A Food Processor for All Seasons - the Kenwood Multipro FP730 

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A time saving, easy to use, easy to clean food processor with a multitude of uses to bring the fund back into cooking, and all for just under £100.
Kenwood Multipro 730 food processor

Extending our look at gadgets for your kitchen, this week I tested the Kenwood Multipro Food Processor (Kenwood FP730).  Another excuse to donn the pinnie and get cooking!  The Multipro has an extensive range of uses, combining as it does the jobs of separate mixer, whisk, smoothie maker, juicer and liquidiser.    For anybody who takes their cooking seriously, this food processor can take the place of many individual machines.  As with all the Kenwood products I have tested so far, it is terribly easy to understand, to use and to clean.  The basic bowl comes with a long list of attachments.  It's easiest just to list these first:

  • mixer with knife blade for general mixing
  • dough blade for bread making
  • twin beater geared metal whisk
  • thin and thick shredding disks grating
  • julienne style chipper disc
  • geared citrus Press
  • mill
  • mini processor bowl - for small portions, eg pesto
  • centrifugal juicer - for hard fruits and vegetables
  • canopy for stopping very liquid mixtures spluttering at you.

I chose to make some basic recipes to try out the various functions, starting with Victoria Sandwich mix.  Using the basic bowl and blade attachment, I merrily put in all the ingredients, turned on the mixer for about a minute and high presto, cake mix in 1 minute!  Fabulous.  And yes the results were perfect.  The mixture before cooking was smooth, and the cake rose well and tasted gorgeous.

Next onto the dough blade.  I'd not used one of these before, but yet again, popping the ingredients in and mixing for around a minute or two - voil

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Comment by Bharathi Baskar.B, June 27, 2015 12:12

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Comment by Hanny Mags, Dec 9, 2014 14:40

Absolute rubbish....Do NOT buy...Flimsy unstable, difficult to clean. Under powered. Kenwood should be ashamed of themselves to bring this awful machine to market. Look at previous comments...they say it all !!!!

Comment by Molly, Aug 6, 2011 19:22

I don't know where to begin to tell all the stupidities of this horrible machine.  Did anyone actually use it in a kitchen for anything other than a decoration?  I am a very experienced cook and have worn out three Braun food processors - worn them OUT - using them several times a day one lasts me about a decade.  I went to replace my third one and my husband and the sales person talked me into selecting this Kenwood.  I rue the day.  The grater slicers are a joke with holes and slices on the same disk - I've given up making carrot salad and do it by hand.  Ditto the French Fry attachment - it would be a better pasta maker.    And that falling out spindle is enough to make you throw the whole machine out the window.  The juice extractor gave me about 1/2 cup of juice from a kilo of beets and carrots.  I got out an old COMMUNIST designed juicer and had better results.  The blender has so many parts that you need a blueprint to put it together.  The mini-blender is the ONLY thing that halfway works, but it is not too hotsy either.  The slant of the bowl means that there is space between the cutting discs and the bowl edge for bits of vegetables to go over into the bowl ungrated.  Overall, it is a horrible machine and I would not recommend it for ANYTHING.

Comment by Les W, Mar 12, 2009 11:41

I absolutely loved this product when I first purchased it, but fell out of love with it quite quickly.

I had a Kenwood Food Processor for 20 years, it was a regular workhorse and provided me with fantastic results, so when it was time to get a new one in August 2008, I automatically went for a Kenwood again, and chose this model as it had a large capacity and lots of attachments.

I bitterly regret it now. The reason why is not because of the processing ability or speed, it is because the bowls and jugs are made out of some kind of flimsy plastic that cracks and breaks with repeated use. I have already had to replace the bowl because it was dropped (onto carpet!) and shattered like a wineglass. The jug and bowl lid are riddled with cracks now, and will not last much longer.
I am not especially heavy handed or clumsy, I managed to get my previous Kenwood to last for years and years. I think there is a major design flaw in this product, or maybe a ploy by the manufacturers to make us buy replacement bowls and jugs (which are not cheap by the way).

I would not recommend this product. Avoid.

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