Psychic HelpMystery Case Files of Shadow Lake rated 7 out of 10

With live actors, making an appearance, you have to call on a psychic to help solve this next case.

Returning HomeSmall Town Terrors - Pilgrim's Hook rated 7 out of 10

When your twin brother calls for help, you have little choice but to respond and do all you can to help.

review 895204 Edge of Reality Call of the HillHumans and SeedsFriendly Fox Edge of Reality - Call of the Hills rated 8 out of 10

Bring peace and harmony to two cultures over the use of magic.

review 895142 Zhiyun Crane M2 S 3 Axis Gimbal StabilizeZhiyun Crane M2 S Combo Camera GimbalZhiyun Crane M2 S Combo Camera Gimbal rated 8 out of 10

May 18, 2022 in Cameras
Up till now all the camera gimbals I have looked at were designed for SmartPhones either for direct use or in one case to control a second phone remotely in the gimbal. Here a much larger and more robust offering that can be used with DSLR offerings and most likely by semiprofessionals looking to produce output for others to see and use.

review 895205 Whispered Secrets Morbid ObsessioCompulsive CollectorsGrandma Whispered Secrets - Morbid Obsession rated 8 out of 10

By switching from investigator to judge, you have to decide how your subject characters should be punished.

review 895147 Shadow Wolf Mysteries Curse of the Full MooA Game of WolvesShadow Wolf - Curse of the Full Moon ERS Games Studio rated 6 out of 10

Often miscast as the villains of the piece, can you decide whether wolves are the guilty or innocent party in this next game.

review 895148 Helga The Viking Warrior Rise of the Shield MaideHelga Viking Warriore-Funsoft Helga The Viking Warrior - Rise of the Shield rated 6 out of 10

e-Funsoft has made use of several different storylines as the basis for its Match 3 game play titles. These storylines have featured an Academy of Magic, Biblical tales and the work of a couple of detectives in Victorian times.

review 895135 Optoma UHD5Optoma UHD55 Projector Optoma UHD55 Projector  rated 8 out of 10

May 11, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A while ago I told you about a new small portable projector from Acer whose internal battery had enough power to show a couple of videos back to back. Here I get to try a full size offering from Optoma one of the leaders in projector technology. This is a unit that connect from a whole range of units and that includes your Wi-Fi. It is equally at home in less than HD, HD or 4K.

review 895149 nero platinum suite 202Nero Platinum 2022Nero rated 8 out of 10

May 10, 2022 in Software Review : Nero
Some, with a memory that can stretch as far back as mine, may well remember a software product designed to burn content onto CDs. This was an early incarnation of a product from Nero.

review 895137 Mystery Trackers Black Isle Collector%E2%80%99s EditioBlack Isle MysteryElephant Games Mystery Trackers Black Isle rated 7 out of 10

Deserted following an earthquake, Black Isle returns to the news headlines as a reporter disappears.

review 895138 Mystery Murders Jack the RippeThe Whitechapel KillerAvanquest The Mystery Murders Jack the Ripper rated 6 out of 10

With the aid of a clairvoyant, newspaper reporter and a police detective can you unmask the murderer of several women?

review 895128 Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go XE345XDA KA2USamsung Galaxy Chromebook GoSamsung Galaxy Chromebook Go rated 8 out of 10

May 4, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Having recently told you about a Samsung Chromebook that comes with the latest version of Wimdows here is their Chromebook offering that was released at the same time. So here you get a Chromebook that can also allow you to get mobile data to keep you in contact while out of the office and as it has its own SIM so no nicking mobile data from your phone.

review 895136 European QuesTravelling Round EuropeLazy Boy Games European Quest rated 6 out of 10

Are you packed and ready for your next vacation. This time your holiday has been arranged by European Quest for your enjoyment and knowledge of other cultures.

review 895127 Mystery Trackers Raincliff Collectors EditioThe Bus Goes MissingElephant Games Mystery Trackers - Raincliff rated 7 out of 10

What is the connection between the cloak-wearing "invisibles" and a bus load of missing students?

review 895125 Paranormal StorieThe Spirits Knowe-Funsoft Paranormal Stories rated 6 out of 10

When looking for clues as to why certain instances happen you need to communicate with the departed.

review 895119 TP Link Tapo Outdoor Security CamerTapo Outdoor Security CameraTapo Outdoor Security Camera rated 9 out of 10

