Philips HS8060 Moisterizing Shaving System 

I have used an electric razor of one sort or another for more years than I like to remember. However this Philips system was something totally new to me as shall we say a mature user.
Philips HS6080 electric shaver

I have used battery, corded and rechargeable units with both two and three heads. My normal regime would be two wet shaves a week and the rest with the electric razor.

This Philips system is 15cm long and a maximum of five cm wide and deep at the head end. It sits nicely in hand and has two buttons on/off and to transfer some of the supplied Nivea lotion through two of the three heads. The semi transparent casing shows the amount of charge left in the shaver (one to four green bars).

The charging station is 9x10x17cm and a small lead plugs into the left side. Just fit the razor in the front to recharge. A charge should be enough for more than two weeks of a daily shave. There are two small LED's on the left front to show the state of the charge.

The most complex job that is just about explained in the small getting started leaflet but fully covered in the manual is the fitting of the Nivea container in the back of the charging unit.

When you first attach the unit to the mains you will hear some of the cream/balm being transferred from the Nivea container to the centre of the shaver. The first full charge will take around 90 minutes.

I have been using the HS8060 for around six weeks together with a few wet shaves. In that time I have only recharged the razor once (close to second charge as I write).

I have cut the wet shaves to once a week. The day after the wet shave I use the Philips unit as a standard razor (without any cream/balm) and I quite happy with the results. On the other days I tend to just have a .5cm blob on the heads for each cheek, the chin and sideburns area are happy enough without any as in the throat area.

I have also experimented with not shaving for one or two days and find that the unit still gives a perfectly acceptable result, whereas my own razor will tend to struggle to clear the beard in certain areas and leave a few hairs behind.

Should you feel you need to take some power with you when you go away there is a small 6x6x4cm charge only unit that takes up very little space in a bag.

Most electric shavers have an area under the cutters to catch the beard this does not and it just falls onto the body of the razor, no doubt the 'better half' would moan so just as well to shave over the basin and make sure you clean it thoroughly afterwards once you have blown any residue of beard off the razor.

While I never use it when I am wet it should be both safe to do so and the grip of the unit will keep it steady even in wet hands.

Now I have no doubt that younger (less tough) beards will require more of the cream/barn than my haggard face does but looking at the back of the semi transparent unit I can see that the unit is still nearly half full so while this is an additional expense it's not a huge amount as the supplied canister will recharge the shaver many times before exhaustion.

Doing my Internet searches found the Philips HS8060 Moisturizing Shaving System at a best price of £85.99 including free delivery from the first link below.

Doing my Internet searches found the Philips HS8060 Moisturizing Shaving System at a best price of $129.99 including free delivery from the first link below.

Doing my Internet searches found the Philips HS8060 Moisturizing Shaving System at a best price of €165.99 including delivery from the first link below.

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