Electric ToothbrushOclean Flow Toothbrush rated 7 out of 10

Oct 28, 2021 in Health and Beauty Review : Oclean Flow Toothbrush
How's your smile? Perhaps this next product could add a sparkle to it.

review 894764 voyager_4220_office_two way_base_print_rgPoly BT600(V4220)Poly BT600(V4220) rated 8 out of 10

Oct 27, 2021 in Wireless
This is a Bluetooth Headset with a big plus – added distance – whereas most state 10metres and if you live in a home with solid walls like me it’s probably a bit less with this unit its more than double and I can even go down my garden and still hear and talk on it without drop outs. The magic is the little USB dongle that fits in a standard USB port.

Computer ProtectionAvast Avast One Individual rated 7 out of 10

Oct 26, 2021 in Software Review : Avast Avast One Individual
Having recently updated the drivers on my computer courtesy of Avast, I decided to look at the company's latest general protection offering.

Motorola Edge 20 ProMotorola Edge 20 Pro rated 9 out of 10

Oct 25, 2021 in Phones
The latest offering from Vodafone to cross my desk is the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, this SmartPhone feels nice and well balanced in your hand and comes supplied with a silicon back and sides cover. While the face is of course shiny black it remains almost mirror like as finger marks do not tend to show, the back is a shimmering midnight blue.

review 894762 Grim Tales Heritage Collectors EditioPreventing the FutureElephant Games Grim Tales: Heritage rated 6 out of 10

Can you step into the future and stop an action from happening in the present.

review 894763 Fantasy Mosaics 47 Egypt MysterieEgyptian MosaicsFantasy Mosaics 47 rated 6 out of 10

Oct 21, 2021 in Entertainment Review : Fantasy Mosaics 47
By following clues you can make your own mosaic images.

review 894760 Planet Buddies Kids Wireless HeadphonePlanet Buddies Wireless Headphones for kidsPlanet Buddies Wireless Headphones for kids rated 8 out of 10

Oct 20, 2021 in Entertainment
While these are sold as for kids they were big enough – with the slide extensions – for me to wear so unless you have a rather large head they could well be suitable for an adult as well. These are solidly built and should certainly stand the rough treatment often handed out by younger children.

review 894761 Minds Mystery 5 PC Game PacA Pack of Five GamesThe Fog Shtriga Gourmania Zoo Zoom Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind rated 8 out of 10

With this next product you can settle down to lengthy sessions of game play with five different titles.

review 892268 Trust Gaming GXT 1863 Thaz Mechanical KeyboarTrust Mazz & Ybar

Oct 18, 2021 in Misc
Trust are a well-regarded name in mechanical keyboards, however they do other peripherals and here I get to try out not only the Mazz keyboard but also the YBAR mouse. Both of the reviewed items are USB and solidly built.

review 892275 Mystic Diary Haunted IslanHaunted IslandSunray Games Mystic Diary 2 - Haunted Island rated 5 out of 10

Continuing the adventures of the Victor and Gustav brothers, this time the Mystic Diary takes you to a haunted island.

review 892274 Gaslamp Cases 2 The Haunted VillagThe Haunted VillageeFunSoft Gaslamp Case 2 - The Haunted Village rated 6 out of 10

Forget Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, other crimes in the Victorian era were solved by two other detectives.

review 892263 Plantronics Poly Studio P5 Professional WebcaPoly P5 CameraPoly P5 Camera rated 8 out of 10

Oct 13, 2021 in Cameras
Plantronics is a name some will know as they produced headsets and Bluetooth earpieces for many years. Then there was another company that did things in larger office environment, just over two years ago the two companies’ combined to produce Poly. Like so many things then went on hold through Covid and now we see what they combined to produce.

review 892276 AOC GK500 Gaming KeyboarKeyboard and MouseAOC GK500 GM500 rated 7 out of 10

Oct 12, 2021 in Entertainment Review : AOC GK500 GM500
When going into combat you need to make sure your equipment suits the situation and the user.

review 892192 snapwatcSnapwatch for kidsSnapwatch for kids rated 8 out of 10

Oct 11, 2021 in Mobile Tech
Teaching a child to tell the time with an analogue watch/clock is not easy. I remember a comedy sketch done by the brilliant Dave Allen when he was desperately trying to teach a young child to tell the time using a conventional clock I have found a video of it link at the end, the punch line was he gave up and gave the child a digital watch, here something better as this just hugs the wrist like a bracelet with no strap to do up.

review 892194 House of 1000 Doors The Palm of ZoroasteThe House ReturnsFive-bn House of 1000 Doors - Palm of Zoraster rated 6 out of 10

There is an evil spirit causing havoc with fireballs that you need to defeat in this next game.