Apr 27, 2022 in Homes and Gardens
Having recently told you about a large outdoor camera that can be Wi-Fi or Ethernet here one that is a lot smaller but it still offers the choice of Wi-Fi or Ethernet but of course it weighs a lot less and has another very useful feature it’s a lot cheaper but still offers the same resolution of 2K.

review 895126 Haunted Legends The Queen of Spades Collectors EditioCollecting CardsERS Game Studio Haunted Legends - The Queen of Spades rated 5 out of 10

Can you find all the cards that could bring riches beyond your wildest dreams or would you have a batter chance of winning the lottery.

review 895111 Acer TravelMate P4 TMP414 5Acer TravelMate P4 Acer TravelMate P4  rated 8 out of 10

Apr 25, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is a powerful Notebook from Acer that is very fast and while not a featherweight at 1.41 kilos it is very solid so should stand the odd knock or three. It still has the ability to be used in an office environment as it has Ethernet and a full sized HDMI port. So what else does this latest offering have to temp the user to dig into their wallet.

review 895116 Twin Mind Power of LovBrother and Sister TwinsTwin Mind- The Power of Love Domini Games rated 8 out of 10

Keeping it in the family is the basis for the work of the detectives in this next title.

review 895117 Haunted Hotel Charles Dexter WarSwitching BodiesHaunted Hotel - Charles Dexter Ward Specialbit STudio rated 5 out of 10

Are you satisfied with your body? If not then you might like to adopt the route taken by a character in this next game.

review 895095 Canon T MAXIFY GX7050 4in1 multifunction printeCanon Maxify GX7050Canon Maxify GX7050 rated 8 out of 10

Apr 20, 2022 in Printers/Scanners
This is quite a chunky unit, however for what it packs inside its body it is certainly worth considering either for a home office of for a small company. It has two separate input trays underneath as well as a sit up input at the back at the top. However you want to use it is catered for as you have Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB.

review 895118 Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera Collectors EditioPhantom of the OperaPlay Pond Mystery Legends - Phantom of the Opera rated 6 out of 10

A trip to the Opera House can cause problems when you are mistaken for a former pupil.

review 895102 Amandas Magic Book 4 True LovFairy Tale Actione-Funsoft Amanda's Magic Book 4 rated 6 out of 10

It is advisable to avoid arguments when near the presence of a magic book.

review 895104 Mortimer Beckett And The Secrets Of Spooky ManoSearching Spooky ManorMumbo Jumbo Mortimer Beckett - The Secrets of Spooky Manor rated 6 out of 10

With 30 rooms to explore, this next title sets you the task of restoring objects as you search for a strange machine.

review 895086 Philips 27M1N5200PA 27p FHD IPPhilips Momentum 5000 27inch Philips Momentum 5000 27inch  rated 8 out of 10

Apr 13, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
For a gamer one of the most important factors is a fast refresh rate, it is literally the difference between gaming life and death. Here not only do you get fast refresh but also the things that will matter later on in life to keep your eyes healthy, no flicker and low blue light among other things. So what else does this 27inch flat panel have to offer?

review 895103 Dark Tales 3 Edgar Allan Poes The Premature BuriaBuried AliveERS Game Studios The Premature Burial rated 5 out of 10

Delving into the work of a famous author, ERS sets you the task of finding Hidden Objects and enough roses to make a bouquet.

review 895081 Hidden Expedition 5 The Uncharted Islands GamUncharted IslandsFloodlight Games Hidden Expedition - Uncharted Islands rated 7 out of 10

While it might not have been your chosen destination, these Elysian Isles offer a variety of environments.

review 895085 BuddyPhones School Safe Audio for KidBuddy PhonesBuddy Phones rated 10 out of 10

Apr 6, 2022 in Entertainment
While they are stated to be for kids these fitted me without any problems and as they lacked any child orientated advertising they could be worn by most adults without any problem. This is not just a smaller version of an adult headset as it comes with three different volume levels for Toddlers, Kids and Travel with the levels increased by 10dB for each mode and unless you show the child how to do this they will never know it’s called ‘Safe Audio’.

Defeat the VegetablesAdept Studio Catana rated 6 out of 10

Apr 5, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Adept Studio Catana
Cats like to hunt and you can join in with this next game.
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