Mofi Stands for Mobile Hi-Fi 

When nobody phones you why not use your mobile as an MP3 player
Benq-Siemens E61 Mofi Phone

Joining the vast lake of mobile phones out there, some figures place the numbers of mobile in the UK to be higher than the current population, is the E61 Mofi (mobile Hi-Fi) model from BenQ-Siemens.  This small, eye-catching handset's black and metallic orange livery immediately made me think of the Walkman phone, reviewed earlier on this site, and, surprise surpise, there is music playing capabilities built into this unit.  I should also point out that there is a cool silver and white version of this phone so maybe the inference I drew, from the colour scheme of the phone under review, was just co-incidence.

Weighing 88 gram, the E61 has a slight wedge-shape look to its appearance.  It measures 105 x 46 x 13mm (H x W x D) at the base with the depth increasing to 16mm at the top.  A standard array of keypad plus phone and navigation buttons sit beneath the 1.8 inch TFT colour display which is not the best I've seen but adequate to the task.  Generally the keypad layout, with stepped keys, is easy to use but I did find the navigation control a little on the fiddly side especially when playing the supplied games of Twins and Kevin.  I also found that this phone required a rather long key press before it deigned to power up - long key presses surface elsewhere with this phone.

The controls for the MP3 player have been positioned conveniently on the top of the handset.  You can either access the MP3 player via the phone's menu system or a long press on the MP3 play button.  Other controls let you adjust the volume level (a series of quick presses rather than the expected long press) and cycle backwards and forwards through the available tracks. 

Strangely enough the headset socket is found on the base of the unit where it doubles as the USB connection socket.  As a result you have to use the supplied proprietary ear-bud headset that does include a button to re-activate the display's backlight.  Audio quality is reasonable.  Options are available to create play-lists; shuffle tracks; play randomly; and show song lyrics if they form part of the file.  As mentioned earlier, Mofi stands for mobile hi-fi but don't let this lead you to expect any radio functionality as this does not appear in this device's feature set.

Benq-Siemens E61 Mofi Phone - side image

The phone's camera features are limited to still shots or a four burst mode option where you can quickly move the camera to take a series of captures.  Maximum resolution is 640 x 480 and presets are provided for different types of conditions and subject matter including people, landscape, sunny and night scenes.  Image quality was a disappointment with photos appearing flat and a little out of focus.

The E61 comes with approximately 2MB of built-in memory and this is supported by a supplied 512MB MiniSD card which slots under the battery - hardly the most easily accessible location.  There should be enough storage space to hold up to 500 songs which, co-incidentally, is the same number of entries allowed in the phone's address book.  All the normal phone features and tools are supported apart from the surprising omissions of Bluetooth and infrared connectivity.

It does seem obvious, that in order to keep this product within its sub £100 price point for prepaid sales, some cut-backs have been made with this phone functionality and performance.  The audio playback facilities are not too bad even if you have no access to synchronisation software.  However the lack of Bluetooth and infrared plus disappointing camera aspects count against the phone.  Still at £99 prepaid, it will appeal to those who want basic mobile capabilities and music on the move.

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Comment by eboh, 10 Aug 2007 20:48

the usb when conecet slows the phone

Comment by kola, 25 Jul 2007 9:57

i like the fone any way but i cant run thae java files i m,ean games i downloaded any one with solutions mail m

Comment by Oyetola Oyeleye, 7 Jul 2007 20:09

not bad. it has a relatively loud speaker which i usually brag about, it also has a long batt life.......its quite beatifull with the yellow theme. but no bluetooth, thats a run down

Comment by adam, 23 Apr 2007 23:43

Had one for about a month now, Im no complainer, its a simple basic phone with and MP3 player and a camera.
Mine seems to have developed some strange attributes, not being able to store certain messages in a private folder for an unknown reason, not being able to zoom etc on photo's that have been taken but only on ones that have just been immediately taken.

Seems to have a problem with starting up due to the long button press, this co-insides with hanging up a calls as well occasionally.

If you fill the 512 meg Mini SD past 400 meg you will find that the phone decides to slow and may take a second or two to respond to button presses after its been turned on.

Comes included with a Data cable, software, earpiece, The instruction manual seems to help bery little on things you actually want to do. Such like installing Java applications.
There is a section built on the phone which has room for java applications, ie games etc...
Still cant figure out for the life of me where to run the .jad / .jar from on the handset..
MP3 player is quite nice, as is the camera I guess.Plus there is also the added bonus you can ring people.
Thinking about it, I am complaining, and am please i only paid £30 for it.

Comment by Some 1 u donno, 20 Feb 2007 12:29

NO Bluethoot, no infrared. shit phone i ever bought

Comment by bex, 7 Jan 2007 0:59

Its a good phone but it doesnt hold 500 songs, its a 512mb card and thats about 125 average 4 min songs, a gig only holds 250 songs. The camera is shite but if you put them on the pc they get clearer. The text messaging is good,the wallpapers annoying because they are so small. Its a good phone and you might not have realised but it can charge on USB, plug it in when its switched off. The mp3 is good but the volume can be quiet especially if your out and about and dont want to use headphones. Games are annoyingly addictive lol especially twins lol. Its a good phone but lack of bluetooth is a real down side. It also charges really quickly too =]

Comment by Gem, 22 Nov 2006 16:57

i have been looking 4 a phone just like this 4 absolutly ages! i think i have found the perfect phone, but it doesn't have bluetooth, so i will have to keep downloading new music for it. my friends won't just be able to send music to me. but it holds up to 500 songs, so i will be happy!!!

Comment by Ampers, 1 Aug 2006 13:21

Excellent, Mr Fereday, I have been wondering what to get my young nephew for his birthday, and will certainly get one of these. Andrew Taylor.

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