x10cm paper tray that photo paper can be left stored (face down) in and only when you select photo tray is it moved back into place. After printing of the 15x10 photo images it is moved forward out of the way. In fact the whole paper storage on the D5160 is quite novel.
This is a multi function inkjet printer, so it prints, scans (flatbed and page fed), copies and just for those who still need one, it has a fax.
The is 44x38x25cm and rather boxy by today's standards, it is silver/grey and black. It weights a little less than eight kilos. It is a two cartridge four ink solution. Lexmark X7350 While a lot of recent devices have card slots this only has a Pict Bridge socket. One reason maybe is that it only has a fixed two line LCD display and this is black on blue and not that easy to read at certain angles.
This is not a SELPHY but a Pixma but it only prints 15x10cm images. It looks rather like a projector or a fan heater of a few years ago – rather than a printer, however the images it produces are good.
The is 22.5x22x7.5cm and weights 2.2kilos. It is white with gun metal blue sides. A carry handle pulls out from the back allowing it to be easily moved but this is a mains only unit so the power brick and lead need to come with you.
This is a small 15x10cm printer that prints from almost all cards, direct from cameras via Pict Bridge or from a PC using a USB lead and yes for regular readers I did review it the autumn of last year, however the huge price reduction is the reason for a second look.
This however it a totally new review of the and I only cribbed after I had researched the bulk of the article, so while it is partly the same the actual review was totally new. HP PhotoSmart A516 my original article This is really small at 21x10x10cm when shut, in use the back tilts backward by 3cm at the top to allow storage of a few sheets of 15x10cm paper waiting to be printed.
It is only very occasionally I get to see an A3+ printer. This prints quickly even at that large size. However the overall size of the unit is not as big as some other A3+ models.
Certainly you will need a good amount of desk space for the A3+ printer from Epson, the dimensions are 60x30x20cm when closed, you will probably need to add another 30cm to the middle depth figure to have paper inserted in the 'stand up' rear and the paper output tray at the front extended. Maybe another 18cm to the 20cm height for the paper waiting to be printed.
This black box can – should it be required - occupy a very small space. However the quality of images and text printed are good, so if you have a only a small space this printer could fit it.
The is 44x30x12cm when closed however add another 22cm to the last figure when paper is in the vertical tray at the rear waiting to be used. I discovered the small footprint when moving some stuff around during a reorganisation and for most of the review it sat on the end of it's box and performed without any problems.
When you need help with various office tasks, calling on your Brother could provide the solution.
When your multifunctional device already contains an inkjet printer; flat-bed scanner; photocopying facilities; fax capabilities; network support; ADF (Automatic Document Feed) features built in; media card reader; PictBridge support; and a telephone handset, you would be forgiven for thinking that, apart from speed issues, any developments would be purely cosmetic.
I – as regular readers will know – am no style guru, but the cream and grey HP PhotoSmart D7160 looks low slung and stylish to me. In fact say it quietly some ladies may even allow it into the lounge.
This is a that comes with some rather nice HP photo software to help you improve your images without hassle. You then have the ability to print, email or even backup the output. photo printer It is 44x40x12cm, apart from the 5x4cm TFT display that could raise the 12cm height by another 5cm should your preferred viewing angle be at 90 degrees, mine is less than half that but it will depend on where the printer is placed.
Having recently looked at the Epson inkjet printers and a flat bed scanner, it is now time to combine these facilities.
The is a multifunction device.  This predominately dark grey product with a matt silver top combines an inkjet printer, flat-bed A4 scanner and fax capabilities within a single unit.  You also get PictBridge and memory card (CF Type II, Memory Stick, SD/MMC and xD) connectivity with the latter being hidden in a front-mounted concealed compartment.
This is a stylish looking multi function unit, however despite the neat outward appearance doing things other than copying without the PC is not that easy.
It is 45x34x16cm you need to double the last figure the height when paper is stored waiting to be used. The USB lead goes in back left and the power lead towards the right on the rear. The controls are on the top all together in a line to the left of the flatbed scanner lid that opens landscape. A total of twenty four buttons and a one line LED display. This is fixed so you need to adjust yourself to be able to read it.
It does seem that new printers are arriving quicker than ever. We take a look at a new Canon budget offering.
PIXMA is Canon-speak for inkjet printers.  Joining this range of Canon printers is the model.  This rectangular box shaped unit, decked out in highly reflective black (giving you a mirror in an emergency and a repository for occasional fingerprints), measures 442 x 237 x 152mm and weighs in at 3.3kg.
Having just printed an image that should last for 120 years, let me tell you about the device I used while waiting to see if the claim is true.
As part of its new batch of products, .  This is a device that provides print, scan and copy facilities.  Basically it is an with an A4 flatbed scanner positioned on the top.
epson dx600

Epson DX6000

This is far more like what I would expect from Epson than the DX4000 I reviewed recently. The look, the output quality in fact the whole experience was lots better.
This is a four colour four cartridge offering. The software - as with most printers/all in ones is partially installed before you attach the unit. Unlike this came back to me after the initial install with options to install the rest of the software that includes some nice printing and OCR software. The total install time - two parts - was around 30 minutes and afterwards my hard disc had 1.1GB less space but I did install everything.
A grey and shiny black box that prints, scans and copies, it’s an All In One that Epson calls an entry level model.
It is 43x35x17cm when the rear paper input is closed with paper inserted this increases the 17cm height to 32cm and the 35cm depth to 45cm. The weight is 5.7kilos. It is a four ink four cartridge offering meaning if you use a lot of one particular colour then you only need to replace that cartridge. As with all Epson units the first set of cartridges last less time than any replacement as initial charging uses a proportion of the ink.
This is a multi function unit (it has fax) and is a versatile unit. Not tiny but not massive either and it comes with sheet feeder as well as flatbed.
Why change a winning design? HP certainly think like me if something works why change it, the ink may differ but the case looks almost identical to my HP Officejet 6110 of a few years ago. The is 48x25x37cm and weights just over ten kilos. The figures given are maximum as HP store paper in a tray in the base and it is delivered on top of that tray when printed. HP OfficeJet 7210 There are a total of 38 buttons on the front edge of the unit.