Tackle the DaemonMysteries of the Past - Shadow of the Daemon rated 6 out of 10

Why do a father and son disappear from a hotel that quickly ages? It is your task to discover the answer.

review 896097 Sony WH 1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Wireless HeadphoneA Gift for Father

May 25, 2023 in Misc Review : Sony Headphones Earbuds Soundbar
If you are stuck for ideas then this next announcement might help with some suggestions for the 18th of June.

review 896092 Master Dater by Cyanide HappinesFathers Day Items!

May 24, 2023 in Misc
This is a brief look at a couple of items that you might find suitable for Father’s Day gifts. In case it’s slipped your mind it’s not that far away on the 18th June. Both these games are for older children or adults. The two games are Master Dater and Joking Hazard.

review 896099 Maze of Realities Reflection of LighReflection of LightDomini Games Maze of Realiies - Reflection of Lights rated 8 out of 10

Adding to its Maze of Realities titles, Domini Games has released Reflection of Light offering.

review 896096 skullcandy crusher ancNew Headphones

May 20, 2023 in Misc Review : Skullcandy Crusher ANC2
Skullcandy enhances the private listening experience.

review 896095 Groov e Vienna Rechargeable DAB FM Radio with BluetootPortable DAB RadioGroov-e Vienna Dab Radio rated 6 out of 10

May 18, 2023 in Entertainment Review : Groov-e Vienna Dab Radio
While hardly likely to win an award for stylist appearance, this DAB radio could make a useful present.

review 896084 Canon i SENSYS MF655CdCanon i-SensysMF655CdwCanon i-SensysMF655Cdw rated 8 out of 10

May 17, 2023 in Printers/Scanners
This is the latest A4 multi-function device to land in my hall. It is not that light and I think it has the most strips of orange tape of any unit I have reviewed. This is a colour laser unit and by default it prints double sided, unlike most units I have reviewed previously it lines things up correctly on the second side.

review 896094 Game My Lovely PetCollecting PetsAVI Games My Lovely Pets Collector's Edition rated 6 out of 10

Pets can be good at hiding thus making you search for them as revealed by this next title.

review 896087 Game Word Search VacatioHoliday Time LexiconManicware Word Search Vacation rated 5 out of 10

As if you had nothing better to do, your holiday could be spent looking for the right word.

review 896085 Match Three Pirates Pirates' PlaygroundMatch Three Pirates 2 Denda Games rated 8 out of 10

Rather than plunder ships, this band of pirates cooperate in the building of an amusement part.

review 896065 JLab Go Work Pop Wireless Headsets with MicrophonGoWorkPop Wireless On Ear HeadsetGoWorkPop Wireless On Ear Headset rated 8 out of 10

May 10, 2023 in Wireless
This is a new company to the UK, I recently reviewed one of their keyboards as well as a very advanced mouse. Here I am looking at a small set of on ear headphones that can also be used as a headset, they are unlike most others in that they are very light at only 99grams. Another of its advanced capabilities is that it can be linked to two devices at the same time. It also has a very long play time between charges.

review 896086 Puzzle Vacations IrelanIrish PuzzlesTiny Little Lion Puzzle Vacation - Ireland rated 7 out of 10

Take a trip to Ireland and solve a multitude of puzzles.

review 896079 Amazing Vacation San FranciscVisiting San FranciscoLazy Turtle Games Amazing Vacation San Francisco rated 6 out of 10

If you are a compulsive traveller and fan of Hidden Object game play then Lazy Turtle Games hope you will try out its latest Amazing Vacation offering.

review 896080 nickwatch_play_fuzzy_strap_a_2_1_2_1 copA Watching WatchNickWatch Watchinu rated 6 out of 10

May 4, 2023 in Misc Review : NickWatch Watchinu
Technology can help keep an eye on your child through the use of technology.

review 896075 POCO M5 SmartphonPOCO M5 Smart MobilePOCO M5 Smart Mobile rated 9 out of 10

May 3, 2023 in Phones
This is the latest Smart Phone from a new company to me. POCO is the gaming arm of Xiaomi who I have reviewed phones from in the past. The M5 can switch refresh rates Video 30Hz or 60Hz, Gaming 60Hz or 90Hz and Scrolling at 30-60-90 Hz. Overall the cost of this POCO offing is not very much at all.

