This Toshiba unit should be available in sizes up to 8TB by the time you read this. I was sent the 6TB offering as the 8TB has been delayed from the initial launce briefing earlier this year 34 floors up the Shard near the supposedly soon to be finished London Bridge station.

870269 G Technology 3TB G DRIVE Mobile Portable Hard Drive USB G-Drive 3TB

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 18 Nov 2016
There is often a long interval between requesting an item and it arriving, this is certainly the case here with this well constructed USB external drive. The manufacturer G Drive calls this a mobile USB drive that works on both MAC and Windows.
The Kensington USB 3.0 hub model UA3000E provides three USB 3.0 ports as well as a Gigabit Ethernet connection and so could be a useful add on to a netbook or laptop which lacks necessary ports.
Having recently covered a couple of Notebook/Tablet offerings this item from ASUS is different in that the keyboard is detachable so without it it’s a true Windows Tablet and with it then you have a small touch enabled Notebook

870273 BenQ GW2455H 2BenQ GW2455H

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 14 Nov 2016
This is a multi-connection easy to use and to setup 24inch flat panel. It is literally open the box clip the connection between the base and back into the back of the panel and then clip the base into that, plug in the leads and you are done, two minutes at most.

870086 ASUS X555 laptop windows computeASUS Notebook X555L

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Part of a new range of units recently launched, this is currently exclusive to Dixons/Currys and is a unit designed with the student in mind, either those off to university or maybe college, so it has to be a strong unit. It is 37x25.5x2cm and weighs 2121 grams.

870087 BenQ EW2775ZH 27 Inch Wide VA LED Gaming MonitoBenQ EW2775ZH

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 2 Nov 2016
A rather nice 27inch panel from BenQ but while I am not greatly in favour of long names I would have thought of something that flows off the tongue better than EW2775ZH. Still this is about the usability of the unit and not its name.
If you move around then the most important things with a notebook/tablet are good battery life and unless you spend a good bit of time in the gym the weight of the unit or to be precise the lack of weight, this unit from ASUS ticks both boxes.
BenQ manufacturers a range of monitors for different situations including this business model
The word convertible brings my mind to cars where the roof opens out and in a way turning a Notebook into a Tablet is much the same transformation. This Pavilion unit from HP can be a standard Notebook however push the screen back through 180 degrees and you have a Tablet.
For those who need a larger screen than even the largest phone can offer and need to be able work when out of Wi-Fi range then a Tablet such as this sold by Vodafone may well solve all your needs just don’t hold it to your ear for answering a phone call.

869518 ASUS X541SA laptop computeASUS X541SA laptop

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As the start of the school year comes rushing up both parents and students start looking at new laptops. While the former want value for money and an assurance that it will do what is wanted of it, for the latter, style is also important.
A very powerful gaming notebook from HP with a screen resolution that I have only previously seen on very large monitors 3840x2160, lots of memory and the latest Intel i7 processor and just for good measure Bang & Olufsen speakers.

869369 Toshiba EXCERIA N301 SDXC 64 GB UHS Toshiba Cards

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 11 Sep 2016
Having recently told you about a 64GB micro SD card from Toshiba, here a standard SD card and a coloured USB stick get put through their paces in a range of devices and also with computers with different operating systems.
A Toshiba X300 series internal HDD makes an effective PC upgrade to satisfy the capacity and performance demands of gamers, graphic designers as well as those video and movie buffs who are rapidly filling up the storage space on their existing hard drives.

869218 kindle fire 7 inch android tableAmazon Fire

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 22 Aug 2016
Tablet prices are falling which I am sure everyone knows. The £49 being asked by Amazon for their latest 7" Fire sets a new low price for what is a very powerful Android tablet. So what if anything is not included in this latest offering?

869362 Toshiba Canvio Connect II 3 TB External Hard DrivToshiba 3TB USB3 Drive

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 19 Aug 2016
Having recently told you about another USB3 external drive from Toshiba the Canvio Alu here I get to test the Canvio Connect II, the Alu had a metal body while this is a little smaller in size and lighter in weight yet the capacity of the unit supplied is 50% greater.
A simple device and when your mouse of a long time starts to move of its own accord you think it must be me, eventually I plugged in a spare – even older – unit and that quickly showed the same symptoms so a visit to my local Wilko had me spending £2.50 on a new one, and this – so far – behaves correctly.
The Freecom mHDD Slim is a portable hard disc to complement the latest high performance PC or Mac laptops

869075 dell latitude 7275 hybrid laptoA Dell Hybrid

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Adding a keyboard to a tablet is becoming a popular trend.

869058 BenQ BL2420Z 24  Inch LCD MonitoBen Q BL2420Z

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 1 Aug 2016
This is an LED backlight monitor that is kind to the eyes and also is part of their value series. So what does this have to offer that will tempt you away from whatever you are currently using.

869062 Toshiba HDTH320ES3CA USB Canvio ALU Hard DrivToshiba Canvio Alu

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 29 Jul 2016
The unit I was sent is a 2TB USB3 drive and the ‘Alu’ stands for aluminium which makes the case very sturdy. This is part of Toshiba’s mid-range statuary for USB3 external drives it comes with built in back up software from NTI.
The Netgear ReadyNAS212 is a two-bay high-end network attached storage unit designed for those who, in addition to basic backups, want a high level of data protection as well as other features such as being able to do full HD 1080 to 480p transcoding on the fly.

868842 Dell Latitude 3470 14 Inch LaptoLatitude 3470

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 12 Jul 2016
The Latitude 3470 is a Dell laptop forming part of the 3000 series. This model has been designed for those users looking for a work machine that is reasonable priced.

868822 alcatel pixi 3   8 inch tableAlcatel Pixi 3 8inch

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 8 Jul 2016
An 8inch Tablet that runs Android 5.1.1 not quite the latest version but still recent. My test unit came direct from Alcatel in the UK but was a model sold by O2 in the UK, unlike a lot of Tablets it has a micro SIM slot so can be used online while out and about.

868749 Fujitsu STYLISTIC R72A Tablet or Laptop?

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by mfereday on 30 June 2016
When is a tablet not a tablet? Or maybe I should rephrase the question and ask when is a laptop not a laptop? After all the two questions have a close connection. In fact the answer to both these versions of the latest conundrum is the same. A tablet is not a tablet and a laptop is not a laptop when it is a hybrid device that brings together a tablet and a laptop into a single package. This situation occurs with the Fujistu Stylistic R726<

868636 HP Chromebook 14 G3 laptoHP Chromebook 14 G3

Published in Laptops/PCs/Apple by paul_smart on 24 June 2016
If you want a PC to browse the Internet and to send a receive Emails there is an option that can avoid Windows. It is a Chromebook. This rather nice offering is from HP and unlike the very early Chromebooks you can still work offline.
If you have touch then you should have Windows 10 as it was designed with that in mind, certain things like annotations only work with touch. So a Notebook and Tablet all in one with Windows 10 should be the way to go.

868600 Venturer EliteWin 1Hybrid Mini Notebook

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Some users prefer a notebook while others opt for a tablet. With this next product you get both options.
The AOC model I2475PXQU is a 24 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD monitor incorporating an IPS panel for good colour rendition and wide viewing angle together with LED backlighting for long life and energy efficiency. It is a good all-round monitor for both work and pleasure.