867277 Lost Lands The Golden Curse Collectors EditioReturn to the Lost Lands

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 16 Mar 2016
As part of the Lost Lands series of games set in a world of strange creatures and magic with an ancient wizard names Maarin, FIVE BN GAMES has developed The Golden Curse.

867024 avanquest guardian dragons gamDragons and Demons

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 9 Mar 2016
While I am a big fan of Anne McCaffrey’s books on the Dragons of Pern, I had not previously encountered the Dragons of Derod.

866967 avanquest weeping woman lost legendLost Legends: Weeping Woman

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 2 Mar 2016
A reappearing spirit, abducted children, flowers and skulls are all featured in this next Hidden Object Adventure game.
When I first read the press release I thought I remembered the View Master name from the dim and distant past with a stereo projector of images from cards. This is a somewhat different idea that uses a viewer face but the images are 360 degree around a feature.

866798 avanquest vault cracker last safA Life of Crime

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 24 Feb 2016
Developed by GOGII and available from Avanquest’s GSP game label, Vault Cracker: The Last Safe is a Hidden Object Adventure game with the emphasis on the Hidden Object aspect.

866722 qobuz unlimited musiQobuz Android

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 22 Feb 2016
Last year I looked at a new high quality streaming service which also gave you a chance to download and save in 16 or 24 bit. Now with answers to some outstanding questions I look to a new version for Android (3.2) and more.

866673 Surface The Noise She Couldn`t Make Collectors EditioExploring a Mind

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 17 Feb 2016
Rather than a faraway place or fairy tale land, this next game is based closer to home as you explore the mind of a disturbed young woman.

866674 edifier m3200 speaker systeEdifier M3200

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 16 Feb 2016
Hour glass or vase shaped are adequate descriptions of the speakers making up this next product.

866574 Apothecarium The Renaissance of Evil Platinum EditioConquering Evil

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 10 Feb 2016
Not all games have instant appeal. This next title took a while to draw me into its spell.
The last item I reviewed from Sennheiser was a set of earbuds – I did not even know they did earbuds – this is a quality Bluetooth set of headphones. In the past I have reviewed several sets of wired headphones so for those who prefer not to be tethered…

866495 avanquest manor memoirHelping Scarlet Write

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 4 Feb 2016
With this next game, the developers have melded together asset management with Hidden Object game play as an author tries to overcome writer’s block.

866498 damson jet portable bluetooth speakerStereo Bluetooth Speakers

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 2 Feb 2016
It is a long way when travelling between Yorkshire and China. However this is the journey made by the Damson Jet and then some as it have continuing on a journey that brought it to London where I can check out this Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker System.
Monster is a name worth considering with headphones, here is – for me anyway – a first a Wi-Fi set called Freedom, most people will have heard of Cristiano Ronaldo the very rich footballer even if they know nothing about the sport.

866326 avanquest retaining beautRetaining Beauty

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 27 Jan 2016
A wicked Queen and a search for eternal beauty are the central planks for a Living Legends Hidden Object Adventure game.

866148 SPEEDLINK Medusa Street XS Stereo HeadseMedusa Street XE

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 24 Jan 2016
This is described as a headset but while it does have a microphone it is of the sort attached to a lead and while it is probably fine for phone calls etc. but I found them less than perfect for say speech recognition use, however the headphone part was fine.

866239 WowWee REV Smart CarBattling Cars

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 23 Jan 2016
It is time to clear the floor and make room for battle to commence as you take on both artificial Intelligent and human opponents in various contests.

866242 royal dective lord of statueLiving Statues

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 20 Jan 2016
Are you ready for a special promotion? If so then accept the challenge of becoming the Royal Detective in this next offering.

866170 avanquest Riddles of Egypt gamFinding Four Crystals

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 13 Jan 2016
With puzzles and mini-games, this next adventure game takes you on a journey through Egypt as you defeat an evil force.

866138 avanquest Golden Trails 2 The Lost LegacAccused of Piracy

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 6 Jan 2016
Golden Trails 2, subtitled The Lost Legacy is a Hidden Object Adventure game. The Collector’s Edition of this game is available as a download priced at £10.20 from Avenquest’s GSP game catalogue.

865950 avanquest runes of cameloA Battle for Camelot

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 23 Dec 2015
This is one of those occasions when I get the opportunity to check out the debut title of a software development team. In this case the title in question is Runes of Camelot from Fingerpunch Games. This game is available as a download from the Avanquest GSP gaming arm.

865708 Sphero SPRK Edition App Enabled BalSphero SPRK

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 16 Dec 2015
This version of Sphero goes far beyond what the previous version could do and that was be controlled by an App to move around, if you were good then you could just about control it, if not it controlled you. Here you teach it.

865510 Focal Sphear High resolution In Ear HeadphoneSphear Earbuds

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 13 Dec 2015
When I think of Focal I think of quality and these earbuds are rather good. However unlike a lot of items in their catalogue the price they are sold at does not make your eyes water. So these mid-priced earbuds got tested over several weeks.

865520 bigfish Lost Lands The Four Horsemen Collectors EditioTackling the Four Horsemen

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 9 Dec 2015
Walking through an underground car park, following a shopping trip, you are mysteriously transported to another world under attack from the Four Horsemen.
By chance these came in for review whilst I was learning to use an iPad and it was not a huge chore to listen to music while learning a new operating system and again by chance when I was flicking through the battery properties I came upon a reading that told me the state of the iPad battery which I expected but also the state of these earbuds which I did not expect.

865301 big fish games Dracula Love Kills   gamA Blood-sucking Hero

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 25 Nov 2015
Who would have thought it! Dracula teams up with Van Helsing to thwart an attack on humanity in this next title.
One problem with a sound bar is that to get a good improvement on the ‘naff’ sound coming from your TV is that you really need both the soundbar and a sub-woofer, probably expensive and for a lot of people it needs more space, here a different solution a Soundstage.

865315 TabletTV UK Portable TuneTV for your Tablet

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 16 Nov 2015
I received this unit four months ago only to find nothing I had was compatible. I consulted the list and eventually I got something that worked with it; ironically this was the first iPad to pass over my desk, me being a confirmed Android person.

865101 Spirits of Mystery Song of the PhoeniRescuing the Groom

Published in Entertainment by mfereday on 11 Nov 2015
Bringing together the Dragon and Phoenix Kingdoms is the task set you in this Hidden Object Adventure game.

865313 Google Chromecast Chromecast 2

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 9 Nov 2015
When I saw the first version of Chromecast it was around the same time as a similar product from Roku, to my mind the latter was a better product at a near similar price. So what will the second version have to offer to change my mind?

865063 Sennheiser M2IEi Momentum In Ear HeadphoneEarbuds from Sennheiser

Published in Entertainment by paul_smart on 8 Nov 2015
I think of Sennheiser as a maker of quality headphones but at a reasonable price, to give an example one top of the range audio store stocks Sennheiser as their lower priced range. Here is something new for me anyway earbuds from Sennheiser.