Boxes and Manuals

Oct 7, 2021 in Entertainment
Money could be made from items that previously would be assigned to a landfill.

review 892185 Eono wireless earbudEona Earbuds 1 by AmazonEona Earbuds 1 by Amazon rated 8 out of 10

Oct 6, 2021 in Entertainment
Small sets of wireless earbuds seem very popular at the moment, recently I have reviewed a couple that look very like those sold by Apple at a lot of money. While these are small they do not imitate those just mentioned as the whole bud goes into the ear without any leg dropping below the ear.

review 892196 fairphone 4   5g smart phonFairphone Goes 5G

Oct 5, 2021 in Phones
As smartphones enter the 5G environment, Fairphone joins the trend.

review 892176 Acer Chromebook Spin 13 CP713 2Acer 8GB ChromebookAcer 8GB Chromebook rated 8 out of 10

Oct 4, 2021 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Here is a recent Chromebook from Acer, this is a powerful unit more than capable of running Chrome Apps and that also means Android Apps – although some may look a little strange with the swap from portrait to landscape – so things that you use every day on your phone can now be viewed that little larger in your living room as well as on the road.

review 892170 Creative Chat Stereo On ear HeadseChat USB from CreativeChat USB from Creative rated 8 out of 10

Oct 4, 2021 in Entertainment
A headset is often more desirable than speakers, and certainly, using a microphone near to your jaw means you can speak in a normal voice. Headsets that connect via audio ports are not always that easy to configure, often one sound level can be fine but another is not what you want. Using USB as both input and output can be the answer.

review 892179 Mystic Diary Lost BrotheA Missing BrotherMystic Diary - The Lost Brother Sunray Games rated 5 out of 10

Magicians are good at developing tricks but is it a trick when a magician goes missing?

review 892178 NIGHTMARES FROM THE DEEP The Sirens CalThe Siren's CallNightmares from the Deep Artifex Mundi rated 6 out of 10

With a cast list that includes pirates, a mermaid, sae monster and an island built to act as a retirement home, this next game is a nightmare from the deep.

review 892139 Smooth Q3 GimbaGimbal for smooth movementSmooth Q3 Gimbal rated 8 out of 10

Sep 29, 2021 in Cameras Review : Smooth Q3 Gimbal
A gimbal was something that gave professional camera people the ability to capture video smoothly whilst they were on the move, now SmartPhones capture such good movies they also need Gimbals so that you and me can also move while capturing movies and in a way they need to be better as we amateurs are not used to moving while capturing images.

review 892180 Origin and Fate   5 Game PacOrigin & FateOrigin & Fate Mexicana The Gift Twisted Lands - Origin Love Alchemy Forest Legends rated 8 out of 10

Mexicana, The Gift, Twisted Lands; Origin, Love Alchemy and Forest Legends: The Call of Love are five titles which have been bundled together to create the Origin & Fate 5-pack.

review 892133 Diesel True Wireless EarbudDiesel EarbudsDiesel Earbuds rated 7 out of 10

Sep 27, 2021 in Entertainment
You might mistake these small and light earbuds as something from Apple but instead of them being white they are black; I see they also do them in a post box red. So these are small and light and they come in a small circular container with a flip to the side lid, replace the buds in the box and they immediately start to be recharged.

review 892167 STRAY SOULS  DOLLHOUSE STORY COLLECTORS EDITIOPopulate a DollhouseFriday's Games Stray Souls: Dollhouse rated 6 out of 10

Are you ready to help a wife search for her missing husband?

review 892166 HOUSE OF 1000 DOORS FAMILY SECRETS COLLECTORS EDITIOFamily Secrets!Alawar House of a 1000 Doors : Family Secrets rated 6 out of 10

A house, whether a home or not, can hold many secrets waiting to be uncovered.

review 892128 OWC Envoy Pro F 1TB External SSD Drive Envoy Pro FX 1TB External SSD Drive Envoy Pro FX rated 9 out of 10

Sep 22, 2021 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
OWC are a company that produce internal and external solid state drives, enclosures and cables for both PC and MAC users. The unit I am looking at is a 1TB external SSD drive usable on PC or MAC. They also do a similar model – Envoy Pro SX - that is Thunderbolt only so as far as I know that makes it almost a MAC only unit as currently although a USB ‘C’ cable will fit it the power is not there to format it.

review 892165 Marshall Minor III True Wireless HeadphoneNew Marshall Earbuds

Sep 21, 2021 in Misc Review : Marshall Motif A N C Minor III
With the same initial letter, Marshall, Motif and Minor come together as the focal points of a new audio release news.

review 892119 OPPO Find X3 Pro 5Oppo Find X3 ProOppo Find X3 Pro rated 8 out of 10

Sep 20, 2021 in Phones
Oppo are an upcoming company who hit the UK a few years ago, they made a big splash with small well positioned adverts at Wimbledon and other such events. Of course all this would mean nothing if their phones were not up to scratch. This is one of a range of recently released offerings.
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