review 896078 Magic City Detective Secret DesirReplacing Human BloodMagic City Secret Desire Domini Games rated 7 out of 10

Put on your detective hat and search for an elf with a potion to replace human blood when Vampires are hungry.

review 896072 Detective Agency Gray TiDetective AmandaAVI Games Detectivw Agency - Gray Tie rated 5 out of 10

If does help when searching for stolen treasure, if you can also catch the thief.

review 896073 Gloomy Tales Horrific ShoThe Circus Comes to TownDomini Games Gloomy Tales - Horror Show rated 6 out of 10

If you fancy a trip to a travelling circus then this next title could suit your needs but only is you can resist temptation.

review 896071 Haunted Hotel Eclipse PlatinuFinal Journey HotelElephant Games Haunted Hotel: Eclipse rated 6 out of 10

A hotel is like a world in miniature. It can hold many secrets but perhaps not ones as dangerous as the Final Journal.

review 896058 JLab Epic Wireless MousMouse & Keyboard from JLAB

Apr 26, 2023 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Most of us take a keyboard or a mouse for grantage they are just there and we use them. Often they are Wi-Fi sometimes they are corded and just occasionally Bluetooth. These from JLAB are all three. The mouse has an added plus in that you get a three month trial of TIDAL probably the best widely available streaming service.

review 896061 Helga The Viking Warrior Helga Dies but Still FightseFunsoft Helga 3 - Asgardian War rated 5 out of 10

How do you continue a saga after the central character dies? Perhaps you involve Gods and Monsters.

review 896059 Laruaville 1Dracula's New HomeLGT SIA Laruaville 13 rated 8 out of 10

Apr 20, 2023 in Entertainment Review : LGT SIA Laruaville 13
While not regarded as standard estate agency skills, could you help provide a suitable domain for Count Dracula?

review 896040 HP Pavilion All in One PC 32 b0101nHP All In OneHP All In One rated 8 out of 10

Apr 19, 2023 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
All in One is something that normally relates to a printer-scanner-copier and possibly even fax unit. Here however it relates to a screen that also has a computer built into it, the only extras you need are keyboard and mouse and here even they are included.

review 896060 Maze of Realities Flower of DiscorFlower of DiscordDomini Games Maze of Realities - Flower of Discord rated 7 out of 10

Another world, another problem, with flowers having a major role to play.

review 896045 Connected Hearts Fortune PlaDon't Bet on LoveDomini Games Connected Hearts - Fortune Place rated 7 out of 10

Sometimes a contract with an evil spirit will require the payment of a true heart.

review 896044 Detectives United Deadly DebMurder for FavoursElephant Games Detective United - Deadly Debt rated 6 out of 10

Tired of being cast in a single role, then this next title gives you a split personality as you become three different investigative agents.

review 896032 Zhiyun Molus X100 Pro 100W LED Video LighZhiyun Lights Molus X100 ProZhiyun Lights Molus X100 Pro rated 8 out of 10

Apr 12, 2023 in Cameras
While good quality modern SmartPhones can take excellent videos and images they do need some help first a good quality Gimbal as however steady your hand may be a Gimbal makes all movements smooth. Second lights unless you are outside on a bright sunny day you need help and here Zhiyun has a range of offerings light enough for a single person to setup and still be able to take the images.

review 896046 1001 Black Raven JigsaJigsaws Aplenty8 Floor Games 1001 Black Raven Jigsaw rated 6 out of 10

With 500 images to select from, this next title gives you plenty of jigsaw solving practice.

review 896043 Immortal Love True TreasurLeprechaun GoldFriendly Fox Immortal Love - True Treasure rated 7 out of 10

Sometimes an "old wives' tale" can have a grain of truth in it as Friendly Fox reveals in this next gaming title.

review 896042 Travel Along Travelling the WorldSeven Sails Travel Along 2 rated 6 out of 10

Apr 6, 2023 in Entertainment Review : Seven Sails Travel Along 2
With this next game you can travel the world while sitting in front of your computer screen.
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