LG Wireless TV 15LW1R 

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Yes I do mean wireless, not just no aerial lead, no mains lead either and it will work at any angle you require, so you can even have it sitting on the bed beside you if you so wish.
LG Wireless TV 15LW1R

This is a 15inch TV that supports any channels that your main TV can support and that can include the DVD player and VCR if you wish. I have used this wireless offering around 16 paces (and four concrete walls) away from the main set. It is stated to work up to 35metres away, but my property is not big enough to test it at that distance.

The internal battery charges whenever it is connected to the mains and will give around three hours of use away from the tether when fully charged. The manual states that when run on battery you will see either a green or yellow LED, I have seen the green but never the yellow. It fails to state - as far as I could see - that the unit displays a red LED when being charged.

There are other devices around that allow you to transfer an A/V signal from the main TV to another via two units (sender and receiver) that plug into the required SCART sockets. Here the only connection required by the wireless router is the aerial lead. Yes I did say wireless router and you can connect it to your network (should you have one) and it can also play pictures or music stored on your PC through the wireless TV.

Perhaps the best feature is that you can change channels with the provided 55 key remote control and if you have a DVD or VCR plugged into the SCART socket on the rear of the wireless router it can play whatever that device might have to offer.

There is a very weighty book as the user guide and the first 68 are in English. While the initial tuning of the unit is fairly straightforward I would suggest that the manual is open at the correct page as the unit can be used in Europe as well as the UK and choices are not always the ones you suspect. Tuning found the five normal channels and my cable box in around three minutes. It does not place channels in the more normal BBC 1, BBC 2 etc order but they are easily moved by an onscreen utility, so from then on when you press 1 on the remote you get BBC 1.

Perhaps more impressive is the ability to display Teletext over the wireless link and with the ability to have the screen at almost any angle - with or without the slot in stand - this means that information of all sorts can be displayed just where and when you require it.

The screen surround is 45x29cm, and the actual outside of the viewable area is 30x23cm giving the 15inch viewable size. There are a pair of rather good speakers either side of the screen. The controls - should you ever need them - are on top of the screen but everything can be controlled from the remote.

Moving the unit is simple put your hand down the back of the unit and you will find a lifting handle. The wireless router is 23x24x5cm with the base 11cm wide. The top has a power button and when a link has been made there is a blue light to say so. The other inputs are on the rear, S-Video, AV-2 with the three colour coded connectors, SCART socket, the DC input and finally the aerial input.

I was more than happy with both sound and vision quality and should it appeal I found it easy to show pictures and music retrieved from a PC to display.

This is still very new - when I first saw it I was told the likely price was a whopping £699 and while this is high it is also an innovative product and as we know innovation is not cheap. I found it at a best price of £483.89 from the link below. At the time of writing this is not shown on the LG site.

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Comment by paul_smart, Aug 14, 2006 8:30

The first link now has it for £559.97 and if it had been there when I wrote the review it would have had three smileys for value.

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