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Some like navigation buttons while others prefer a touch screen approach; with a new product from Archos you get both options.
Archos has a long establish presence within the area of PMP (Personal Media Player) devices that have the capacity to provide a range of entertainment features.  Forming part of the company's latest range of PMPs is the Archos 605 WIFI.  As its title implies, this PMP has built in support for WiFi 802.11g connectivity to add to the provision of music, video and still image playback and viewing.
Rather than ask TomTom the way to go, this device could keep the children entertained.
Although SatNav or GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) devices can prove extremely useful when it comes to providing navigational assistance to travellers as they get from A to B, these types of devices often remain unused for long periods.  You maybe an infrequent traveller or perhaps you stick to routes with which you are familiar and as a result navigation instructions are not required.
Usually at Gadgetspeak we review products. Recently we were given the chance to review a video encoding technology called Mobiclip. A technology that will enable mobile phones to store movie length films at high quality and without impinging on battery life. We were sent a Nokia N73 with a film on memory card using the Mobiclip technology by Actimagine.
You can't actually go out and buy 'Mobiclip'. It's one of those things to be aware of and look out for when buying a mobile phone. You'll find some Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones that come with Mobiclip technology and, if you want to be able to watch full length movies on your phone, this may end up being one of the reasons why you choose one phone over another.
It is small, feature-rich with plenty of storage capacity and has taken over the task of providing my mobile entertainment.
While the iPod family continues to be the market leading brand when it comes to mobile entertainment, it is not the only choice for the discerning user.  With its long experience in the field of MP3 mobile players, Creative has a number of possible products including the Creative Zen V Plus.
This is rather like an Archos device I reviewed last year (4/8/06) it is smaller but still has a watchable screen it is far easier to use and the bonus is costs about 1/3 the price.
This is a small black box from the , it weights only a little over 100grams and is 8x7x1.7cm. The TFT screen is 7x5.3cm. It comes with a slip case so it can easily fit in to a pocket, bag or purse. The base and back have no buttons or connections. On the right side is the built in microphone and the up/down push jog control for the menus. Next the top that has six black push buttons that control the unit all clearly labelled on the back edge in a silver/grey text.
The market is awash with 'video capable gadgets' - but without video they are just that - capable. Here we review a product aimed at helping you fill the memory on your mobile device with something to watch.
The advent of cheap memory, improved battery technology and high-quality color LCD screens on devices such as mobile phones and game machines, the opportunity for 'video on the go' has become a reality. Whether you have the latest mobile phone a or a video iPod, you now have the opportunity to take more than just music with you.
alba PRDAB210MP

Alba PRDAB210MP3

Not perhaps the most catchy title but if I say 50 hours or use on a single AA battery that becomes interesting and as a DAB radio around 14 hours, did I mention that itÂ’s also tiny in size.
As always I tend to barge right in without reading the blurb. I have over the years reviewed lots of MP3 players and initially if you got 8 to 10 hours of use you were doing well. As things developed then 15 up to around 20 hours was possible. But I have never got beyond that on a single AA battery. Here after 20 hours the indicator is still registering fully charged. Apart from some short tests to tune the DAB all my use up till then had been on MP3 use.
sony ericsson k800 phon

Sony Ericsson k800i

Want to cut down on the clutter in your pockets? The Sony Ericsson k800i can replace your phone, iPod, digital camera and personal organiser with a single, neat, light weight gadget!
I've just upgraded (painfully) my venerable . I've had it for over 4 years now and unfortunately the battery is now giving up the ghost. It's cheaper to get a new phone than a new battery - crazy? Probably. My choice this time round is the . I wanted a phone that did everything and was likely to last another four years. This phone meets the former requirement - only time will tell on the latter! Physically the phone is smaller than my old Nokia at 105x47x22mm and a little lighter at 115g.
This is not something to eat, in the early summer LG launched their black phone, now in late summer their white phone and I understand later in the year a shocking pink one is to follow.
The White Chocolate offering is not large in size but does make control easy. While there is a manual the getting started sheet should enable most to get up and running. It is 9x4.5x1.5cm and weights well under 100grams. The back slides down 3.5cm to reveal a keypad. The right side has a proprietary USB socket under a bung along with the on/off and MP3/camera buttons.
The Sony PSP has been around for a while now. Is it still likely to be top of the Christmas list this year? Well - it's top of mine at least.
Sony PlayStation on the move Is it a games console, a music player or a movie player? Yep - all of these, and probably a whole lot more. The (PSP) is quite a remarkable, to the extent that I wasn't even sure how to approach this review.