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While ivy has a tendency to grow prodigiously, this Maxfield version failed to grow on me.
Music is mobile.  Well that's the way it appears judging by the number of mobile devices that are appearing with the ability to store and play back our favourite tracks.  One company that has taken on board this particular mantra is Maxfield.  It seems only yesterday that the company launched its MAX SIN-Touch device, now it is the turn of MAX-IVY to take centre stage and provide mobile entertainment capabilities with capacities ranging from 1 to 4GB.
Always keen to remain on the right side of the law, we can now bring you a review of the latest Maxfield product.
Up until recently you could have walked into your friendly computer retail store and purchased a device that allowed you to wirelessly connect your iPod or MP3 player to a radio, HiFi or in-car entertainment system.  While the manufacturing and selling of such a product was entirely legal, you would have broken the law if you had used this product.
Nothing elicit this is an MP3 player with no buttons it is all controlled by touch and when switched off these controls are totally invisible.
The Maxfield Max-Sin Touch is a very small and thin unit it is 8x3x.5cm and weights well under 50grams. The only visible controls are the 'Hold' slider on the left side together with earbud socket. The right side has on/off push together with reset pin hole and rubberised bung covering the small USB socket. The top has a carry strap hole and that is it. Certainly minimalistic.
Containing features that could be described as small, fiddly, sexy and slow, this music player is also not over-endowed with storage capacity.
One thing you can always say about Maxfield products is that this German company does try to be different when it comes to the packaging. When a small silver coloured box, measuring 100 x 100 x 75mm, arrives you wonder, or maybe hope, that some kind person has sent you some quality chocolates or perhaps a personalised cake. But the labelling on this box quickly reveals that this is a Maxfield music player that goes by the name of MAX-SIN Touch.
This tiny unit is somewhat confusing as being so small the controls are multi purpose and therefore there is a learning curve. However it is more than a standard MP3 player.
Maxfield, the German developer of personal audio products, has expanded its range with the release of its Max-Movie device.
If it is meant to be portable then common sense suggests it should combine the attributes of lightweight and a minimum of size.  The Max-Movie device, from Maxfield, certainly adheres to this philosophy in its role as a portable music player and image viewer.  With its built-in 1GB of flash memory, the Max-Movie measures 69 x 33 x 16mm (L x W x H) and weighs in at around 35g - small and light enough for me.
maxfield diablo portable music playe

Maxfield Diablo

This is a music and FM radio player, it can also be a rather good voice recorder. All this in a very tiny case that easily sits even in the smallest palm.
This is a MP3 player, voice recorder and FM radio all in a very small housing. It is 7x3.5x1.5cm and weights only around 60grams with it's two AAA batteries inserted. The screen is only slightly more than 2x1.5cm but is amazingly clear and can display up to six lines of information all easily readable.
Is it a pen or a USB device? No it is a G-FLASH METAL
Up until recently I was totally unaware of a company called Maxfield and I feel that you are probably in the same situation. Maxfield is a German company that was founded in 2003 to manufacture feature-packed personal audio products. Its success can be judged by a 323% increase in sales for 2005 over the previous year and taking top spot in the December sales for over the last two years.
Children like to imitate adults especially when it comes to fashion and accessories.
I assume that the Metal part relates to the tin box it comes in but it could be the case of the unit, this is a MP3/WMA player that has a rather good voice recorder with it.

Maxfield Max-Joy

This is an MP3/WMA USB player and voice recorder that is aimed at kids. Not only does it have 256MB of built in memory but can also play content on SD/MMC cards.