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This is a completely different shape for a Multi Function unit. It is Multi Function as not only does it print, scan and copy but should you still need the facility it can also be used as a Fax machine. The shape is higher rather than wider.
So in height, width and depth order the Lexmark Genesis S815 measures 43x38x30cm. It has a shiny black front, silver grey sides and matt black for the rest. It comes with four inks the black being larger than the three colours. Once you have used the machines touch screen to set location you install the inks. Next add some paper and you are ready to print a test page.
First came the Lexmark Interpret and this was followed by the Lexmark Intuition. Now it is the turn of the Lexmark S305 which follows the same pattern of being assigned a name beginning with “I”. In this case this multifunction device is known as Impact.
Adopting the familiar box-shaped design with a fold-up 100-sheet paper input compartment at the rear and a pull-out paper output panel at the front, the Impact is predominately matte-black in colour with an appealing band of white piping running around the top of the scanner unit.
Following the Interpret comes the Intuition as the next model in Lexmark’s new home/small business series of All-in-One devices.
Adopting the standard approach of an A4 scanner positioned on top of an inkjet printer, the Intuition combines print, scan and copy capabilities with the additional ability to print duplex.  Connectivity is via USB or Wi-Fi.  As with the Interpret, the Intuition is predominately black in colour with computer-grey piping around the top of the unit.
Rather than identify its new All-in-One purely by a model number, Lexmark has taken the decision to bestow on each model a specific name. As part of this policy, the models making up the company’s 2009 Home Office series have been named Interact, Intuition, Interpret and Impact.
Forming the basis for this review is the Interpret which is a wireless 4-in-1 device designed for office productivity.  Predominately black in colour with a computer grey top, the Interpret combines print, scan, copy and fax functionality within a box measuring 288.4 x 338 x 477mm.  Connectivity issues are taken care of with a choice of wireless or USB.
While colour will often enhance a document, sometimes all we really need is a crisp monochrome document such as delivered by a mono laser.
In the past I have checked out and worked with a number of Lexmark printers and multi-function devices.  All these various models were based on inkjet technology.  Now it is the turn of a Lexmark mono laser product, namely the E260dn, which is currently taking over my general printing tasks.  The E260dn is network ready via a Fast Ethernet connection. Decked out in two-tone grey, this box shaped unit measures 260 x 406 x 370mm (H x W x D).
Lexmark has added wireless connectivity to the normal print, scan and copy aspects of a multi-function device.
The Lexmark X4875 is a box-shaped multi-function device that describes itself as a Wireless 3-in-1 unit.  Combining various shades of grey with a reflective cream topping, the X4875’s measurement are 178 x 454 x 351mm (H x W x D) and the unit weighs in at 7.1kg. As is the standard arrangement, the flatbed scanner unit is mounted on top of the printer.  Paper is loaded at the rear, with the paper slot capable of holding up to 100 sheets, and ejected from the front of the unit.
Lexmark does have a tendency to change the appearance of its various offerings making up its ranges of inkjet printers and all-in-one devices.
As part of its latest range of multi-function devices, combining print, scan and photocopy facilities, is the Lexmark X2650 model. This unit adopts a bread bin look with a two-tone (cream and light grey) colour scheme that is reasonably attractive. While its basic measurements are 43 x 31 x 17cm (W x D x H), you will require extra space when the paper input, up to 100 sheets, and output trays are extended at the rear and front respectively.
Anyone needing to print a little, scan a little and copy a little then this small light All In One unit from Lexmark may be the answer you are looking for and with its predominately white colour it may just sneak past the lounge police.
The Lexmark X2650 is 42x30x15cm, add paper into the tray at the rear and that adds 20cm to the last figure the height. Should you also extend the output tray this adds another 13cm to the second figure the depth. Both the extended paper trays are a mid grey colour and there is a matching band in that colour that forms the left and right sides of the unit.
Multi Function Machines with wireless are not that unusual, what is unusual is that it has USB but no Ethernet. So you can setup for Wireless or USB.
This is not a large unit it is cream in colour so it just may pass the lounge police. The dimensions are 44x30x20cm the last figure the height increases by 13cm when the vertical paper tray is lifted and paper inserted. This is a printer, scanner, copier and fax. The scanning can be either sheet fed or flatbed and the printing can be duplex. For a novice the excellent software can guide you with wizards to do everything.
Colour laser printers are now appearing with more economic price tags. However, while lighter on the pocket, they are still heavy to move around.
The Lexmark X502n All-In-One is certainly a substantial piece of kit.  Measuring 534 x 482 x 437mm (H x W x D) and weighing 35kg, it is the type of unit that is unlikely to be moved around too much as it provides print, copy, scan, fax and ADF (Automatic Document Feed) capabilities whether connected to a network or local computer using either Fast Ethernet or USB 2.0 connectivity.
This AIO (all in one) product also has the ability to be totally hidden, not that it is ugly but ladies often decree no printers in the lounge so this can live in a cupboard somewhere without any wires trailing from the PC as it is wireless.
First the dimensions of the when closed but power lead and USB (if used) is plugged in 45x37x16cm. Now with paper stored in the rear vertical position and the output tray lowered these figures become 45x52x38cm that is the actual amount of desk, shelf or floor space it will require. The scanning lid is landscape and items easily inserted whilst it is still far lower than the height required for A4 paper in the input storage tray.
Put together the components of an inkjet printer with duplex capability, a flat-bed scanner, fax features, card reading facilities with wireless connectivity and the results could well be the Lexmark X9350 product
This Wireless Office All-in-One (AIO) device is the latest edition of the Lexmark family of products aimed at the small office and home office environment.  Tastefully decked out in matt silver and pale cream, this box shaped unit has a protruding control panel and 150 paper input/output tray.  Convenient hand grips, positioned on either side of the box, help when you need to relocate the X9350 for any reason.
This is a multi function inkjet printer, so it prints, scans (flatbed and page fed), copies and just for those who still need one, it has a fax.
The is 44x38x25cm and rather boxy by today's standards, it is silver/grey and black. It weights a little less than eight kilos. It is a two cartridge four ink solution. Lexmark X7350 While a lot of recent devices have card slots this only has a Pict Bridge socket. One reason maybe is that it only has a fixed two line LCD display and this is black on blue and not that easy to read at certain angles.
In an effort to cover as many options as possible, Lexmark has released the X8350 Multi-Function Device.
I would hazard a guess that checking out your friendly local computer store would reveal a wider choice of All-in-Ones or Multi-Function Devices (MFD) rather than standalone printers especially with regards to the      variety.  While there may be an occasional exception, most printer manufacturers seem to feel that the MFD route is the way to go.  This, no doubt, explains why I am currently testing the Lexmark X8350 product.
lexmark P315 printe

