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A red carpet conveniently laid in the Brick Lane area of London lead us to a display of the latest television screens from LG.
LG Electronic Plasma TV 60PB4D

Never the one to sit back on its laurels, LG has been extremely busy of late.  Recently we had the dual format HD drives and now the company has expanded its range of TV products.  These new models are either of the LCD or Plasma format and comprise series designated as LY95, LF66, PF95 and PB65 with various screen sizes being manufactured.  LG has also taken the opportunity to launch two new HD-Ready ranges namely the LC55 and LC46 series.  The initial letter of each series gives a clear indication as to whether the device falls into the LCD or Plasma category.

Threatening to totally dominate the living room (especially in one as small as mine), the latest LG plasma models are the 60-inch 1080P Full HD PF95 and the 50-inch HD-Ready PB65 series.  Using the minimalist style featured with the LG Chocolate phone, these plasma television sets have a luxurious ultra glossy black finish and glowing red touch-sensitive buttons.  Although I did not have my tape measure ready to hand (it is not part of the usual assortments of objects residing in my pocket), these models were thin - LG states 98.5mm for the PF95 series and less than 89.5mm for the PB65 series.  Both series feature LG Simple Link technology for remote control capabilities and two HDMI connections.  If you looking for an even bigger screen size, then LG can offer its updated PY1M plasma screen with its 71 inch display.

Positioned as top of the range, the LY95 and LF66 series offer 1080P for the full HD experience.  These series will be available in 37, 42, 47 and 52 inch sizes.  The models feature a gloss black finish with what is described as a blade thin design.  According to James Atkins, marketing manager for LG brown goods, these new series will bring "customers a combination of top-end specs and lustrous design?making TV viewing a true-to-life and all engaging experience."

The LY95 series comes with the claim of providing 120% more colours than standard PAL TV.  This should ensure that skin tones appear truly lifelike.  The TruV viewing angle feature gives smooth viewing at angles up to 178 degrees through the use of Wide Color Gamut technology so ensuring that you get a clear view wherever you sit. 

Helping improve the optimum viewing experience is the LG Eye Intelligent System (EIS) which can automatically adjust the picture depending upon the current lighting conditions in various environments.  EIS also has power saving capabilities so adding a Green element to the various products.  With its encased dimple speakers and LG Simple Link technology, the LY95 series can easily be integrated with all LG "compatible" equipment to produce a remote controlled home cinema environment.  The LF66 series has all the above features apart from Wide Color Gamut.

As mentioned earlier, LG has also launched two new HD-Ready ranges.  The LC55 series comes in 26, 37 and 42 inch screen sizes.  The LC46 series also has a 32 inch model as well as the other sizes.  Both series feature an XD engine image enhancing processor for up-scaling the picture to as near as possible cinema-like quality and two HDMI connections.

In most cases these various models are expected to be available from a wide range of retailers although the LC46 series is a Dixons Group exclusive.  Prices for the LY95 series are expected to range from £1200 to £3000; the LF65 series should be available between £1000 and £2500; the PF95 series should be available under £4000; while the LC55 series is priced between £500 and £1000.  Looks like some of us will have to start saving before considering breaking into the piggy bank.

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Comment by Patrick, 15 Oct 2011 15:38

have same model LG42/ly95 truckit. and have the same problem. looks like its overheating. not sure if they have a fan inside or not. think im going to open it up and have a clean and check for a fan. let you know how it goes.

Comment by mysoogal, 11 Dec 2009 1:17

I to have this freaking TV, the flickering is caused by the freaking overheating and dust that builds up ! i didnt open it, but im sure it has a freaking FAN inside i used to remember hearing that fan kick in when i power my LG LC55 on, its not even 2 years not even 60,000 hours its already screwed

to fix this flickering, open that sucker up and clean it good until no dust is inside, clean the fan i assume these types have them ! the heat cuased by the freaking Lamp causes the chips inside the board to go dead, if you get flickering, auto TV off it means your FAN is probably full of dust or screwed up or your chip in the board is melted into hell, my advice open ! clean everything if nothing works, send that rubbish back where it came from South korea !

Comment by blah, 10 May 2008 4:02

Mine smells of burning wires but a bit deiiferent, scary!

Comment by Flumkin, 21 Mar 2008 12:53

I have Jost go one of these TV was thrilled that it was delivered yesterday set it all up and it works fine! untill thismorning. push the power buttong and all you get is it flashing grenn 5 times then it a small "POP" from the speekers like when you turn on your hifi! then nothing and it goes back to stand by. Is it overheating as i left it for a few houres works for about 30 mins then turns itself off.  

Comment by Joan, 29 Nov 2007 10:10

LG LC55 very dissapointing product, i too have had problems with loud noises from back, overheating and picure just going off. Not one i would recommend, mine has been replaced four times, never again.

Comment by Linda, 29 Nov 2007 10:02

Yes i have the LG LC55 infact ive had numerous problems with mine, i contacted the store where i brought it they replaced it twice as the loud buzzing that comes out of the back and the heat. The picture turns itself off VERY DISSAPOINTING PRODUCT.I contacted LG who sent round an engineer who said that there are alot of problems with these sets and all they do is put in new boards which have been reconditioned. I would not recommend this TV i think it is very dangerous as the heat it gives out.

Comment by suziep, 27 Oct 2007 17:27

We have bought a LG lcd tv LC55. Has anyone else had this problem. When the picture is dark or when you are flicking through the channels the black on the screen looks as though there is patchy fog on it or you could say it is lighter in areas. I have been told that this can be normal. Also the tv seems to give out a lot of heat.

Comment by Betty, 6 Oct 2007 4:33

We have the LG 47LB5D LCD tv. We have had it for a couple of months and have loved it. Tonight I left the room for just a few minutes and when I came back I could smell the "electrical burning" smell and the picture was off with a "no signal" flashing on the screen. I turned off the TV then turned it on again and got the same thing. The back of the TV felt very hot so we decided it was prudent to unplug it. Tomorow we will phone the place where we purchsed it.

Comment by truckit, 30 Sep 2007 12:52

i have the lg 42/ly95   had it for 18 days  everything was fine until last night,  picture stared flickering then went off i think its a overheating problem,  leave 15mn switch on again,  get flickering picture then nothing, apart fron sound  any body else got this problem

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