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Most radios I have reviewed from Pure rely on mains power, some have worked on batteries if you play extra for a ‘ChargePAK’, however this unit is designed to work on its internal batteries charged by USB, no mains lead in sight.

Pure Move 400D Palm Sized Rechargeable Digital DAB FM Radio
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It is 15x8x2.5cm and weights 296grams. In use the second figure the height can be as much as 50cm when the 42cm six piece rod aerial is fully extended.

The connections are on the right side at the top a silvered lock button. Below this the micro USB connection, Auxiliary I and Headphone 3.5mm sockets and finally a Pin Hole reset button.

The back has an easel type stand that tilts the radio back by around 15degrees when extended. The top and the left side are clear.

The front has the single speaker behind a silver grey grill to the right of this the small 4x1.7cm three line display. Under this two columns of four buttons with a single button between the two columns, this can be useful in poor light as this single button is the ‘Select’

The display is black on a grey background when unlit press a button and a backlight makes the background orange. The top line has several icons like signal level, battery state, volume level and there is also a digital clock. Line two is the station you are listening to and the bottom line scrolling text. Options are changeable but what I have described is the default.

Also in the box are a wrist strap that clips onto the top left of the unit, two manuals the thinner one in English the other is a multi-language offering and a 1.5metre charging lead ending in a 13amp plug.

The twenty page Manual explains everything including setting presets and setting alarms.

This is both a DAB and FM unit, on first switch on with the aerial fully raised I found 62 DAB stations all had reception. Pressing the ‘Source’ button changes you to FM and you are then at the start of the wave band press the < or > greater buttons until you find the station you require and while the frequency will display initially for a lot of stations this then changes to the name.

You have a total of twenty Presets available with ten for each DAB and FM, I always find the FM Presets more useful as it’s easy to scroll through till you find the station you want on DAB whereas on FM you need to know the frequency to tune manually. Setting a Preset could not be easier press the Preset button and then choose an empty position using the < or > and then select, far easier than on some previous units.

There is an alarm with choice of settings, there is also a Sleep Timer with settings up to 90minutes. These of course are almost taken as a given.

Even though the output through the built in 50mm speaker with output of 8Ohms is mono you can set FM to output stereo and this can be heard through earbuds or headphones.

However not all such units have treble and bass settings both setable between -6 and +6.

The manual makes no indication of battery life between charges, I found one mention on the Pure site of ‘up to 60 hours’. This will of course depend on how much you use the backlight, volume used at and how much DAB and FM use. In my tests I got 56½ hours using DAB with the seven second backlight setting, this I thought was excellent and far beyond anything I have used before with DAB. A full recharge from empty takes 270 minutes.

The Pure Move 400D DAB and FM radio is available from the link below for £80.99 with free delivery.   

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Comment by Anthony Mason, Jan 26, 2016 10:41

I have  a Pure Move 400D Radio without a manual and I have been trying to work out the setting on the radio so that I can play an iPod using the Aux ! as the connection.  Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks.

Anthony Mason

Comment by adrian craig, Jan 19, 2015 10:05

I've had two of these and think in general they're great, but both have suffered from interior back support handle screws easing themselves loose inside. In the second case I think these started shorting the electronics somehow, and  the battery pack started dying and sometimes charging enough for 2-3 hrs and at others 2-3 minutes. Anyhow I've ordered a replacement pack for £22 odd and we'll see what happens.

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