You like-They Don't-You Hate-They Love

Dec 8, 2022 in Entertainment Review : Uswitch
Are video games remembered for their critical acclaim or their player acceptance?

review 895772 Canon imageFORMULA RS40 Photo and Document ScanneCanon Scanner RS40Canon Scanner RS40 rated 8 out of 10

Dec 7, 2022 in Printers/Scanners
While these days the vast majority of images are taken on peoples phones it’s not that many years ago that they were taken on cameras and only a little longer ago they were taken on film with a negative that gave a printed image. So there are still a great number of irreplaceable images that exist only as a printed photograph and each time they are taken from an album the chance of damage happening is increased so get an image now while you still can.

review 895775 1001 Jigsaw World Tour Castles and Palaces 2Castles and Palaces8 Floor Games 1001 Jigsaw World Tour - Castles & Palaces 2 rated 6 out of 10

A long-time favourite board game takes on an architectural flavour with this next title.

review 895774 Leatherman FREE T4 Multipurpose TooLeatherman Free T4 Multi Purpose ToolLeatherman Free T4 Multi Purpose Tool rated 8 out of 10

Dec 5, 2022 in Misc
It looks a lot like a larger Swiss army knife. The difference here is that to access any of the tools you need to push with your thumb to allow any of the tools to be accessed. There is even a clip so wherever you keep it in a pocket or bag it will stay in place until it’s needed.

review 895768 Amandas Magic Book 5 Hansel and GreteHelping Hansel and Gretele-Funsoft Amanda's Magic Book Handsel and Gretel rated 6 out of 10

Amanda is back for another adventure in the Magic Book series of game play.

review 895766 Arlo Spotlight Outdoor Security CamerSpotlighting VisitorsArlo Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera rated 7 out of 10

When the door bell rings, do you know who is calling? This next product could help.

review 895764 Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi Channel Gaming SoundbaSound Blaster KATANA V2XSound Blaster KATANA V2X rated 8 out of 10

Nov 30, 2022 in Homes and Gardens
This latest Sound Bar from Sound Blaster is a 2.1 system meaning not only do you get the main bar but also another box that contains the bass speaker. This gives not only normal sounds such as speech and music from the speakers in the sound bar but also the low notes such as bass action from the other box and in action movies this really give the cinema effects.

review 895767 Helga The Viking Warrior 2 Ivars RevengThe Battle Continuese-Fubsoft Helga the Warrior 0 Ivar's Revenge rated 6 out of 10

Refreshed from her initial battles, Helga returns to defeat new enemies.

review 895765 Trust Gaming GXT 981 Redex Lightweight Gaming MousRedex & AGON Mice

Nov 28, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
I know people who love using a Notebook but hate using its Trackpad. So here are two USB wired mice that could well help then both for work and play as both these offerings have more than the standard two buttons and a scroll wheel.

review 895712 Game 4 ElementRescuing Fairies4 Elements II Playrix rated 6 out of 10

Nov 26, 2022 in Entertainment Review : 4 Elements II Playrix
Can you help free fairies and restore the balance of power in this Playrix developed game.

review 895710 Fantasy Mosaics 53 Mysterious CosmoMysterious CosmosFantasy Mosaics 53 Mysterious Cosmos Match Gems rated 6 out of 10

It is time to produce mosaics as you join penguins exploring the Cosmos.

review 895717 Pure Evoke Home All in One MusiPure Evoke HomePure Evoke Home rated 8 out of 10

Nov 23, 2022 in Homes and Gardens
The words ‘All In One’ normally relate to a printer that also copies and scan. Here it is an audio device that has everything in a single unit that measures 38x18x11cm. So you have DAB+, FM, Internet Radio, CD, Spotify, Podcasts, Bluetooth Audio and Auxiliary Input via 3.5mm socket.

review 895713 Magic City Detective Wings of Revenge Collectors EditioExisting Amongst UsDomini Games Magic City Detective - Wings of Revenge rated 7 out of 10

While there may be no fairies at the bottom of your garden, other strange creatures could exist elsewhere.

review 895753 Trust Gaming USB Streaming Microphone GXT 241Velica USB Gaming MicrophoneVelica USB Gaming Microphone rated 9 out of 10

Nov 21, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
A more unusual offering from Trust a USB microphone. Perhaps the most interesting part is the fittings it is supplied with.

review 895711 Living Legends Frozen BeautFrozen BeautyLiving Legends - Frozen Beauty 4 Friends Game rated 6 out of 10

