D-Link Security Camera 

A couple of weeks ago I told you about some very neat (even secret) cameras and excellent software from Logitech, it was however rather expensive. Here a far simpler Ethernet solution that may well fit the job and even the pocket.

dlink security camera webcam
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While D-Link do a wireless version I am looking here at the wired version of there security camera, the DCS-910. It is 11x7.5x4cm. The Ethernet cable and the A/C power go into the bottom of the unit but do not protrude beyond the casing. There is a screw fitting in back to allow mounting.

Doing installation you are asked to note the MAC code on the rear of the camera this you then select from a list (not so important if you only have one) given later in the setup. Total space required around 80MB and it takes around 3minutes. It will end with the camera being ‘restarted’.

The automatic setup does not by default install the viewing software or the PDF manual and this needs to be done as separate tasks. Having recently reviewed the more expensive Logitech solution (xx-xx-09) I found the software rather basic but it does work. In fact it can even be viewed over a PC/Notebook connected wirelessly.

The power lead is only 1.75metres long and this could cause problems finding a suitable site for fixing the camera within this distance from a power outlet. While the supplied Ethernet lead is also short longer ones can of course be purchased.

The Quick Installation Guide is in 16 languages and only pages one and two are in English. Reading this also states that you can connect the camera directly to the Ethernet port of your PC, but this reduces it to the level of a web cam.

To run the camera(s) you need a 2.8GHz PC with at least 512MB Ram and a 1024x768 display these are minimum requirements and should you have multiple cameras you need more memory. The manual states you can link up to 32 video channels.

Options available from the software include constant video recording (this option will require a lot of hard disc space). 24 Hour motion detection recording. Recording using motion detection in work hours (selectable) and Recording using motion detection outside work hours.

The software is perhaps more important than the camera (within reason) and here there are ten areas within the interface. First the main display area (taking around 80% of the display area and by default this is split to display four camera views. The next six views are down the right edge of the display, System Board Area that displays the date and time. Select Device and Map Area that gives a folder like view. Preview Window Area that gives a live feed from the selection above. Split screen area that allows the screen to be displayed in 4, 6, 9, 10, 16 or 32 cameras. Manual Control Area where Snapshot, Manual Recording, Two way audio control and freeze video display are controlled. PTZF control area this is available when the selected camera has panning options.

The last three choices are located along the base of the display these are Program Control Area, Setting and Search Area and Event Action Log.

If you try running this camera on a less powerful PC then you get very jerky results and indeed the average webcam will give better results, however for serious work with the right setup this could be the answer, as this is a 2MP unit and even the better webcams give only 1.3MP images

Doing my Internet searches found the D-Link DCS910 Security Camera at a best price of £104.99 including delivery from the first link below.

Doing my Internet searches found the D-Link DCS910 Security Camera available for $78.74 including delivery from the first link below.

Doing my Internet searches found the D-Link DCS910 Security Camera available for €126,45 including delivery from the first link below.

You can see details from the D-Link site here

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