review 896780 Cursed House 1Cursed House 13Cursed House 13 SIA LGT rated 6 out of 10

Jul 11, 2024 in Entertainment Review : Cursed House 13 SIA LGT
While hardly qualifying as spring cleaning, a vacancy exists for somebody to remove unwanted mischievous spirits from houses with a history.

review 896767 HP Spectre x360 14 inch 2.8K OLED Touchscreen LaptoHP Envy x360HP Envy x360 rated 10 out of 10

Jul 10, 2024 in Laptops/PCs/Apple Review : HP Envy x360
This is the latest offering from HP that is both a Notebook and a Tablet as such there is of course touch screen either by finger or for those who need great accuracy a pen type device is supplied.

review 896779 Royal Romances Cursed HeartRoyal TrickeryRoyal Romance - Cursed Hearts Collector's Edition Domini Games rated 6 out of 10

When is a flower not a flower? The answer is when it is not the required flower.

review 896778 Shopping Clutter 22 Haute CouturAnother Batch of Clutter!Shopping Clutter - Haute Couture Jet Dogs STudio rated 6 out of 10

As home to the Walker family, Animalville is an environment that is constantly improving.

review 896777 Knight Cats Leaves on the RoaCats in ChargeElephant Games Knight Cats - Leaves in the Road rated 7 out of 10

According to an old-wives tale, Elephants are meant to be scared of mice. Believe it or not, this might explain why Elephant Games' latest title features cats as the central characters.

review 896766 Emporia ME6 5G SmartphonEmporia ME6Emporia ME6 rated 9 out of 10

Jul 3, 2024 in Phones
This is the latest offering from Emporia, this company are best known for Smart Phones suitable for older people as they do not assume you know how to use it and as an added bonus they have an emergency button on the back that circles though up to five friends/neighbours and relatives until an answer is received.

review 896776 Jewel Match Origins 3 Camelot CastlBuilding Camelot CastleSurricate Software Jewel Match Origins 3 - Camelot Castle rated 8 out of 10

Rebuilding a piece of history may not be considered beyond your capability with the aid of this next title.

review 896774 Lots Of Things Collectors EditioLots of ThingsAVI Games Lots of Things Collector's Edition rated 6 out of 10

AVI Games has continued with its affection for Raccoons and Hidden Object game play with the release of its next title.

review 896773 Hidden Object Legends Deadly LovNot the Orient ExpressDomini Games Hidden Object Legends - Deadly Love rated 6 out of 10

The enclosed environment seems to be the ideal place to commit a crime especially when it involves murder.

review 896755 PortraitPro 2PortraitPro 24PortraitPro 24 rated 8 out of 10

June 26, 2024 in Health and Beauty
Do you own some photos that you would like to improve without spending a lot of money to either have it done professionally or via some rather expensive software that probably assumes you know more than you actually do? If this is the case then this software could be the answer.

review 896772 Grim Tales Dual DispositioDouble TroubleElephant Games Grim Tales - Dual Disposition rated 7 out of 10

While sometimes a crime is committed by the Butler, this time you appear to be the main suspect.

review 896770 Mystery Case Files The Dalimar LegacThe Dalimar LegacyGrandma Games Mystery Case Files - The Dalimar Legacy rated 7 out of 10

What would you do if when you looked in the mirror, you saw the face of your enemy? The answer could well be found in this next game from the Mystery Case Files.

review 896769 Alchemy Odyssey Rise of ShadowRise of the ShadowAlchemy Odyssey - Rise of the Shadow rated 6 out of 10

Are you ready to join the battle and stop the Necromancer from destroying the Universe in e-Funsoft's latest Match 3 title?

review 896760 acer aspire vero 16 laptopAcer Aspire AV16-51P NotebookAcer Aspire AV16-51P Notebook rated 8 out of 10

June 19, 2024 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
In around 18 months Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 so now is the time to start looking for a suitable Windows 11 machine. This offering from Acer in the Aspire series supports 'the earth' by using more suitable components, they name this feature VERO.

