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Two of the latest offerings from Doro who make both mobile and home phones for those who difficuty in using a conventional phone for whatever reason, bigger buttons, brighter displays and louder rings are some of their features.

doro phoneeasy 100W DECT phone

Here I am looking at phones for your home use, both the phones I am reviewing here look very similar and have very similar model numbers the main difference one has an answering machine built in the other does not.

Doro PhoneEasy 100w

It is 18x5.5x3cm, white with black buttons that have white writing on and this makes then extremely easy to read.

The display is 4x2.5cm made up of only two lines the top smaller line for symbols and the bottom line 1cm tall numerals.

Below the display a total of twenty one buttons. Taken from the mobile background are the green answer and the red hang up, also the phone book. The first line has two direct memory buttons (memory one and memory two) as well as a redial button. Menu and back keys are the next line as the larger answer and end call are larger with a see saw button in between is for down and up. Finally the last four rows are the numerals and * and # keys.

The left side (as you look at the face of the handset has an audio boost button while the right side has volume up and down buttons.

The Phone Easy 100w has a small dock/charge point 11x11.5x4.5cm that has only one button on the top for paging (useful when the phone is lost, hiding under a cushion etc). The rear has DC power input and the lead to your phone wall socket.

It is possible to add extra handsets to the Phone Easy 100w. It is easy to read and has an ample volume level for those whose eyes or ears are less than perfect. There is a forty page manual that has adequate illustrations to get you going.

The Doro PhoneEasy 100w is available from the link below for £34.99, with two handsets its £49.98.

Doro PhoneEasy 105W

As stated this is the same phone as above the only differences are that the box is larger as it needs to hold a larger dock/charge point as this is what holds the basic answering machine. Just like the model above you add extra handsets.

The dock is 14x12.5x5cm it has the same DC input and phone lead outlet on the back with a similar paging button – to find the hiding phone – behind the dock point. The rest of the controls for the answer machine are in front of the dock.

There are a total of eight buttons arranged round a central numeral (message counter) I think they are all basic enough not to need description as all have an easy to follow icon on them. However the manual does describe them as well as giving basic information about use. It also has some facts you might only discover in use.

For example the answering machine (even if turned off) will still answer the call after ten rings so this could be a problem if you are using it to try and rouse someone who is a heavy sleeper by just letting the phone continue to ring.

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Comment by paul_smart, Jul 3, 2013 16:30

The memory buttons are stored numbers, to make a call its just like any other phone you just dial or get the number from the address book.

Comment by Mandy Bashford, Jul 3, 2013 16:22

Do you havo e to press and hold the M1 and M2 buttons to make a call or do you just press to make a call?

Comment by Terfyn, Apr 17, 2011 10:42

If any "Senior Citizen" is considering this phone, then my advice is go for the answer phone version. Now I never answer a call that I do not recognise. All my family have different ring tones so they can easily be identified. For all other calls, I go on the premise that if they really want to talk to me, they can leave a quick message to ring them back.
It is amazing how many times an "unrecognised" call is disconnected before the answer phone message is finished.

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