Dyson ‘The Ball’ 

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The lady who demonstrated this to me said ‘as it has a ball even a man can use it’ I think it was a joke, however it is a very good vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC15 Ball

For more years than I can remember I have used an upright Hoover and apart from emptying and occasionally changing the bag the only thing I ever remember doing was replacing the belt to the sweeping brushes a couple of times and this is over at least thirty years. Then a couple of years ago I found that the bags were no longer available. I resorted to purchasing a little pull along cleaner from Tesco for the same price as four sets of Hoover bags, it's okay but things take longer and the bending does not suit my back.

I think most will know that Dyson do not use bags and all the dust and grit etc is displayed for all to see in a clear container, the only maintenance is stated to be the occasional washing of the filter within the plastic container and you are warned to thoroughly dry it before replacing.

The Dyson DC15 cleaner is supplied all but assembled with only the handle needing to be inserted into the hose at the top of the unit and once the unit has been used for the first time to wind the generous 7.5metres worth of power cord onto the handle through the storage guides.

There are lots of tools for crevices, stairs and curtains etc. These on a normal cleaner live in the box and of course the box is either in the cupboard under the stairs, the loft or perhaps the garage or the shed. Here all the tools fit round the actual unit and are always only a hand away.

For those who need to carry the unit around it has a carry handle to enable it to remain upright.

It is a total of 110x37x34cm when in it's vertical out of use position. However in use the height can be as little as 40cm to get under tables etc. Total weight around 8.5kilos.

To use the cleaner there is a pedal at the base of the back that needs to be fully depressed to lift the wheels off the ground and into the unit at this point the unit can suck, brush, or both according to how you have set it, there are two buttons on the front the larger one for sucking and the smaller one beside to brush. When on smooth surfaces such as wooden floors, very short carpets or expensive loop offerings it is suggested that you only suck. This is a very easy unit to use and the User Manual is only eight sides and most of this is clear illustrations.

To control the cleaner a small wrist movement is all that is required on the handle, the ball then turns allowing very sharp movements to be made and meaning you can clean up to the edges of almost any obstruction.

For anything that cannot be handled from the basic cleaner there is a 'Wand Mode' and also a 'Stair Mode' and to use either with any of the range of accessories is very simple and well illustrated.

There is a maximum mark on the side of the clear plastic container and at that point you should empty it, this is also well illustrated but once you have done it once you will always know. There is also a whole page to show how to clear blockages wherever they may occur, I certainly never had one during my test period.

Now the tricky item, can you get away with buying it for the wife for Christmas? Probably not, but in today's world the wife could probably buy one for her husband, it is very easy to use and is very efficient so cleaning time should be short. The price is rather steep but I recently saw Comet recently had it for £120 off and at that sort of figure it's well worth it. Full price from the second link below is £359.99 but it does come with a five year warranty. Cheapest I could currently find is the first link below £250.24 inc delivery.

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