review 896768 Dark Solitaire Search for a CurSearch for a CureDark Solitaire - Search for a clue rated 8 out of 10

If you play your cards right, you could save the world from a dangerous virus.

review 896764 Maze of Realities Ride in the SkAn Egyptian PortalDomini Games Maze of Reality - Ride in the Sky rated 6 out of 10

Are you ready to tackle a world where cats have wings and a turtle is your mode of transport.

review 896763 Finding America The Great LakeVisit the Great LakesFinding America - The Great Lakes Boom Zap rated 8 out of 10

Continuing its Finding America series, Boom Zap takes us to the Great Lakes.

review 896754 Ecoegg Starter KiEcoegg Laundry EggEcoegg Laundry Egg rated 8 out of 10

June 12, 2024 in Homes and Gardens
Laundry is something everyone does and like most people I tend to buy one of the advertised brands here is something different that could be the answer, it starts by costing less than most, and assuming it gets things clean and without irritation then for me its well on the way to being on my shopping list.

review 896762 Haunted House MysterGrandfather's HouseHaunted House Mystery DIGIMIGHT rated 5 out of 10

Are your memories of childhood adventure true or not? Step back in time to relive past experiences and you might find out.

review 896759 Cursed Fables Twisted ToweDefeating Rapunzel Cursed Fables - Twisted Tower Elephant Games rated 8 out of 10

You are given the job of stopping a winged monster from feeding on the souls of the men in a village.

review 896758 Puzzle Vacations Australia and New ZealanA Trip Down UnderTiny Little Lion Vacation Puzles - Australia and New Zealand rated 6 out of 10

Overseas trips can be challenging and educational as well as fun. They can also test your puzzle solving skills.

review 896730 emporiaSMART.5 minEmporia E5 MiniEmporia E5 Mini rated 8 out of 10

June 5, 2024 in Phones
For those who do not want a full size screen but still want to use everything that a modern Smart Phone has and the help that older people and those whom this is their first Smart Phone need this offering from Emporia may fit the bill.

review 896757 Pop Art Pop Art PaintingPop Art 3 T1 rated 5 out of 10

June 4, 2024 in Entertainment Review : Pop Art 3 T1
By following the numbers, you can create pop art images.

review 896751 Crossroad of Worlds Star RiddlCatch the Star ThiefCrossroad of the Worlds - Star Riddle Domini Games rated 6 out of 10

With a pre-defined path to follow, this Crossroads relies on its stars to highlight the tasks ahead.

review 896750 Yard Sale Collectors EditioFinancing a HolidayYard Sale rated 5 out of 10

May 30, 2024 in Entertainment Review : Yard Sale
When finances are tight, you are the one called up to raise the money for a family holiday.

review 896729 Local Legends The Hidden Pubs of LondoLocal Legends - The Hidden Pubs of London

This book is not as you may think about people but about places. In fact it is about pubs in London that you might not have heard or seen, this book is full of pictures and it could encourage you to visit while they are still there. It could even suit a Fathers Day gift.

review 896749 game StarL More StarL Game PlayMore StarL Game Play rated 8 out of 10

May 28, 2024 in Entertainment
Are you strong minded enough to enter the world of StarL and leave before completing its 130 levels.

review 896732 Unsolved Case   Above the LaAbove the LawUnsolved Case - Above the Law Domini Games rated 6 out of 10

Can you infiltrate a criminal gang and bring them to justice?

review 896733 Tower of Wishes 3 JapaThe Tower ReturnsTower of Wishes 3 Japan Ironcode Gaming rated 7 out of 10

When under attack from enemies, climbing a tower might not immediately seem the route to go - but you never know.

review 896719 emporiaSMART.6 Senior Mobile Phone with 5G VoLTEmporia Smart E6Emporia Smart E6 rated 8 out of 10

May 22, 2024 in Phones
While the vast majority of younger people are perfectly happy with 'bare' Android phones those 'more mature' and those of 'retired' age who may only have used a basic Nokia type phone to make a receive calls. These people still need assistance when doing more online.
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