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For many a good night’s sleep is rare, others need help in the way of sleeping pills, alcohol or maybe just a milky drink. Here is another way, no pills, no hangover in fact it is just following a light played onto the ceiling above your bed.

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I have had the LightSleeper for sometime and while I have found it helpful, for me anyway it is not a total solution. That is why I have persevered and I also wanted the chance to try its effectiveness during the longer summer days where it still seems to do what is expected provided the room is still somewhat dim, it does not need total darkness.

It is 11cm across the circular base which is rather like a saucer. The height is 11.5cm; the circular top is a maximum of 7cm across. This rotates (anti clockwise) around the base however it is fitted towards one side of the saucer not in the centre. The pattern the projector projects is never going to be a perfect circle on the ceiling.

You place it near to your bed, a table is best but it only needs space for the base as the projector never moves outside the base area. There is a 2cm glass in the top and the lens is around a centimetre inside this the light comes from an LED source mounted inside the unit and is projected through the lens and the glass onto your ceiling.

The side of the saucer has a push button with a row of six LED pin hole lights to its right. Each press on the button will light another of the pin holes and each of these control the intensity of the light. In a darkened room even with a 9 foot ceiling I found setting two sufficient to give a good light. On lighter evenings you may need more.

The rear of the unit has the on/off switch and beside this the DC input that allows you to charge the 4x‘AA’ batteries that are inserted under the base of the saucer. I could find no indication of charge taking place or having reached a full charge. However if you charge it in the morning and take it off charge in the evening you should have enough power to use it for several weeks. This of course depends on the length of time you use it each day.

The principle behind the unit is that looking at the circular pattern of light rotating on your ceiling helps you empty your mind and thus prepares you for sleep. Ideas, worries and problems racing around your head are one of the main causes of people having difficulty sleeping.

While for a few minutes I found watching the light helped after that I found I kept thinking why if the projector goes anti clockwise is the light rotating clockwise, an illogical thought as I know the science but still….

Just because it does not help me does not mean that it would not help you, I can see the idea, its just that for me (at my advanced age) it is not a help. 

In case you're wondering what happens if I drift off to sleep, will the light keep going all night the answer is no. It turns off automatically after 30 minutes. According to the eight sides of User Guide a tap on the projector will allow another 30 minutes (should you wish it) but I never managed to get this function to work. I had to turn it off and on again to allow it to go through another 30 minute cycle. You can of course use the on/off button at any time.

Doing my Internet searches found the Light Sleeper at a best price of £125 from the first link below. This includes not only free delivery but also a money back 14 day guarantee should it not be able to help you sleep.  

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Comment by paul_smart, June 3, 2010 8:14

I also can only sleep on my side but I think the idea is that you relax by watching the light, remove everything from your mind and then switch to your side.

Comment by patootie, June 3, 2010 5:49

Oh how I wish I could get even a half decent nights sleep .. lifelong insomnia is a curse .. while I can see this would be of some help to 'empty' my mind and let me drift off .. unfortunately I can only sleep lying on my side which would mean screwing my head round to look up at the ceiling .. maybe in time they will make a wall projecting model .. sadly for me the main drawback is the high price .. even with the generous 'money back if you don't sleep' offer .. it's finding the money to try it in the first place ..

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