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Archos were arguably the first company to see the benefit and realise a portable video product - a "Personal Video Recorder" (PVR). Since the first devices the company has added capabilities while reducing physical size - integrating things like WiFi and GPS.

Removing the back of a phone used for some to be essential in order to get access to the battery, now a lot of phones come sealed so batteries cannot be changed. This phone from Archos arrived without a back as the last reviewers cat had stolen/eaten/hidden it. But as it only performed a fashion role it is not essential; however I would not like to meet that reviewer’s cat on a dark night.
Without the cosmetic back you get more information on what button does what and how to insert SIM or Micro SD Card and the case is still sealed. It is 15.2x7.5x.7cm and weighs 186grams. The viewable screen is 12x6.8cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 5½ inches. While there are Android 7 phones out there I have yet to handle one so this Marshmallow offering is the latest Android 6 to have come my way.
A 5 inch SmartPhone from Archos called 50 Power, it looks like many other phones but your secret is that it is sold SIM free and costs somewhat less than a lot of equivalent phones; it can be either a single SIM or dual SIM phone.
This Archos Android Phone 50 Power measures 14.5x7x.7cm and it weighs 147grams. So let’s start by explaining the one or two SIMs the back is non removable so the battery cannot be replaced by the end user. Using the supplied pin type device press on the hole in the upper right side of the case to revel the SIM carrier, SIM one goes further in while you can then put SIM 2 at 90 degrees or if you prefer a Micro SD card.
Larger Sainsbury’s stores have their mobile phone shops and this more basic level product is one offering available from them. However when you look at it you see something chunky that would be ideal from the older person to have.
The F24 Power from Archos measures 12.5x5x2cm and it weighs 156grams. The viewable screen is 3.5x5cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 2.5 inches. However despite its small screen size it is far more than a phone and text system.
867760 Archos 55 Platinum Android 5.

Archos 55 Platinum

This is a large 5.5inch screen Android phone that comes with Dual SIM it has 8GB of memory and a Quad Core Processor so as it also has a 13MP camera with LED flash it may well tick all the boxes for a lot of people.
The Archos 55 Platinum measures 15x7.5x.7cm the last figure at the edges but the rear camera does protrude slightly, it weighs 162grams. The viewable screen is 12x6.7cm which gives the notional diagonal imperial measurement of 5.5 inches. This is a 4G phone but the only available micro SIM at the time that I had was a 3G one, however I have no complaints about the speed of data transfer.
This is an Android 5.1.1 Phone that is thin and light but very smart in looks. Most recent phones have Quad Core Processors this is no exception, most recent phones have 4G again so does this, so what is unique perhaps it’s what is called Fusion Storage.
The 50e Helium from Archos measures 14.5x7x.5cm and weights147grams. The viewable screen is 11x6.2cm which gives the notional 5inch diagonal imperial measurement. It has Dual Sim capability which means that those who have this as a business phone can also have their personal phone in the same case. It also allows those who prefer a different service for Data and Phone.
Archos are a French company that have had a presence in the UK for many years. Like many other companies they have decided that mobile phones are a field they wish to participate in. Here an entry into the 4G market the 4G LTE.
The Archos 50d Helium smart phone measures 14.5x7.2x.8cm and it weights 150grams. Like the vast majority of mobile phones today it is touch screen and this is shiny so finger marks are a big problem. The screen is 11x6.2cm which gives the diagonal measurement of 5inches. Dual SIM phones are still not that prevalent in the UK so it you want one here is your chance. The sides are chrome and the back can either be stone blue or stone grey, mine had both backs in the box.
An Android Tablet with an added plus it can be used when Wi-Fi is not available so it can be a phone or with the correct service with Mobile Data. So what does this recent offering from French company have to offer the user?
The  Archos 79 Xenon Android tablet measures 19.7x13.4x.7cm and weights 315grams. The viewable screen is 12x16cm. The unit is cream in colour with a silver back. At the base of the back is a pair of reasonable speakers. At the top of the back is a 2cm cream strip that is your way to inserting SIM and Micro SD Cards. At the left corner of this strip is the camera. Immediately above it on the top edge is the on/off button.
It has been quite a while since I last had the opportunity to check out an Archos device. This lengthy period was brought to an end with the arrival of a product with a slightly unusual title.
The 79 Platinum is not a precious metal mined in a particular year.  Instead it is a member of the Archos family of Tablets.  As the “79” part of its title might indicate, this is a Tablet with a 7.9-inch screen.  While wishful thinking might hope for casing constructed of Platinum, the reality is that this device, running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), has a sleek aluminium casing.
The unexpected arrival of a small device gave me the opportunity to give my regular MP3 player a break as I checked out this Archos device.
The Archos Clipper is an MP3 player with 2GB of internal storage that comes with the claim of being big in sound and small in size.  As this is the smallest, although not by much, MP3 player that I have seen then I can certainly confirm the latter while the former claim is perhaps more debatable.  The Archos Clipper, which features a spring clip on the back of the unit thus explaining its name, has dimensions of 53 x 27 x 10mm (H x W x D) and weighs just 14g.
Certain things take a long time, this certainly in one such item, I remember seeing a pre production unit in the late spring with promise that it would ship in September 2011 but it arrived with me after the start of 2012.
The Archos Tablet G9 is a rather nice 10.1 inch Tablet running Android 3.2.5; the overall size is 27x16.5x1cm and it weights 640grams. The screen has a resolution of 1280x800. The viewable screen is 21.5x13.5cm giving the notional imperial measurement of 10.1 inches. There is 8GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. I never saw the Archos 80 (8 inch version) but I am told the inside was exactly the same. For a dual core Android Tablet with version 3.2.
As part of its Home initiative, Archos has developed a DECT handset that uses Android software.
In an attempt to add some French flair to a handset, Archos (better known for its Portable Media Players (PMP)), has launched its 3 Smart Home Phone.  This is a DECT device that is powered by the Android operating system.  As with the Binatone Android device I reported on recently, this Archos model uses 2.2 (FROYO) rather than a more up-to-date version of the Google software. As its title indicates, this is a home phone rather than your constant companion when out and about.
Adding Wi-Fi connectivity and the Android operating system to a portable media player is the design concept behind the Archos Home Connect device.
As one of the leading players in the field of PMP (Portable Media Players) for consumers, Archos has used this expertise to produce its 3 Home Connect offering. I must admit that when I first saw this product encased in its packaging, I though that it was entitled 3s Home Connect. This just goes to show that it is probably time I paid another visit to the optician rather than being any criticism of the product.
And you shall have music and video where ever you go could well be the theme for various pocket size devices currently appearing on the market. Joining the ranks of these types of products is the Archos 3 vision.
With its black and silver trimmed fascia, the Archos 3 is available with a choice of metallic red or chocolate backing which does displays a warning regarding possible hearing damage due to excessive volume levels.  Weighing just 63 grams and having dimensions of 95 x 52 x 9mm, this media player can fit easily into a pocket without causing an unsightly bulge or weigh you down.
Over the recent years Archos have produced a lot of interesting devices but not until now a notebook, here is their first offering a 10.2 inch Netbook and it of course comes with extras that others do not seem to provide.
It is certainly small and light enough to fit easy into a bag or case. It weights 1.28kilos and is 25.5x19x3cm. The left side has the Ethernet port (it also works fine on wireless) VGA port and two USB ports. The front has two 3.5mm sockets for microphone and headphone/earbuds. The right side has SD card socket, VGA port and the A/C power input point. The back is clear as the screen partially folds over it.
Never the one to indulge in half measures and with a strong preference for “world firsts”, Archos has taken the opportunity recently to announce some new products and additions to the company’s current range of service offerings.
I'm sure whether to classify the first announcement making up this report as multi-functional or more of a convergence in technology as Archos enhances one of its existing products.  That product is the Archos 605 WiFi Media Player which featured in an earlier review ( ). Basically the announcement covered a new GPS In-Car Holder that turns the 605 WiFi portable media player (PMP) into a GPS navigation device without compromising the device's original multifunctional capabilities.
archos 605 wifi multi media playe