When offered the chance of a royal style of life would you be able to resist the offer?

review 895715 European Quest Visiting Europe from HomeLazy Bay Games European Travel 2 rated 6 out of 10

Europe is, yet again, the location for a series of Hidden Object scenes with puzzle solving thrown in for good measure.

review 895709 AGON Flat Panel AG275QAGON Flat Panel AG275QXAGON Flat Panel AG275QX rated 9 out of 10

Nov 16, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
This is a 27inch QHD panel 2560x1440 although it is equally usable at HD 1920x1080 for those whose eyesight is not the best. A gaming panel with reasonable sound so you should be able to hear the enemies coming as well as see them. It is available from the link at the end at a very good price so what is the reason, read on to find its one drawback.

Echoes from the PastRevenge of the Witch The Citadels of Time Orneon rated 6 out of 10

A double pack of the battle between a Witch and the Orion Kingdom.

review 895696 GETAC ZX1Getac ZX10Getac ZX10 rated 8 out of 10

Nov 14, 2022 in Laptops/PCs/Apple
Getac do a range of ‘Rugged’ units useful for those who work outside and when you first start you will see a choice of three options for using this touch screen offering, Glove – Finger – Stylus. This unit runs Android but these days Android has access to a whole lot more Apps than earlier versions. So this Tablet is designed to work where others would not. I am told this model is used for British Touring Car Championships for the Race Operations Team.

review 895706 LG TONE Free UT90 earbudNews for Ears and Wallets

Nov 12, 2022 in Misc Review : LG UT90 UTF8
When looking to enhance your listening experience and save some money, this news might be of interest.

DreamToys 2022

Nov 11, 2022 in Entertainment
Christmas is coming and with it the requests for must have toys.

review 895702 Have I Got News For You The Quiz of 202Have I Got News For YouHave I Got News For You rated 8 out of 10

Nov 10, 2022 in Misc
This hard backed book is entitled ‘The Quiz of 2022’, the program is one of the BBC’s most popular ‘Have I Got New For You’. I don’t get to read many books as most of my reading is online and while some might tuck themselves up with their Notebook or Tablet turning the page on a book in your hand is a rather different experience.

review 895693 The Magicians Handbook IDefeating BlackLoreMagician Handbook II BC Soft Games rated 6 out of 10

Are you ready to progress on the path to become a Magician by completing the required Handbook?

review 895698 Zippo Heatbanktm 6 Electric HandwarmeZippo HeatBank 6Zippo HeatBank 6 rated 9 out of 10

Nov 7, 2022 in Misc
This is not one product but two in one. It is a charge device for things like mobile phones when away from a USB port. However it is also something to keep you warm when out and about a small HeatBank that can keep your hands warm.

review 895694 Labyrinths of the World   Eternal WinteEternal WinterDomini Ga es Labyrinth of the World - Eternal Winter rated 8 out of 10

Can you survive the double threat of adverse weather conditions and fire-breathing dragons as you save the world from evil?

review 895697 sound blaster xUSB DAC & Headphone Amplifier USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier  rated 9 out of 10

Nov 2, 2022 in Misc
In a lot of cases you want more volume than is available, either because something was recorded at a low level or you are in a noisy environment. Often increasing the volume will also increase static and other things you don’t want. The solution can often be as easy as playing through a DAC as this gives you what you want more volume as well as clarity of sound.

review 895695 game   VampirevillVampires Resist DiseaseVampires Resist Disease rated 4 out of 10

Nov 1, 2022 in Entertainment
Corporate advancements can be achieved in different ways including extending the life of your boss.

review 895688 secret identitSecret Identity & Top Trumps

Oct 31, 2022 in Misc
Here I am looking at two items that could well be solutions for a couple of Christmas ideas. Secret Identity is a game for both older children and adults. The second also ticks two boxes most will know what Top Trumps are, a set of playing cards, but they are always on a theme with great images, here the images are Sports Cars something that will appeal to all the people that cannot afford the real thing.

review 895687 The Curse of the WerewolveSaving GrandmotherNordcurrent The Curse of Werewolves rated 7 out of 10

With a missing relative, dead bodies and a statue of a wolf, just what is going on?

review 895685 the excavation of hobs barroOpening Hob's BarrowThe Excavation of Hob's Barrow Cloak and Dagger rated 6 out of 10

Why are the locals so secretive about Hob's Barrow and very reluctant to talk about this burial chamber?
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