review 894852 Fantasy Mosaics 49 Haunted SwamPenguins in the WoodsFantasy Mosaics 49 Haunted Swamp Match Gems rated 6 out of 10

Creating mosaics gives you the chance to celebrate Halloween with the penguins on a visit to the woods.

review 894851  LG Tone Free FP9 Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Bluetooth EarbudNews from LG

Dec 2, 2021 in Entertainment Review : LG Earbuds Competition
Do you feel lucky or just interested in a new set of earbuds?

review 894823 parallels Windows on Chrome OChromebooks running Windows

Dec 1, 2021 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Most items I get to review have Intel chips in and while specifications say something like Intel i5 or equivalent until I have tested an equivalent I am reluctant to say something will work. A while ago Parallels brought out a product that would allow Chromebooks to run Windows, most recent Chromebooks can run Android Apps but Windows was something new.

review 894853 ESET Multi Device Internet Security 202ESET Internet SecurityESET Internet Security rated 7 out of 10

Nov 30, 2021 in Software
While you may feel safe when in your home, could you say the same when connected to the Internet?

review 894826 Sennheiser HD 450SE Wireless HeadphoneSennheiser HD 450SE WirelessSennheiser HD 450SE Wireless rated 10 out of 10

Nov 29, 2021 in Entertainment
A set of headphones from Sennheiser is always an interesting thing as you know they will be well made and use the best components. I knew it had been a while since one crossed my desk and a search found that I saw a pair of earbuds in 2018 but a pair of headphones was even further back in 2017.

A Story of LoveJoyful Software 11 Islands - Story of Love rated 4 out of 10

As a fog descends over 11 islands, you are called upon to restore the equilibrium of this area.

review 894838 Spirit of Wandering The LegenA Pirate Love StoryArtogan Spirit of Wandering - The Legend rated 7 out of 10

While pirates tend to have a blood-thirsty and gruesome reputation, they can occasionally show some human tendencies.

review 894809 Trains Top Trumps Card GamTopTrumps TrainsTopTrumps Trains rated 6 out of 10

Nov 24, 2021 in Entertainment
I normally steer well clear of games but there a few that interest me even at my advanced age. Card games were a staple of my youth and in my teens I used to play a mean game of Cribbage that supported a meager first wage working in a toy and sports shop. Now I have a thirst for learning that was never an option at school so knowing about things that interest me is a subject that thirty odd years ago had the name of Edutainment.

review 894837 Amazing Adventures Around the WorlWorld TravellingPop Cap Spintop Amazing Adventures: Around the Wprld rated 5 out of 10

Put your searching skills to the test as you undertake a journey to different locations around the world.

review 894831 Apple iPhone 1Apple iPhone13Apple iPhone13 rated 8 out of 10

Nov 22, 2021 in Phones
Apple seem to offer new phones each year so here is one of the recently launched iPhone 13 range. I have been using it out and about over the last few weeks with especial attention paid to its photographic abilities. So what does it offer the user apart from a name to justify its high end price?

review 894828 Catherine Ragnor and the Legend of the Flying DutchmaPirate Treasure HuntingeFunsoft Catherine Ragnor and the Flying Dutchman rated 7 out of 10

Can you step aboard a haunted ship and save its captain from a life of being "all-at-sea"?

review 894829 Mystery PI Hidden Object CollectioCrime SolvingPop Cap Spintop Mystery P I Collection rated 4 out of 10

Not one but three crimes to solve as you search through over 6,000 objects concealed in different locations.

review 894801 Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting DisplaP21 Poly Studio P21 Poly Studio  rated 8 out of 10

Nov 17, 2021 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Recently I have told you about a small USB camera and a Bluetooth headset with far better than normal range. Here is a flat panel that has both built in and for good measure it has lights built in both sides to improve the view people get of you as it frames you better, this is certainly an all in one device for those Zoom calls. This is a real personal meeting display for those occasions when you cannot meet personally.

review 894827  Classic Adventures The Great GatsbA Classic StoryI-play The Great Gatsby rated 5 out of 10

Nov 16, 2021 in Entertainment Review : I-play The Great Gatsby
Travel back to the Roaring Twenties and enjoy the company of the Great Gatsby set.

review 894816 Acer Chromebook 71Acer Chromebook 714Acer Chromebook 714 rated 8 out of 10

Nov 15, 2021 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
If your company or education establishment wants to save on the cost of Windows notebooks this Chromebook may help as it has the basic power and memory to run Parallels for Windows allowing you to run Windows in a ‘sandbox’ while still running Chrome on the machine your company will however still need Windows licenses for every Chromebook running it though, currently they are Windows 10.

review 894811 Jewel Quest Mysteries Trail of the Midnight HearUncle Goes MissingiWin Jewel Quest Mysteries - Trail of the Midnight Heart rated 6 out of 10

Dipping into my selection of titles available for review brought forth the iWin developed offering of mixed game type action.