Archos 605 WiFi

There are two 605 models, the 30GB version I saw and a 20GB version that comes with several Harry Potter films pre installed.
It is 12x8x1.5cm and weights 230 grams, the screen is 9.5x5.7cm. The top of the unit has an on/off button and another to switch the output from the screen to a TV. The left side has three pin hole LED's to confirm activity and an earbud socket. Two proprietary connectors are on the base. This leaves the right side of the front where there is a column of six cream buttons.
Some like navigation buttons while others prefer a touch screen approach; with a new product from Archos you get both options.
Archos has a long establish presence within the area of PMP (Personal Media Player) devices that have the capacity to provide a range of entertainment features.  Forming part of the company's latest range of PMPs is the Archos 605 WIFI.  As its title implies, this PMP has built in support for WiFi 802.11g connectivity to add to the provision of music, video and still image playback and viewing.
I was always amazed why Archos needed such an array of leads and now my flabber is totally gasped as for all (or most) of the things you want to do you need another separate product.
It should be possible to import via the supplied dual USB/charger lead most AVI files however one recent digital camera takes a default of 800x600 and these files when imported are shown as too big. If I record in 640x480 these are correctly imported using Windows Media Player 10 but the sound is lost during importation.
In the heart of London’s Soho region, ARCHOS revealed details of some new products aimed at attracting your disposal income. Of course we were there.
"Mobility is the way to go", this could well be the slogan adopted by companies such as ARCHOS, a global consumer electronics manufacturer concentrating in the field of portable digital entertainment.  The company has recently announced its new line of Generation 5 Portable Media Players (PMPs) under the tag line of "Entertainment your way".
If you make long train/tube/bus journeys then this could be for you. You could watch last nights TV on your way to work, not on some tiny screen but this 7inch offering.
Archos do two models of the the one I saw with a 40GB hard drive and a larger one. Some time ago I saw a predecessor of this nice idea but the screen was not big enough for any serious watching and that was back in the time of everything USB 1.1 so transfer was not that fast. AV 700 This unit can record directly from TV, DVD, VCR as well as cable and satellite boxes and it does not mind if the signal is PAL or NTSC.