Lexmark P315

Do you print photos? If so then you might consider the Lexmark P315 but it is solely a photo printer, if you want 15x10cm images printed without a PC being involved this could be for you.
Outwardly this looks like many other such units from the other inkjet printer manufacturers. It is 24x22x17cm with paper waiting to be printed. Unlike most other printers of this type it has no possibility to be connected to a PC as it solely has connections for various card types and 'Pict Bridge' cameras.
An All-In-One has the big advantage of having a printer, scanner and copy machine taking up little more space than a printer alone.
It is 44x34x18cm, the last measurement the height is increased by another 13cm when there is paper in the vertical input tray at the rear of the unit. The scanner opens landscape so any object can be slid in easily without opening the lid to 90 degrees. The weight of the unit is 4.8kilos.   Paper is placed face up in the tray and delivered face up from the front base of the unit. In printing this is a four and a six ink offering.
Looking to maximise the space of your work desk? Maybe you should consider combining your printer, scanner, fax machine and photocopier into a single unit.
Lexmark's X6170 "All-in-One" product provides the functionality that covers printing, scanning and copying with built-in fax capability. On top of this, literally, the X6170 has an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) feature. Lexmark has packed all this functionality into a box that measures 48 x 25cm at the base and expanding to 50 x 52cm (W x D) at the top. The overall height is 29cm including the rear-mounted paper input tray.

Lexmark X1180

Whether you call them an “All-in-One” or “Multi-function” device, the role is generally the same. Print, copy and scan features are integrated into a single package. Lexmark, preferring the “All-in-One” designation, has recently added the X1180 to its product portfolio.
Lexmark's new "All-in-One" kid on the block, the X1180, bears a remarkable similarity to the company's earlier X1150 model. This is not altogether surprising as the X1180 will replace the X1150 and the only way to distinguish visually between the two is to check the model number on the scanner lid. Decked out in grey over black livery, the X1180 measures 44 x 30.5cm (W x D) at the top and then tapers down to 44 x 26.5cm at the base.
Having a copier, printer and scanner all in one is something that certainly saves space. Can such a device be a jack of all trades or would it be second best at all, as the saying goes ‘master of none’.
Lets get my bugbear aired to begin with, no inkjet printer ever prints the stated number of pages per minute. If you want 'x' pages a minute then use a laser printer as that's the only way you will reach expectations. Even if you print short 200 word pages in draft mode you will be lucky to get much above half the claimed PPM. It is 42x31x12cm when sitting there looking inviting, put the unused paper in the tray (face forward) and the 12cm becomes 25cm.
A laser has one huge advantage for mono printing over an inkjet, when it says 17PPM that is what you get and not just 17 identical two paragraph memos in draft mode.
As you may gather printing speed has always been a bugbear with me, perhaps that's why looking at honest lasers is such a joy. One example 573 lines of text spread over 12 pages, that's 9643 words to be precise. From sending this to the printer there was around nine seconds while it thought and then 40 seconds later all 12 pages were laying face down on top of the unit, perfectly printed.