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As the whole country’s population continues to age tools like these allow older members of the community to still lead an independent life. First a phone whose one number dialling is dependant on a picture. The second is a walkie talkie set that can work over several miles.

Doro Memory Plus 390dp

doro 309dp memory plus
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This consists of a slightly slanted panel with two columns of letters A-C and D-F, each has a cover that can be removed to be replaced with a picture and in this form then can be used to allow six numbers to be dialled with a single touch.

It is 17x13.5cm with the height varying between 3and5cm (front to back). You can remove a door in the base to program these six numbers and indeed to use as a normal phone should it be required for that purpose at any time.

The base has a built in battery should there be a power cut at any time to allow the numbers to remain in its memory.

This has got to be the simplest one touch dialling in the world, lift the receiver and press the picture (number) of the person you want to call. It can be used by a young child but perhaps its biggest use will be for an elderly person who forgets things like names while they will still remember what the person looks like for far longer.

Behind the door in the base is a normal keypad that can be used to dial any other number just like any conventional phone.

While six numbers may not seem a huge amount it is very likely that someone elderly will only have a very limited number of close contacts. Having something like this can help that person retain their independence longer.

The Doro MemoryPlus 309dp is available from the link below for £29.90 or from Amazon on the second link for £19.99

doro wt87 walkie talkies
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Doro wt87

While most children would love a set of walkie talkies this has a far more important use for those who live in remote areas. A powercut could be very difficult for someone less mobile. While hopefully most have good neighbours anyone living in a remote area their neighbour could be a mile or more away, hence a walkie talkie.

This set of two will work (in open areas) up to 10km (more than five miles in real measurements). While it will be far less in built up areas someone say on the twelfth floor of a tower block should be able to contact a friend of family member a couple of miles away without any problem, so again the less able can retain their independence.

These are surprisingly small at 12x4.5x3cm and even have a clip that enables the walkie talkie to fit onto a belt easily.

There are five buttons on the face display above. Perhaps the most important is the speak/receive button on the side. The whole unit sits comfortably in the palm of a hand and as its only light not a problem to hold onto.

While I would recommend this as the only safety tool for anyone living alone it is something to be given consideration.

The Doro wt87 long range walkie talkie is available from the link below for £36.

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