Heston Blumenthal precision kitchen scales 

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The Heston Blumenthal Dual Platform precision kitchen scales from Salter greatly improve the accuracy in weighing of ingredients and so will find favour with anyone who takes their cooking seriously.

Heston Blumenthal Precision Kitchen Scale
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They cover a wider weight range than the majority of scales and also enable one to weigh out small quantities accurately -- something that is beyond the ability of the majority of kitchen scales.

The scales, which come supplied in a storage case, are solidly built with the metal body matt black and roughly 260 x 165mm in size overall while the two stainless steel platforms, each of which has a red styling line around its edge, are respectively 165 x 145 and 80 x 70mm in size. In the corner of each its capacity is indicated i.e. 10kg and 200g.

The 10kg maximum capacity is double that of the majority of kitchen scales and is more than adequate as are the 1g increments in weight. Furthermore, the 0.1g resolution on the 200g platform enables one to move away from the rough approximations of “teaspoon” and “tablespoon” measurements and actually accurately weigh out small quantities of ingredients. After all, 1 teaspoon is rather hit-or-miss in comparison with 5.0g which is not the same as 4.9 or 5.1g when measuring out carefully.

Bowls are not supplied with the scales. However, in practice the smaller platform was of a suitable size for any bowl that one is likely to use when weighing smaller quantities. While I had no problems with the larger platform it is possible that some users may find it a trifle small when working the 10kg upper limit of the scale’s capacity.

The control panel with its LCD display and on/off, “zeroing” buttons for each platform and “unit” change buttons is the same size as the smaller platform and is below it on the right hand side of the unit.

To ensure that there cannot be any confusion the digits in the upper line of the display, which relates the larger platform are larger at 18mm as compared to the 13mm for the smaller platform. In addition each platform, each line in the display and each zero button is marked, as appropriate, with the number “1” or “2”. The “Unit” button steps through, g, oz., fl.oz and ml. The scales retain in memory which unit was last used.

The scales could not be simpler to use. Switch on; place the item to be weighed on the appropriate platform and then just read the weight. If necessary change the measurement units. Where the item to be weighed needs to be placed in a bowl or on a plate, put the empty container on the platform, and then tap the appropriate “Zero” button before doing the actual measurement. This is often known as the “tare” function. Where, however, one wishes to add an additional measured quantity all one has to do is press Zero again and then add the ingredient.

While not particularly robust, the storage case protects the scales when they not in use and has diagrammatic instructions on how to use the scales on the inside of the lid. In order to conserve battery power the scales automatically switch off after one minute if not in use and after 3 minutes when actually weighing an item.

These scales are easy to use and, by taking much of the guesswork out weighing, will speed up work and be aid to producing consistent results in the kitchen. They are well designed and well-built and come with a 15 year guarantee and so will make a worthwhile long-term investment.

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