Doro Devices 

Doro have a range of static and mobile phone offerings, they also have devices aimed at the less mobile and visually and audibly impaired. Here two devices for people who are hard or hearing or maybe even the totally deaf.

RingPlus Ringer Amplifer

A lot of recent phones just do not have the volume levels attached to the old units. Some of the fancy tones sound great but can merge into the background if you have the TV or Radio on. Here is a solution useful for all.

It is 17.5x13x3.5cm, mine was white. All you need is a mains plug. You do not need to attach it to the phone circuit just place the lead near to you phone so it can hear it ringing. You choose if you want sound only, strobe light and sound or just strobe light. All from a simple slide button on the unit. Also on its face is the only other control on/off.

The left side of the unit is where you plug in the sensor lead this is 4metres in length so it could be placed anywhere to suit. The right side is where the 12volt lead goes this is just on 2metres in length so in theory it could be 6metres from the phone, possibly in an adjacent room with careful placement.

A lot of people say they hear the phone in certain areas and not in others. Now the final tool the unit has a tone adjustment as a good percentage of people can hear some sounds fine but others they are not able to interpret well.

If you are awake and even totally deaf the strobe light will catch your attention. If you have even a little hearing you will hear this. I assure you this device is not just for those classed as disabled, its ideal for anyone having earbuds or headphones that take out all the surrounding noise. Best of all the two pages in English show is diagrams exactly how to set it up. The only thing to remember is tuck the trailing wires out of the way. Available from the link below for £33.79.

HearPlus 333cl

This is a near cube at11x12x11cm, mine was white. It looks just like an analogue clock with a 6cm circle showing the hands. The whole face lights up when the alarm function goes off. However it does far more than just be an alarm clock.

It is radio controlled so once you have placed it somewhere where it sees the sky it takes the time automatically it does not matter if power is disconnected or lost as the clock will continue to work on 4xAA batteries that you place in the base, however certain functions will not work while mains power is not available.

The alarm time is set by using a digital display on a rocker on top and this will show the time it is set to go off for around ten seconds when you toggle this forward, it will also light up the analogue clock dial so you know its set.

For the really heavy sleeper or profoundly deaf person there is a 9cm audio pillow shaker that comes on a good length of lead that attaches to the rear of the clock next to the mains lead. It is also possible to connect a phone to the rear of the unit and when the phone rings this activates the alarm, again ideal for the heavy sleeper.

The rear has a total of six slider buttons all of which are well described in the twelve pages of the manual that are in English. It is available at £49.99 from the first link below.

So two items that do not actually have a phone while they work with a phone (Doro or not) these items are tools. The full range of Doro products both mobile and land line as well as tools to work with them can be found at  

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