review 894813 Mystic Diary Missing PageThe Missing PagesBlack Lime Mystic Diary - Missing Pages rated 4 out of 10

Can you assist a brother clean up the mess left by his brother in this Hidden Object game?

review 894795 D Link R15 EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 Smart RouteD-Link Smart Router R15D-Link Smart Router R15 rated 9 out of 10

Nov 10, 2021 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A router is not something we tend to change that often unless there is a reason. These days the coverage a router gives is either enough for your needs or it isn’t and then you get an extender of some sort. However I found out recently that there is a new updated version of Wi-Fi as those of you who read my recent Motorola SmartPhone review will perhaps give you a reason to upgrade.

review 894812 Becky Brogan The Mystery of Meane ManoHouse CleaningMumbo Jumbo The Mystery of Meane Manor rated 5 out of 10

Can a house take on board the influences of its inhabitants? Meane Manor certainly thinks so.

review 894784 Pawbby Smart BowPawbby Smart Pet BowlPawbby Smart Pet Bowl rated 7 out of 10

Nov 8, 2021 in Misc
If your dog is just 10% overweight it can reduce its life expectancy by up to 30%. So feeding it the correct amount can save you money not only in food but also in vet’s bills. This offering from Pawbby is a pets bowl with a scale built in so that you only feed your dog the exact amount. While I have mentioned dogs it could equally well work for a cat.

review 894796 curse of the pharaoh tears of sekhmet_featurDefeat the Curse!Pho3mix News Media Curse of the Pharaoch - Tears of Sekhmet rated 8 out of 10

Pitching sister against brother, this next game involves an Egyptian curse and the power to do as you like.

review 894798  Edifier TW1 PRO True Wireless EarbudPrivate ListeningEdifier TWS1 Pro rated 8 out of 10

Nov 4, 2021 in Entertainment Review : Edifier TWS1 Pro
While you probably would not want to listen to 42 hours of non-stop music, this next device can deliver such a service.

review 894781 Creative SXFI AMP Aurvana Trio LS BundleAurvana Trio LS Earbuds and SXFI AMPAurvana Trio LS Earbuds and SXFI AMP rated 9 out of 10

Nov 3, 2021 in Entertainment
A set of in ear earbuds from Creative bundled with the SXFI AMP is what this latest offering from Creative Labs to cross my desk is, and while I do not normally want to know the price before completing the review on this occasion I needed to know if this was one or two reviews and as it’s a bundle only price that is 36.67% of the separate selling price.

review 894797 Oclean W10 Water FlosseWash your MouthOclean Irrigator W10 rated 6 out of 10

Nov 2, 2021 in Health and Beauty Review : Oclean Irrigator W10
Adding to its range of oral hygiene products, Oclean has launched its W10 product.

review 894759 Fossil Men's GEN 6 Touchscreen SmartwatcFossil Gen 6 SmartWatchFossil Gen 6 SmartWatch rated 8 out of 10

Nov 1, 2021 in Mobile Tech
Gen 6 is the latest range of SmartWatches from Fossil. This offering has touch screen and three buttons on the right side and it can do almost anything once connected to your SmartPhone and indeed you could spend a lot of time getting to the screen you want to get to but sad to say so far it has stubbornly refused to make the coffee.

Chess Piece SearchPop Cap Amazing Adventures - Riddle of the two Knights rated 6 out of 10

Can you find all the chess pieces need to complete a medieval chessboard?

review 894776 Oclean Flow Rechargeable Power Sonic ToothbrusElectric ToothbrushOclean Flow Toothbrush rated 7 out of 10

Oct 28, 2021 in Health and Beauty Review : Oclean Flow Toothbrush
How's your smile? Perhaps this next product could add a sparkle to it.

review 894764 voyager_4220_office_two way_base_print_rgPoly BT600(V4220)Poly BT600(V4220) rated 8 out of 10

Oct 27, 2021 in Wireless
This is a Bluetooth Headset with a big plus – added distance – whereas most state 10metres and if you live in a home with solid walls like me it’s probably a bit less with this unit its more than double and I can even go down my garden and still hear and talk on it without drop outs. The magic is the little USB dongle that fits in a standard USB port.

review 894778 Avast LogComputer ProtectionAvast Avast One Individual rated 7 out of 10

Oct 26, 2021 in Software Review : Avast Avast One Individual
Having recently updated the drivers on my computer courtesy of Avast, I decided to look at the company's latest general protection offering.

review 894775 Motorola Edge 20 PrMotorola Edge 20 ProMotorola Edge 20 Pro rated 9 out of 10

Oct 25, 2021 in Phones
The latest offering from Vodafone to cross my desk is the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, this SmartPhone feels nice and well balanced in your hand and comes supplied with a silicon back and sides cover. While the face is of course shiny black it remains almost mirror like as finger marks do not tend to show, the back is a shimmering midnight blue.
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